Silent Regrets, Vendictive Hearts

May 17, 2012
I should have said it. I knew I should have just walked up to you and said it. But something held me back. I dunno what it was. Fear? Maybe. I've been rejected before. Agony? Possibly. It hurts when you're the butt of every joke just because of your personality. It smashes through your skin, no matter how thick, ripping through your soul and boring deep into your core. But I sense it is something deeper. Something a little harder to explain. A spot of shyness, along with my fury at the way you would look at my friend. You always like him better, didn't you? I would bring you gifts of jewelry and things that I had crafted and burned my for, and how do you reward me? You don't open yourself to me. You went off with my BFF: Best Friend For-never. I can still remember the pain. It echoes throughout my very being, resonating off the walls of the cavern that one held my soul. I had met up with my buddy to discuss my plans to ask her out at long last. And then surprise, surprise: he had asked her out and she'd said yes. Had it not been for another friend of ours, I'd be in prison and he would playing on the Angel's water polo team. I would have killed him. I'm just that Feral. My hands had been stained with his blood. He needed stitches. And I left him to suffer, just as he and the girl of my dreams had done to me. I hear he's better. I hear he wants to make up for this situation, but I know better than to come down from my perch and roam the world he created for himself. And as for the girl... I can live without her and her love, like I have done for so many years. And if either of them cross my path again, they better hope that they're armed to the teeth, cuz I'll go all out.

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Ivvilynn said...
Jun. 5, 2012 at 7:42 pm
I've never been through that, but the emotion in this was amazingly strong. 
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