"Cliche' High School Sweet Hearts"

May 22, 2012
By Rosee SILVER, Oscoda, Michigan
Rosee SILVER, Oscoda, Michigan
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It was the day before his party, and he was flipping through the channels on his TV. Cleo was softly snoring on the couch next to him; he hadn’t realized she was tired until she was already passed out. Roman felt slightly guilty for asking for her help…he hadn’t realized how stressed she had been lately.
Roman and Cleo had been setting up for his party that was supposed to take place tomorrow night. As his eyes traveled over the room, he was pleased with how nice everything looked. From the small lights hanging off his shelves, to the black lights spread across the room. Tomorrow would certainly be fun.
He glanced back at Cleo wonderingly. Roman was curious if she was dreaming, since she was fidgeting around a bit. He had so many questions about her…but none of which he would ever say out loud. He had the strong urge to tuck the hair back from her face that seeped forward to obscure her eyes.
Catee’s field hockey game was in less than an hour, and they had both promised to be there. Roman grimaced, and he played with the red hem of his shirt nervously. How was he supposed to get her up? Or should he let her sleep through the game? Now that Roman studied her sleeping figure, he noticed how tired she had been beforehand. In the end he decided to wake her up, she may be mad at him or something for letting her sleep past a promise.
Roman smiled absentmindedly, puzzled on how to wake her up without dumping water on her head. Or pushing her off the couch, both of which he had done to his brother multiple times for school in the morning. He almost thought about kissing her awake...but dismissed it quickly, she would probably freak out. Who said she wanted to kiss him anyway? He was in no hurry to make an idiot out of himself...especially to someone as amazing as Cleo.
Roman nudged her, talking quietly, and using many different tactics. "Cleo, I found your orange juice...it’s time to go to school...Juan stole your math homework...Catee ate your trumpet...Cleoooo, wake up!! Daarrrlliinn, come on, it’s time to go to the game." he paused, bending down to whisper in her ear. "Cleo, I love you." he looked at her curiously, she was still dead asleep. She really is a heavy sleeper. He thought to himself. Thank God.

Cleo sat up slowly, pushing her dark curls away from her face. She opened her eyes cautiously, flinching backwards when she saw Roman knelt down In front of her. “mm Sorry.” She mumbled, blushing ever so slightly. Cleo smiled nervously, “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked.
“er-I’m not…Game time.” He said, standing up quickly and stepping towards the stairs.
“Yeah, I’m coming.” She said, stretching out her feet. Cleo closed her eyes for a second, thoughts racing around her mind. Why had he been looking at me like that? I could’ve sworn I’d heard…no, of course not. That’d be impossible. He’d never… Cleo shook her head, and then straightened back up onto her feet.
“Ready?” he asked again, eyeing her curiously.
“Yep.” She replied, grabbing her things off the counter.

The author's comments:
This genre isn’t exactly my forte…and the first word that comes to my mind when I think about romance is: Cliché. So what better way to write about Romance than with a high school based setting. Then when I think of High school I imagine words like sarcasm, immaturity, flirting, friends, and parties. When I put that all together…I get a couple different ideas and this is aftermath.
This is my story of the extremely cliché story of two random characters-that tell the story of crushes. Two people who have always liked each other-and are completely oblivious the other feels the same way.

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