Accidental Best Friend

May 11, 2012
By annefrank2 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
annefrank2 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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From the hallway, only a crack of light was visible. It was the illumination from a computer monitor located in Jimmy's room. Jimmy's mom knocked, "Hello, jimmy! Are you there? Jimmy! Answer me!"
Jimmy was a blogger, a blogger addicted to the Internet. His hand crippled over the mouse as he reblogged pictures of animals and wrote text posts that made absolutely no sense but somehow ended up hilarious. He had a girlfriend, Carly Swens. The problem was, Carly didn't have a blog and Jimmy didn't even know if she existed. Jimmy loved Carly and she claimed she existed, but jimmy was never sure.
One day, Carly said something really interesting to Jimmy. She was wondering if he would be free on April 20th, Jimmy’s Birthday. Jimmy obviously stated that it was okay with him and that they would probably just end up talking on the phone like they normally do, only this time it would be more intimate and special for his anniversary of birth. Carly was buying plane tickets to visit her beautiful boyfriend, but Jimmy was skeptical about it all. How does he know that she actually existed?
The tickets were booked and Jimmy was free for his first physical date. With a hand full of roses and a heart filled with anxiety, Jimmy waited. Jimmy didn’t go to school, didn’t go to college, didn’t have a job, and didn’t have any friends in person. That didn’t matter to him since his girlfriend accepted him and he was a big deal over the Internet. He started blogging the day he graduated high school and since then, he’s become a hit. He had advertisements on his blog to rake in a ridiculous amount of ad-revenue—$3,000 a month. This was enough to sustain himself with food, video games, clothing, and assorted toiletries. After all the hate he gets from being offensive to people he’ll never meet over a blogging website, he somehow survives and makes more money than most middle-class citizens.
Jimmy was waiting for a Dominos pizza as he heard a strange knock at the door. He had a routine of ordering the same pizza and cinnamon sticks from the same pizza place with the same delivery guy on the same day at the same time every week, so he knew that it wasn’t him at the door. Jimmy peaked out the window and saw a burly man with a cane and monocle. Confused, he opened up the door and he spoke, “Jimmy?”
“Who are you?” said Jimmy
“I’m Carly Swens, I’m finally here to hang out!”
“B-but, you’re not a girl…”
“Who says I have to be? Can we not just be friends?”
“Alright then I guess, sounds fine to me,” Jimmy concluded.

The two went out on a typical friend date, as many people refer to it nowadays. Jimmy and Carly hung out all day at the boardwalk; eating funnel cake, playing the Deal or No Deal arcade game, walking on the beach, go-karts, a typical day. Just because he wasn’t a girl and was over the age of 40 didn’t mean that they couldn’t have fun. A friend is a friend, no matter their distinctions and details. Jimmy was glad he met Carly over the internet. When the two arrived home, they slept in sleeping bags and told each other stories from when they were younger and best of all, Jimmy finally figured out who his best friend was.
The End

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jimmy is my favorite person from the internet

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