May 15, 2012
By 12holly BRONZE, Lincolnshire, Other
12holly BRONZE, Lincolnshire, Other
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Her sweet honey blond rested softly on her shoulders. She pulled me close, holding me, giving me strength for the journey ahead. Her green eyes met mine. I held her gaze, savouring her beauty. I would come home to this. I layed my hand on her soft skin. I gave myself one final embrace before leaving her. “Come home to me,” she called.

I walked onwards in my uniform, its presence devouring me in guilt. Its scratchy fabric reminding me of what was yet to come. I passed a boy no older than seventeen. He trembled. Had the world truly come to this? I kept walking, the world around me a mere blur. Before lining up for the airship. I stood dwarfed by its sheer size. It was huge. Its large grey body seemed to hum with power. I kept faith in my love. I would come home.

Once I had borded the airship, I looked around, I was surrounded by men of all ages. All scared. We all flinched as we heard the sound of the large door shutting us in. I closed my eyes as we set off, embracing the emotions suddenly flooding through me. Hate, love, fear, I was only twenty one. A man with no experience of war. I was a soldier.

We were alive in the air. Waiting, wanting. Are mission was simple. Once we reached London, we would drop the bombs. Masquerading millions. Killing all. I couldn’t even bring myself to the thought of killing one as innocent as a child. I wouldn’t.

My heart raced as reached the bomb zone. I looked around me. Everyone was pale. Shadows covering their faces. You could smell the fear amongst us. I thought of my horse Storm. Its long strong black body. The thrill of riding him through the fields. He was never scared. Neither was I.

A tall man in a hard hat yelled at us. Telling us to move. We were surrounded by deafening sounds. The airship shook. Throwing everyone around. Sirens wailed. Our ship was being watched by a large blue beam. I unbuckled my belt. Walking slowly, carefully. Letting little but fate guide my feet.

The floor beneath me shook throwing me to the ground. I laid there for a minute the frosty floor cooling my face. I was high with adrenaline. The only image in my mind was her, her beauty and her love.

I climbed to my feet and ran. Letting the loud noises disappear in my mind.
“Get down!” I heard the scream louder than the bombs, I threw myself at the ground. I would come home.

I suddenly saw a dozen fast planes glide past. The union jack stamped to their sides. I banged my head on the floor, frustrated. I cursed. I had a family of my own. I had no dream of a perfect race. The world was perfectly balanced. Perfectly, perfect. What was I fighting for? Love, war, death. Love.

The ship rattled with impact. A bomb fell through. Splitting the ship in half. I panicked. I would come home. I would come home. I saw the other half of the ship explode in a dozen colours. Everyone scrambled far from the edge. I joined them fighting for my life. I slipped.

I was falling. Falling through the air. Explosions surrounding me. I was free from the curse of war. Close to the curse of death. Rosy. Her words raced through my mind. “Come home to me.”
“I will come home, I will!” I screamed into the air.

I saw her honey blond hair resting softly on her shoulders. Her beautiful green eyes. Deaths hood was covering me. His bony fingers tight round my waist. His hollow eyes watching me. I sank deeper into his eyes. Deeper into eternal sleep. I fell into Deaths hands.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my school short writing exam about a difficult journey. It is all about the hardships of war and love and loss.

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