Just a Normal Love Story

April 30, 2012
By TheDoctor11 BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
TheDoctor11 BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
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It was the third day of freshman year. I had noticed him before but that was mainly due to the fact that we had most of our classes together. It was in the beginning of biology. Mr. Rudkin looked up from his desk and said "I hope you like your seats there yours for the next eight weeks." And with that I turned to the person next to me. It was him. I stuck out my hand, "Hello, my name is Lilly." He looked at me then as if I were a little kid speaking gibberish. That is when I noticed the ear buds. He took one out then stuck his hand right back at me. "Ryan."
It was the spring break of eleventh grade, and my mom had the bright idea of dragging us out to amish country Ohio. As if life with my family wasn't boring enough. We were staying at a Luxury Inn or whatever, I couldn't sleep. So I wondered out into the hall at three in the morning. Having no where els to go I went to the lobby. It was the standard kind. A little closed off breakfast area, tables, chairs and a big TV in the corner surrounded by couches. That's when I saw Lilly. She was on the corner of the couch reading a book. "Lilly? Is that you?" She certainly was not expecting me to be here. "Ryan, your here." I sat down next to her then explaining about how I got here and she did to. But the whole time we talked, I really just kept looking at her. We had been friends since ninth grade and the whole time I've really liked her. And now we were sitting next to each other alone at three in the morning. "Hey Lilly?" at this point there was no turning back. "Yeah?" she looked at me then not sure what I was going to say. And thats when I did it. I leaned in and kissed her. But the best thing by far was that she actually kissed me back.
It was the first weekend after spring break. I had already kissed Ryan, so I didn't know why I was so nervous about going on a date. It's not like we were going to start making out in a hotel at three in the morning, but I would not protest if it happened again. I'm amazed that I didn't pass out during the movie. I felt a little better at the ice cream shop. I laughed a lot. Mainly out of nerves, but Ryan did too so I guess I was okay. We walked around the park after that. We talked for a really long time. It was really nice. We were both finally relaxed by then. His hand was in mine and the world seemed great. He walked me up to my house, we just stood there for a while when I said goodnight and walked inside. But before I could close the door he walked in and kissed me. I loved every second. Then I looked up and saw my dad.
Lilly had just graduated that day. She majored in english and she already had several job offers from different local news papers. But I had the biggest offer for her. I was going to ask Lilly to marry me to night. I can still remember our first date. And how we had to date in secret because her dad scared me so much. So that night I took her out to our apartment roof. "Lilly, you know that I love you and I, I just want to say, will you marry me?" the only issue is that I couldn't say the me because she was laughing so hard. "You beat me to it!" At this point I was confused until she pulled a ring from her pocket. "Oh and one other thing, I'm pregnant so let's make the wedding this year." And thats when I started laughing

The author's comments:
I got really bored while on a seven hour car trip. Thus the following.

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