May 22, 2012
By mclarkness BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
mclarkness BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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In a world where Nazi Germany won the war there is but one man to stand up for what is good in the world. “I am Cronus I am Caucasian and I wish to serve Heaven’s naval fleet well. I am an eight foot four inch tall male.” He said as he approached God and Jesus.

“You are the twenty top men from every war; we must resort to fighting the men of the world to get them to give up to us. We are to go to the world in the next three days and FIGHT!” Said Jesus.
Cronus soon remembered that Jennifer (his lover) was on earth. He begins to remember what she was like. From her golden hair that flowed like a river, her eyes like the ocean in Fiji, to the way she treated others. She was twenty-three years old and white. He met her through their friend named Mink. Mink was a ten year old Asian boy he was four foot three inches tall. He had straight brown hair that fell like bland noodles to his shoulders. Cronus and Jennifer are supposed to be getting married in June at the Hilton. He decided to go to earth early to tell her about the plans that the military had made to go to earth.

Cronus has landed in Nazi Germany where it is cold there is no one around for miles. Silence fills the air; the stench is unbearable it smells of rotten cheese melted over decomposing fish. He soon hears a bullet whizzing toward him, he has only one thought that he was being hunted. The only people that would have sent someone to hunt him are gods military. He screams out “What have I done to forsaken you my Lord?” He then remembers that he was supposed to go before the war council today. Cronus then begins to run, one he reaches the nearest city the bullets are still flying and he feels the slick blood rushing from the wound in his back. He starts to be overcome with anger and hatred the smooth white that he is wearing and the white of his wings slowly darken with red. The blood gets darker and darker until it is almost black. He begins to get woozy until he passes out. He awakens in heaven his wings are black and so is his clothing. He hears the voice of God telling him how he has forsaken them and for that he is being banished from heaven. He then begins falling until he hits the ground so hard that he knocks the wind from himself and he can’t get up. He looks up and sees the spike that went through his chest and punctured his lung. He just lies there until he is rescued by a woman.
Human life

Cronus awakens and he is bandaged. The woman that saved him was Jennifer he had lost so much blood that he could not recognize her. He now for the first time he saw the inside of her home. She was a person that when she saw someone in need she helped them. She was such a good person that she even adopted seven cats, five dogs, and a baby water buffalo.

“The water buffalo is my favorite,” said Jennifer. “I’ve never actually seen one before,” Said Cronus. It was true before he died and went to heaven he was only living in a small town and never moved from his home town. He was a small town mama’s boy. The farthest he ever traveled was to the store in the next town.

He was wondering why she decided to have so many animals. He tried to ask but she would not answer him. Repeatedly she kept changing the subject. He begins to think she is hiding something from him. “What are you hiding from me?” “I’m not hiding anything.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” “Oh, okay.” The conversation is ended by Jennifer giving Cronus some soup. Cronus is getting sleepy he feels his eyes closing and his muscles relaxing, his head is getting heavier, until he finally just passes out on the couch.

When he finally wakes up he feels no pain he is in an all-white room with white beds with white bedding and a white closet full of white robes. This is not where he was when he fell asleep. He finds a nurse in the hall; she walks into the room and asks “Is everything going well Cronus?” He went on asking how he got here and why he was here and where is here. She told him that he was taken from Jennifer’s to southern California to be used for breeding a new human race that is not so human. They chose him because they were told how much blood he had lost and he should have died days ago. He says that he would do this but only if he could be with Jennifer and that it was Okay with her. They agree to his terms and she is there in two hours. Once she agrees to let him do that they tell him that he would start the next day.

He is woken up at five O’clock the next morning, to do his business. He gets his assignment and his first job is Jennifer they go into the extra room and have a nice candle light dinner. They ate lobster and had a nice cheesecake for desert. After word they talked and laughed. They saw the camera that was making sure they did what they were supposed to do. Cronus took off his shirt and threw it over the camera lens. But they could not stop them from hearing.

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