Love In The Making

May 22, 2012
By katibug333 BRONZE, Crystal Lake, Illinois
katibug333 BRONZE, Crystal Lake, Illinois
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“Zahne Chilting!” Headmaster Ronald’s screams, running as fast as she can in ghastly brown wedges. Zahne sprints around the corner, his dark blonde hair swishing around on his tan handsome face. His midnight dark skinny jeans are slowly falling down, showing his stud belt and polka dot boxers. You could make out his tensed, huge arm muscles. Zahne is almost free, out of Manchester School, sprinting across the court yard almost into the streets of London.

But he doesn’t see Brooke Hurchel, knocking her tiny body to the hard concrete.

“Are you alright?” Zahne’s deep British accent huffing and puffing. Brooke’s tight jean skirt makes it hard for her to get up and she grunts.

“Bloody he**! Wrong day to wear a skirt.” She fluffs out her tiny ACDC crop top, and Zahne helps her off the ground.

“Sorry I must run!” Zahne hurries away as Mrs. Ronald’s comes closer.

“Bye then.” Brooke mutters, her cute little accent drawling, making her sound Scottish.

“Mrs. Hurchel! Mrs. Hurchel!” The headmaster calls, her voice crackly from running.

Brooke hurries away, starting to doodle in her notebook. Mrs. Ronald’s scrams in exasperation, because once again the trouble maker Zahne got away.

“So tell me the deets!” Holly squeals to Brooke at lunch hall the next day.

“He has a girlfriend,” was all she said. She glances over to Zahne’s table, which looks to be having a deep conversation.

“She was hot?” Zahne’s best friend Scotty gasps jealously across the table. Zahne shrugs.

“I have a girlfriend.” He mutters. He glances over to his darling Abbigale and sighs.

“Zahne sweet heart.” Abbigale shouts fluttering over to his side.

“Hi Abbi!”P Zahne reaches over and plucks a kiss on her cheek.

“Ugh! Not in public!” She snaps, looking like she was just kissing by a rabid slobbery dog. She stomps away her knee high socks sparkling in the sunlight.

“She is a real pain in my being.” Zahne mutters angrily as he walks off into the corridor, bumping into Brooke again.

“Oh hi again! We didn’t formally meet. I’m Zahne.” He puts his hands in his jean pockets and smiles, staring at her beautiful face.

“I’m Brooke. It seems like this is the only way we ever talk to each other!” she giggles as Zahne laughs with her.

“Sorry about bumping into you yesterday.” Zahne’s cheeks turn bright red.

“Oh its fine. Wanna grab a cup?” Brooke offers, staring into his bright blue eyes.

Without answering he grabs her by the hips and they walk off to Jo’s coffee shop/

The next day Abbigale walks over to Brooke and gives her the death stare.

“I don’t know who you think you are, but you need to stay away from Zahne. He’s MINE!” And then Abbigale stalks away giving her one last cold stare.

“It’s not my fault Zahne likes to see me. I’m just more appealing than SOME people.” Brooke snaps, hollering after Abbi just loud enough so she could hear her, giving her a sneaky little smile along with it.

Abbi screams in embarrassment and rage, stomping her foot and calling Zahne’s name. Zahne sways into the garden, sees Brooke and rushes over to her side grabbing her hips.

“Hey Brookey!” Zahne laughs, but then stops abruptly.

“Excuse me!” Abbi shrieks. Zahne’s face goes paper white.

“Abbi! I didn’t see you there!” Zahne mutters slipping next to Brooke.

“I know you feel bad for this ugly rat, but I’m here now.” Abbi scowls laughing softly at Brooke. Zahne’s face goes stone still and he puts his hand on Brooke’s shoulder and squeezes it.

“Brooke is beautiful Abbi. She is kind, sweet and amazing.” He looks into Brooke’s bright surprised eyes and they both smile.

“Abbi I am not the one who got her nose redone.” Brooke taps her nose and giggles. Abbi’s cheeks flair up red and she screams. She runs off wailing, “It was crooked! It was crooked!”

Brooke and Zahne crack up. But then Brooke stops and looks directly into Zahne’s eyes.

“Was it true?” Brooke whispers. To answer, Zahne slips his hand into hers, and dips her into a deep and long kiss.

The next few weeks flew by; the two love bird’s falling deeply in love. But on Wednesday something fell apart.

Brooke was sitting on the bench staring into nothing when Zahne walks up. He saw her face and faltered.

“What’s wrong love?”

“How could you?”


Brooke starts crying. She runs out of the courtyard and into the school.

“Bloody he**!” Zahne races after Brooke. She found her bawling in the girls Jon.

“Darling?” Zahne reaches out to touch her shoulder, but she pulls away.

“You kissed Abbi.” She spats sniffling deeply.

“I did not!” Zahne argues; huffing in anger that his girlfriend would think such an awful thing.

“I saw you Zahne. With my bloody eyes!” she snaps, looking up at him, her face all puffy red.

“Brooke! I would never! Let me explain!” so Zahne did explain. He explained that they bumped into each other on their way home from school. She was talking nonsense about wanting him back. But he refused. She grabbed him by the shirt and kissed him, but he pulled away right after. Brooke sat their looking ashamed.

“I-I... Sorry Zahne.” She whispers, as Zahne picks her up into a hug. He nuzzles her head in forgiveness whispering into her ear, those eight words she would remember her whole life; “I love you Brooke Hurchel, and always will!”

The author's comments:
This piece really spoke to me.

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