For Time...For All Eternity

May 15, 2012
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The figure stood huddled under the shade of a tall oak tree. His eyes were transfixed on something on the ground and he stared, unrelenting. She watched as his expression changed from confusion, to anger, to despair. She wanted nothing more than to reach her hand out to the man and offer whatever comfort she possibly could. But she had the impression that no amount of consolation could provide the comfort that he sought. His gaze moved upward and his lips began to move quickly as though speaking to some unseen figure. Her own eyes flicked back and forth, searching for a clue as to who he was talking to but she saw nothing. The words spoken grew louder and she could make out some of what was said. He was angry -- not so much at the circumstance, but at himself. He wanted to know why. He sought answers that he really didn't believe he would receive answers to. She could see the glimmer of a tear falling from his eye and her heart broke into pieces. His jaw clenched and his knuckles were white as he held them tightly in fists. His lips stopped moving and were drawn into a thin line. He stood stubbornly facing the sky, eyes dark with a storm of emotions. She was almost afraid to breathe, worried that her breath would upset the delicate silence that had fallen on the scene. She watched as his legs began to quiver and as he stood through it. He dropped his gaze once more to the ground and just stared, fists unclenched, knees still shaking. She watched as the sun set and the man stayed rooted in place. She watched him place a single flower on the ground and smiled through the tears that had formed. “I thought you weren't a flowers guy,” she whispered softly. His head rose and he looked around. She stopped breathing, afraid that he had heard her. His eyes were squinted and his lips pursed. But it only lasted for a moment. He took in a deep breath and looked down one final time. She watched his mouth move and heard the tender words that fell. His voice cracked and tears slid down his cheek. “I miss you, baby girl. I love you. Forever and a day.” He blew a kiss at the sky and her heart warmed. She caught his kiss and blew one right back. “I miss you, too, handsome man. I love you. Forever and a day. And not a moment less.” She watched him walk to his car and climb inside. He sped off into the night and she turned to look at the white light behind her. She promised she would never leave him and so she never would. His guardian angel for all time and his one and only for all eternity.

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