Red Roses

May 8, 2012
By hdavis096 BRONZE, Peyton, Colorado
hdavis096 BRONZE, Peyton, Colorado
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Roses scattered across the ground, roses placed inside a vase on the table, roses planted in the front yard, blooming gorgeous pink and red colors filling the front yard. Roses; it was all Mary Beth thought of as she dreamed of finding her true love. She had much heartbreak, many struggles, and endless challenges in life, and now 35 years into her life all she wanted was to find that one true love; that one who brought her roses every day. Roses in red, roses in pink, roses in white; all of them symbolized the same thing; love. Oh, What Mary Beth would give to receive a rose.

The day was long, her body was worn; Mary had a very hard day. Nothing could make her feel better. The moment she hit the door she landed in bed, tired as ever, her eyes closed instantly; like the way the wind would slam a door shut. But just as Mary began to dose off, she felt something different against her feet. It was cold, smooth, and as she ran her foot along the stringy long substance, she felt a thorn. “Owe!” she screamed; her voice full of pain and surprise. She continued running her foot up to the object, and then she felt a poufy soft leafy almost flower like substance at the top. “Could it be?” she thought to herself. Full of excitement, she knew she was just thinking wishfully, she raced to the light and sure enough one single red rose lay atop her bed.

Next to the rose, lay a small white envelope. It looked to be carefully sealed. She opened the envelope; careful not to tear it. Inside lay one white single piece of paper reading; “My love is a mustry… xoxoxo.” A picture of a rose was drawn in the corner of the paper. Now this was weird and exciting at the same time. Who was this, why were they in her house? How did they know about her love for roses? Was this her true love? Mar lay in her bed all night long, asking herself these questions, holding tightly to the rose, her one small hope of having love in her life.

The next day Mary thought about her secret lover all day long, she couldn’t block last night’s events out of her head. She thought long and hard all day about that one single rose. It meant so much to her already. She came home to a planted red rose bush planted in her front yard. Her surprises continued all week, sweet little notes accompanied every rose gift she received. She came home to days with a bouquet of roses placed on her table, rose wreaths outside. But after a week she was dying to meet the guy behind all of these roses.

After a week worth of roses, she came home to find a path of rose petals from her front door all the way up to her bedroom, instead of finding a not at the end of her path; which she expected. She found the guy of her dreams, standing there at the end of the rose path, awaiting her. He was perfect in every way, and he showed her his true love through just one small little thing; a rose.

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