Only You

May 10, 2012
By kyadao1 BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
kyadao1 BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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On that first day you look at me and smile, your bright brown eyes lit.
I look back and smile trying to hide my discomfort.
Thinking about you can make me daydream for hours on end;
By the way you look at me I wonder if you think of me too.
You laugh with other friends and I become jealous;
Jealous of them for talking to you so easily.
Why can’t I be that confident and comfortable?
I look around to see that you have gone
You no longer being there makes me ache,
It’s as if my heart is singing out to you to shower me with your affection.
When you left it felt as if you took part of me with you;
You left an opening in my body, a gaping hole in my chest
That can only be filled again with your presence.
In return you walk on by with just a wave or a nod
And the pain is there again, you taking part of my being away with you
Leaving me empty and emotionless.
You come up to me one day and we make idle chit-chat
Then you turn to leave
Please don’t go, I’ll miss you.
But the words never escape from my lips,
I watch as you stroll away from me, unaware of the effect you have on me.
I feel the pain in my chest, where my heart is.
It’s agonizing - a fire that cannot be tamed,
But if it were, it could only be tamed by your love.
When you leave you take a part of me along,
Without knowing it, there is a place in my heart only for you.
Your eyes are as bright as the stars,
Your voice is the whisper in the wind
And your love is unattainable, but not like mine.
I love you, always have, and I always will,
I hope that one day you will be the one to satisfy my heart’s longing for companionship.

The author's comments:
What inspired me was how I had a crush on my current boyfriend before we had started dating.

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