May 2, 2012
By raykray BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
raykray BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
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She looked across the room and saw his picture perfect face, she could see the shadow his chin made across his shirt. As she looked away she missed him staring at her like she was a porcelain doll that should be collected and never touched, to be stored for eternal beauty.

She turned to her friend and whispered in her ear “He’s cute, but I don’t think he knows who I am.” She had a slight hint of wonder in her voice.

Her friend replied “Do you really want him to?” questioning her friends judgment.

The girl thought about what her friend said for the rest of the day, did she really want him to know her dark past?

He looked away when he saw her turn around and they caught each other’s eyes for just a split second and in that second he felt a spark, wondering if she felt it too. As he walked out of the classroom and into the loud crowded hallway he thought if he really wanted to get to know her. Did he really want to get involved with that?

She walked out of the classroom and into him “Um sorry” her shoulder brushed his and she could feel the softness of his sweater and the cologne wafting off of him.

He saw her come out of the classroom and walked straight towards her he brushing his shoulder against hers. He heard her whisper something but couldn’t make out what it was she was saying. She ran away quickly talking to her friend as she went.

“Do you think he noticed me?” the girl asked her friend as they rushed to their classes

“I should think so, he practically drooled when you walked into him” her friend snapped back. What her friend wasn’t telling her was that she was in love with him for over two years, but the friend saw how he looked at her and couldn’t bear to hurt her friend like that.

While walking to his math class he thought about the girl, her perfect eyes, the way her hair falls to the perfect length that it grazed her shoulder, the way she walked with her hips swaying yet her upper body barely moved she looked like a model walking down a cat walk. When he got to class he sat in a seat in the back and blankly stared at the door, just moments after he sat down she walked in clutching her schedule in one hand and her cell phone in the other. He saw her glance at him as she slowly walked to the teacher’s desk to have him sign her schedule. He then noticed that she was looking in his direction, he looked around for any other people but the next thing he knew she was sitting in the seat next to him.

When she walked into the class she noticed him immediately sitting in the back with a blank stare on his face that she knew all too well. She got her schedule signed and headed straight for the back where he was seated. “Hi” she said trying to sound calm yet she knew her voice was shaky.

After she sat down she whispered a faint “hi” and looked at him waiting for a response. He didn’t expect it and all he could muster up was a “hi” with a shy smile. He immediately turned away and starting take notes from the overhead projector. Throughout the class period he thought about her deep blue eyes and light blonde hair. He loved how she had a tiny hint of a southern accent from when she had lived down south. He thought about the way her puffy blue parka and her frozen red nose and cheeks made her look even cuter than when she was wearing her t-shirts and jeans.

She heard him respond, but didn’t understand what he had said. He looked away quickly and began scribbling the notes down quickly. Not even taking a second to look at her or shake his hand out. She wondered if her hair look messed up or if the cold had turned her cheeks and nose that ugly shade of red. Throughout the class she glanced at him every so often and doodled his name into her notes.

The bell rang and he gathered his stuff taking his time, waiting for her to finish packing so he could bump into her again and start a conversation while she was still away from her friend. She finished packing her things and walked towards him.

He saw her come near him and he thought of what to say, her perfect face, her luscious blonde hair, he deep blue eyes. He finally had the courage to ask her who she was. Before his courage died he walked right up to her and said “Hi I’m Max, I have been admiring you forever, I know who you are but I don’t know your name” She whipped her head around and said “Hi I’m Taylor and you will never know who I am” and walked away, slowly swaying her hips.

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