The Woman in the Red Dress

May 1, 2012
By CaLuOroe BRONZE, Bangor, Maine
CaLuOroe BRONZE, Bangor, Maine
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It is 8.15 pm after the funeral of Elizabeth Williams who passed away three days ago. Mary’s grandfather, Thomas, was distraught that the love of his life died after all that they went through together. And Mary realized that she didn’t know much about their past, so she asked him about their story.

I remember this day as clearly as if it was yesterday. I was twenty-five and worked as a doctor during World War I.It was a rainy and gray Saturday, and I thought I didn’t have to work, so I planned on sleeping in a little and enjoy my free day. But at 5 o’clock in the morning, I got an emergency call that made me jump out of bed. The General said that he needed another doctor on duty since Frank was sick and not able to work. I got ready as fast as I could, got dressed, drank my coffee and ate some rolls with raspberry jam for breakfast. After I was done eating, I stepped out into the light drizzle and took my bike to go to work. As I arrived ten minutes later the General told me that I was needed in a small village five minutes away that was attacked with bombs half an hour ago.

I headed towards Woodburry and saw the chaos- a few of the houses were destroyed and some troops tried to stop fires. The smoke and the smell of burned wood hung deep in the air and it made my eyes water and my vision got blurry. I wiped my eyes with the sleeve of my jacket. As I went farther down to the houses, I saw people being rescued by some of my friends. I went and looked into some houses, but everybody was already saved, and I thought they called me to work for nothing. But then, it was the seventh house I checked, I made out some red piece of fabric hanging at the frame of the bathroom door. I could make out a quiet whimpering so I went into the bathroom to check if everything was fine. At first glance it didn’t seem like anything was in there and I thought the smoke messed up my brain, and I couldn’t think straight. But right after I decided to leave, I made out a movement in the bathtub, and as I got near it I saw your grandmother hiding in there terrified and fearing that another bomb attack would follow. I carried her outside of the house and took care of her, gave her a blanket and made her tea. And that is how I met your grandmother, Elizabeth.

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