Piece of Heaven

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

…He stares at her until everything falls away and words become a mystery to his mouth. There she sits in the highest branches, perfectly shaped in a tangle of the oak’s comfort. He looks into her eyes, her pale sunlit face, her body high above in the canopy she calls her world. Faced towards the wind, she does not see him yet, lost in a place unknown to him. For a brief second he is hit by the pure beauty of the moment, her delicate frame, her bright eyes opened to the workings of the world; it has gone unnoticed by so many before. Closer and closer he edges - through the tall grass, past the trees cascading long shadows upon the ground - until he is hugging the oak where she sits above. He pushes himself up against the trunk and his foot tangles with a twisted dead branch on the ground. It's crack echoes around the meadow and her head snaps down alarmed. He has broken her trance, yet upon seeing the intruder her face lights up with a bliss. She smiles. A long moment passes then hesitantly he smiles back. A silent message moves between them and falls gently on their hearts. Her hand motions in the breeze inviting him to join her. He stands there, motionless, for a little bit longer, watching the sun fade behind the trees, watching her hair playfully trailing behind her like a summer wave. And then after another exchange of smiles he begins the climb up to her, up into her little piece of heaven.

The author's comments:
A dream of mine.

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