Observations in the Summer

May 20, 2012
The sun was now a retracting blazing coin that was sinking beneath the horizon; it’s orange light straining to cast a glassy glow on the lapping waves. The clouds that were drawn to its fading heat were consequently stained salmon pink. It was one of those deliciously beautiful summer nights that young couples thrive on as they use it for a predictable backdrop for their clichéd tales of love. The white sand possessed a gentle warmth that still lingered from the day’s heat, but there was also an element of refreshing coolness in the grains.

She strolled aimlessly along the receding tide, her strappy sandals held loosely between her slim fingers. Her skin was still hot from the unforgiving rays of the sun and her hair still had a faint scent of sea salt. Her white summer dress clung tightly to her breasts and the silky material cascaded forgivingly down around her waist. She felt she was the very essence of the summer, but yet her mind was miles away.

A thoughtful sigh escaped between her coral-slicked lips as she thought of what he was doing at this very moment. Her heart pounded relentlessly in her eardrums as she recalled his hypnotic voice that would lull her worries into the farthest corners of her mind. She recalled with fondness his croaked half smile and his thick mop of black hair that contrasted with his pale skin.

Her absent minded stroll led her to a rundown pier that jutted out from the beach that wrapped itself around the perimeter of the island. The planks of wood sagged from it’s exposure to the hostile waves of the ocean and clumps of green sea plants clung to the pillars that sprouted from the seabed. The pier seemed to hide underneath its boards the whispers of the ocean and the secrets that lay beneath the filmy surface of the sea water. She couldn’t help but admire the simplicity of the artificial walkway, and then something more wonderful caught the attention of her emerald eyes.

An elderly couple were shuffling their way down to the very end of this boardwalk. The woman was wrapped in a light cardigan that swallowed her frail frame. She wore a simple skirt that finished just below her wrinkled knees, and a floppy summer hat sat awkwardly on her head. Her husband wore a worn out baseball cap appropriately accompanied with an old football varsity jacket. His khaki slacks seemed to be too large on his delicate figure and his loafers scuffed the wood beneath him.

She couldn’t help but feel her heart swell as she witnessed their loving interactions. The elderly man laced his callused fingers with his wife’s, and they anticipated the eventual sinking of today’s exhausted sun so they could indulge in the speckled stars that would decorate the night sky. He whispered something to her and she threw her head back with a sincere laugh and then strained her neck to plant a kiss on his wrinkled cheek. He studied her every move with such obvious dedication that not even the most sceptical of young men or women could deny their love.

She finally willed her legs to move again as she continued her leisurely walk, but this time she didn’t drag her feet with melancholy undertones. She instead took purposeful strides along the beach as she imagined his embrace when she met him at the airport in a few months time. She would stand at the arrivals gate wearing a snug winter coat and drum her fingers anxiously on the metal bar that acted as a barrier between loved ones. Then she would see him emerge from the sliding doors, his handsome face washed over with fatigue. His dark eyes would smoulder with happiness as they embraced, and for that day, she would ignore the camouflage spots that were splattered over the army green fabric. She would let her anxiety melt away for a few precious seconds, and she would remember the elderly couple that basked in the glory of such a beautiful summer evening.

She was determined to achieve that golden and eternal happiness with him, and tonight was a preview of the beautiful life that lay ahead of her.

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