Never to Be Forgotten

May 13, 2012
By Anonymous

I was standing on the sofa and staring at his pale face while he was sleeping in the bed. I felt like I could do nothing about him. I kept staring at Mike for ten minutes without moving my eyes from one side to another. Then time passed. I've been staring at him for twenty minutes. Then thirty. Then sixty. He was still sleeping. Mike couldn't move. His powers had left him a long time ago.
When I moved my eyes from him, I saw a picture of ours. We were smiling, hugged in a park near a sea. The memories suddenly appeared in my head. I still clearly remember that day as one of the best we've ever had. Mike was so lively in that day - he was a happy and joyful guy. He was telling me jokes, making me laugh and kissing me like nobody else. It was also the first time he told me that he loved me. I felt the warm way he hugged me for a second. After a while I opened my eyes and realised that I had fallen asleep. I bursted into tears. Again. It was only just a dream. He couldn't hug me like this anymore. Because Mike was drying.
I had told him many times not to light cigarettes but he didn't listen to me.
While we were lying on the beach I could hear the way he's breathing because I had put my head on his breasts. The noise was enormous and it scared me a lot. After this he had a long cough. 'Why are you looking at me like this? I'm fine!'he said and kept touching my arms.
Mike isn't the same now. He can just lay on this bed and I can only cry. My tears are that much that they may equal to the water in all the seas and oceans. He doesn't even see them. I'm praying that he will wake up and say my name. Only this.
If I had only stopped him. I want to turn back the time. But I can't. I feel hopeless.
I grabbed his hand and believed that he'd feel my touch somehow. His hand was so cold that mine got cooler ,too. I gave him from my warmth. The smallest thing I could do for him. After a few seconds he gripped my hand gently. A few tears went down from my face and fell on his arm. We both knew that it was our last touch. He could hardly say anything. I saw him making efforts to tell me something. At the end, he whispered with his last powers 'I..I...I love much...'
I kissed his cheek and said 'I'll never forget you'. I saw a little smile on his face. This was actually the last thing he gave me. His beautiful smile.

The author's comments:
It hurts so much when I see nice people smoking and wasting their lives. Especially the young ones. It's very sad. And I want to show you that their closest people suffer much more than them.

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