May 25, 2012
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He caught me under the arms as I fell, weak from the battle. "Stay here, Rose." he whispered into my dark hair. I nodded and watched as he ran in the opposite direction, towards the escaping enemy. Once he was out of sight I laid my head on the cold ground and listened to the struggle down the hall. I heard a grunt and a soft thump as a body hit the ground. "Damien..." I muttered. Climbing to my feet, I jumped into the air and caught hold of a beam on the ceiling. Pulling myself up, I could hear the struggle raging on. Walking gracelessly across the wide beam I could see Damien and the man in black fighting, with Damien on his back. A fierce growl ripped through my throat and I leapt onto the attacker. Pulling my knife from my boot, I swept it across his neck, killing him in one quick move. Jumping to the ground, I could see Damien clambering to his feet, so much more graceful than me. His eyes widened. "Rose! Behind you!" I turned around too late. Another person was hiding in the shadows and now leapt at me, sinking the dagger into my stomach. Roaring, Damien struck down the second attacker and leapt to catch me as I fell to the ground. "Rose... Oh, Rosa." I smiled, stroking his cheek. "I love you, Damien. Forever."
"And I you." Tears ran in rivulets down his cheeks, and onto my face as he pressed his soft lips against mine. "Forever....." I murmured as my eyelids fluttered and Damien let out a gut-wrenching wail.

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Sockmonkeys said...
Jun. 24, 2012 at 4:02 pm
Thanks to whomever rated my writing it really means a whole lot to me! :)
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