Fallen Angel

May 6, 2012
By Chelsea_Graap GOLD, Preston, Iowa
Chelsea_Graap GOLD, Preston, Iowa
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Have you ever went outside in a storm and wished to get stuck by lightning or sat in the middle of the street and hope to get hit by a car? Have you ever just wanted to die to be with the one you love? It’s strange to think that someone could actually think like that, isn’t it? Well I think that way every day.

I didn’t always think like this. I once was a happy kid that loved things. Well it all changed when I lost my best friend, basically my reason to live. Yeah it may seem stupid but some forms of love are stronger than others.

So here’s where my story starts. It was a stormy day. Yeah it’s always a story day whenever something bad happens. I was with my best friend. We were at the park watching the lightning in the sky. It was so beautiful. The rain hasn’t started falling yet it was just the lighting and thunder. The thunder was so loud. It sounded like a tree branch braking.
“Wow Emmaleigh that thunder is getting bad.” Sam said.
“Yeah it is.” Emmaleigh replied.
They sat there for a while longer till it started to rain. Sam grabbed her umbrella and held it so they were both under it. They started walking to Emmaleighs house. It wasn’t a long walk but I was a wet one.
“It sure is coming down isn’t it?” Sam said laughing and looking at Emmaleigh.
“Why yes it is Sam.” Emmaleigh answered with a laugh.
“Sure looks bad doesn’t it. I’m starting to get a little scared.” Sam added.
“Awe you don’t need to be scared Sam. I’m here.” Emmaleigh said putting her arm around Sam.
“Thanks Emmaleigh you’re a good friend.” Sam said with a smile.

They continued walking to Emmaleighs house with her arm around Sam. They had a different friendship no one really understood. At times they acted like they were more than friends but they didn’t noticed because they always acted that way. They were inseparable, they went everywhere together.

They finally reached Emmaleighs house and it stopped raining. Just their luck they thought. Sam undid the umbrella and they walked in Emmaleighs house. They went to her room.
“Hey Emmaleigh do you have some dry clothes I could barrow?” Sam asked.
“Yeah I do. Here yeah go.” Emmaleigh responded.

They got dressed in dry clothes and laid on Emmaleighs bed. Sam turned on the T.V. There wasn’t much to watch at midnight so they watched a rerun of the news. In privet they acted different with each other. They acted closer. They were curled up cuddling. Emmaleighs head on Sams chest and Sams arm around Emmaleigh.

They looked so cute. Some would say they would make the perfect couple but that would complicate their friendship. This was much simpler. Just two friends that are really close. Sam turned off the T.V when she noticed Emmaleigh had fallen asleep.

The next morning Sam got up first and just watched Emmaleigh sleep. She didn’t know what else to do. About 8:00 A.M Sam decided to wake Emmaleigh considering they had school.
“Emmaleigh get up. We got school.” Sam said touching Emmaleighs shoulder.
“D*mn I don’t want to get up.” Emmaleigh said laughing.
“Well I guess we could pretend to be sick considering we were out in the rain last night.” Sam suggested.
“Yeah I guess we could fool my mom this once and just stay in bed all day.” Emmaleigh said smiling.
“Ok let’s do it.” Sam said getting in bed next to Emmaleigh.

They pretended to be sick and Emmaleighs mom bought it. After she left the room they smiled in a devilish way. They will be at home alone for the whole day. Emmaleigh and Sam continued cuddling and watching T.V and pretending to be sick till Emmaleighs mom left.
“So what do you want to do today?” Emmaliegh asked.
“Hmm not sure I guess we could just stay in bed and watch T.V.” Sam replied.

And that’s what they did. They enjoyed their time together. Since Sams mom was on a month long trip Sam got to stay there. Sam stayed at Emmaleighs house often but never for this long. It was usually for a week or less.

They didn’t know it but unwillingly they were falling for each other. Sam kind of knew but she didn’t want to admit it. That’s not how it worked where they are from. Society can be cruel and they don’t want to be on the wrong end.
“Hey Sam?” Emmaleigh said.
“Yeah Emmaleigh.” Sam replied.
“Do you want to go to the park?” Emmaleigh asked.
“Wouldn’t your mom know we faked?” Sam replied with a question.
“So what’s the worst that could happen?” Emmaleigh said with a smile.
“Ok let’s do it.” Sam said smiling.

They got dressed and headed to the park. It was chilly out and it looked like it was going to rain again. When they got to the park they went and sat on the benches that weren’t wet. They sat close to stay warm. They saw a flash a lightning through the sky. A storm was approaching. Sam covered her eyes. She wouldn’t admit it but she was a little afraid of storms but when she was with Emmaleigh she felt safe.
“Are you ok Sam?” Emmaleigh asked.
“Yeah I’ll be fine as long as I’m with you.” Sam said looking at Emmaleigh.
“I won’t let anything bad happen to you ok Sam?” Emmaleigh said looking into Sams eyes.

For once they realized the love between them. The passion for each other. The perfectness of them. They stared into each other’s eyes for awhile. No sound, no movement. Finally Emmaleigh looked away and Sam looked away too.
“Let’s head back to my house.” Emmaleigh said holding out her hand.
“Ok” Sam replied taking her hand.

They walked back hand in hand to Emmaleighs house, nothing being said between them. Just silence. They reached her house and they let go of each other’s hands. Emmaleigh opened the door and they headed to her room. Sam went and sat on the bed with her back against the wall. Emmaleigh fallowed.
“Well we got away with faking.” Emmaleigh said laughing slightly.
“Yeah we did.” Sam said.
“Um so it’s most likely going to storm bad tonight.” Emmaleigh said trying to avoid the matter at hand.
“Yeah looks like it might.” Sam answered.

They sat there silently not knowing what to say. They really don’t want to talk about what just happened. They want to stay friends but that would be impossible. They lust for one another but it can’t be. It’s a case of Romeo and Juliet but this is different.
“I’m just going to come out and say it. I felt something for you back there.” Sam said interrupting the silence.
“Me too Sam but it can’t happen.” Emmaleigh said looking down.
“Yeah your right Emmaleigh but I want something to happen I think.” Sam said scooting closer to Emmaleigh.
“Me too but we have the perfect friendship and I don’t want anything to happen to that.” Emmaleigh said looking up at Sam.
“Yeah” Sam said putting her hand on Emmaleighs.

Sam leans in and kisses Emmaleigh. Sam jerks back not knowing what just happened. She couldn’t hide how she feels and it just happened. Emmaleigh smiles and kisses Sam back. The decision was made they couldn’t hide their feelings anymore. Emmaleigh puts her head on Sams shoulder and they just sit there like that till Emmaleighs mom gets home then they move apart and continue watching T.V. Both of them replaying that moment in their heads.

When it’s time for them to go to bed, Sam turns off the T.V off and they cuddle. They lay there looking at each other and Sam kisses Emmaleigh goodnight. They listen to the thunder and watch the light on the wall when the lightning strikes.

The next morning at school they act like just friends. They approach their other friends.
“Well where were you two yesterday?” Krista asks with a smile.
“We were “sick”.” Emmaleigh says laughing.
“Well what did you do on your “sick” day?” Lisa asks.
“Nothing really but we have something to tell you but you have to promise to keep it a secret.” Emmaleigh said looking at Sam.
“Ok we promise. What is it?” Lisa said.
“Well um.. we um we made our friendship more than a friendship.” Sam said taking Emmaleighs hand and holding it.
“Awe finally. That’s so cute.” Krista says smiling.
“Yeah that’s awesome you two make a cute couple.” Lisa added.
“Thanks guys.” Sam said blushing.
“So what have you guys done?” Krista asked.
“Nothing much just cuddled and kissed.” Emmaleigh said looking at Sam.
“Awe that’s sweet.” Krista said.

The bell rang and everyone went to their classes. Emmaleigh and Sam had every class but one together. It made their day go pretty fast but they acted just like friends and nothing more around everyone but their closest friends.

After school Emmaleigh, Sam, Krista, and Lisa went to the park which was still wet from the storms. Emmaleigh and Sam walked hand in hand as they always do and Krista and Lisa were happy for them. They knew Emmaleigh and Sam would end up together.
“You guys are seriously the cutest!” Krista says looking so happy for them.
“Now I see why you two haven’t dated guys.” Lisa says.
“Well I guess we knew we would end up together and having a boyfriend would have ruined our relationship.” Sam says.
“Yeah plus I really haven’t found a guy I’ve liked.” Emmaleigh adds.
“Well it’s great you two are together.” Krista says.

It was getting late and everyone had to head home. Lisa and Krista headed one way and Emmaleigh and Sam headed another way. When Emmaleigh and Sam got back to her house they went to her room like always. They shut off the light and went to bed.

Now dating for a few months they became public. Everyone thinks they are so cute. The only ones that don’t approve are their moms but they let them see each other and stay at one another’s houses. It’s not the same though. They are never alone but today was different Sams mom was out on another trip and Emmaleighs mom had to work tonight.

They had the house to themselves finally. They were happy to have privet time but to make sure they went into Emmaleighs room and locked the door. They lay on the bed cuddling and making out. Sam slides her hand down Emmaleighs body. They stop kissing and Emmaleigh smiles at Sam and Sam takes her shirt off. Emmaleigh takes her shirt off too and Sam kisses her and undoes her bra. Emmaleigh takes Sams bra off and they smile at each other.

They kiss passionately. Sam slides her shorts off and Emmaleigh does the same. Sam looks at Emmaleigh and smiles. They continue making out. They don’t go any farther. They want to but they can’t.

Its summer vacation and they are to go to Florida for a vacation. They pack their bags and get on the road. It takes two days to get there. They go to the hotel and check in and unpack their bags in the room. They get their bikinis on and head to the beach.
“Wow look at that beautiful beach.” Sam says.
“It’s not as beautiful as you.” Emmaleigh says kissing Sam.
“Awe Emmaleigh you’re so sweet.” Sam replies.

They go and find a spot on the beach and put their stuff down and go for a swim. There aren’t many people at this beach. They swim out a little ways and Sam kisses Emmaleigh. She kisses back. They continue swimming for an hour then they head back to their hotel room.

They get their hair dried and undress. Emmaleigh walks over to Sam and kisses her. Sam then takes control and lays Emmaleigh on the bed. Sam gets on Emmaleigh and they start to make out. Sam then kisses down Emmaleighs body. Emmaleigh moans a little. Sam continues and Emmaleigh moans louder. She then reaches her climax. Sam and Emmaleigh both smile and Emmaleigh gets on Sam and does the same.

They lay there next to each other still naked and just stare at one another. They smile. They are madly in love with each other falling deeper and deeper with every minute that passes. They cuddle and fall asleep. Emmaleigh in Sams arms.

Almost end of summer now. Going into senior year. Both are afraid. None want to say they are but they still have three weeks of summer so they want to make it last. They go camping out in the woods.
“So you think you’re going to survive out here for a whole week.” Sam said jokingly.
“Oh be quiet. We were ten and I swear I saw a wolf.” Emmaleigh says.
“Well we are older now and I’ll protect you.” Sam says smiling.

They set up their tent and make a fire. When the sun goes down they cuddle near the fire and roast marshmallows. Later on they lie on the ground and look up at the stars and hold hands. It’s getting late and they head inside their tent and huddle next to each other for warmth. They kiss goodnight and fall asleep.

Emmaleigh wakes up first. She lean over and kisses Sam on the lips. Sam wakes up and kisses Emmaleigh back. It’s a chilly morning and there is dew on the grass blades. They walk out of the tent and start the fire to get warm. They roast hot dogs for breakfast.

When it finally starts to warm up they change and head to the river. They take a morning swim before they go for a hike. It’s almost noon and they head back to the tent and change into something to hike in.

They start their two mile hike. Some of it is uphill. It’s not bad though Emmaleigh thinks at least I’m spending time with the love of my life.
“So Sam are you liking this hike?” Emmaleigh asks.
“It’s fine. I’m not very fond of hiking but I’m doing this for you so it makes it all better.” Sam says.

They continue walking. They reach the top of the highest hill there. You can see everything. Sam leans against Emmaleigh putting her head on Emmaleighs shoulder. She leans her head on Sams head. They hold hands and look at the scenery.

One week till school and Sam’s mom is still on her vacation. Sam hardly ever sees her mom. She’s always gone lately. Sam has been staying with Emmaleigh a lot which makes it easier.
“Wow summer went by fast since I’ve been with you.” Sams says.
“Yeah it has.” Emmaleigh replies.
“Senior year. Wow not looking forward to it.” Sams says laughing.
“I remember when we were little we couldn’t wait for senior year to be over.” Emmaleigh adds.
“Yeah it’s crazy.”Sam says.

Three days before school starts Sams mom comes home and she has news for Sam. She says it’s good news but it is for her not Sam.
“Samantha honey we need to talk.” Sam’s mom says motioning Sam and Emmaleigh to sit down.
“What is it mom?” Sam asks
“Well I found a really good job in New York and I took it.” Sam’s mom replies.
“That’s great mom but I will never get to see you.” Sam says looking sad.
“That’s the thing you will have to come with.” Sam’s mom adds.
“What! No mom I’m not going with!” Sam screams.
“Now Samantha! You listen here your going with if you like it or not!” Sam’s mom replies getting angry.
“But mom please I will never get to see Emmaleigh.” Sam pleads.
“I know honey but it would haven’t of worked anyways.” Sam’s mom says.
“What! Mom I love Emmaleigh more than anything!” Sam replies.
“No you don’t it’s just a friendship.” Sam’s mom adds.
“No it’s not mom we did things friends don’t do!” Sams foolishly says.
“Oh now did you? Emmaleigh is this right?” Sam’s mom asks.
“Um yes it is. We love each other so much I don’t know what I would do without Sam.” Emmaleigh says.
“What exactly have you done?” Sam’s mom asks.
“Mom that’s privet business.” Sam says.
“Fine but end of discussion you’re going with me and that’s final!” Sam’s mom says and walks out of the room.

Sam starts to cry and Emmaleigh comforts her. Emmaleigh starts to cry too.
“I can’t live without you Sam.” Emmaleigh says crying.
“I can’t live without you either Emmaleigh.” Sams adds.

They sit there together crying. They try to think of something to solve their problem but they can’t think of anything. Emmaleighs mom called and Emmaleigh has to go home. Emmaleigh kisses Sam goodbye.

The next day Emmaleigh comes over to Sam’s house. She knocks on the door and Sam opens the door. Emmaleigh is standing there in a nice green dress and her hair done up all nice. She gets down on one knee and opens a box.
“Samantha Cameron, The love of my life Will you marry me?” Emmaleigh asks looking up at Sam.
“Yes!! Emmaleigh I will!” Sam says hugging Emmaleigh.

Emmaleigh puts the ring on Sam’s finger.
“But why now?” Sam asks.
“So you could stay with me.” Emmaleigh replies.
“I don’t understand.” Sams says looking confused.
“Well your 17 now and so am I and in Montana you can get engaged at 17 and once you engaged even if you live with a parent you can go live with the one your engaged to and the parent has no say.” Emmaleigh says with a smile.
“Wow Emmaleigh you’re so smart. I love you so much.” Sam says.
“Yeah and I love you too.” Emmaleigh says.
“What is all this noise I hear out here?” Sam’s mom asks.
“Emmaleigh asked me to marry her and I said yes!” Sam says smiling.
“What! No never going to happen.” Sam’s mom says getting angered.
“Oh yes its happening and you can’t do anything about it.” Sam says taunting her mom.
“Oh really how can’t I stop it.” Sam’s mom asks.
“Well there is a law.” Emmaleigh started to say
“Yes I’m aware of this law and I guess I’m going to have to deal with it.” Sam’s mom says giving up to easily.
“Really mom?” Sam asks knowing it might be a trick.
“Yes but you’re not a citizen of Montana anymore.” Sam’s mom says with a sly smile.
“As long as Sam is in Montana why I propose it’s legal.” Emmaleigh says.
“D*mn fine since there is nothing I can do yet. I’m letting you stay.” Sam’s mom said giving up.

Emmaleigh and Sam celebrate and run off to tell Krista and Lisa. When they tell Krista and Lisa they are so happy everyone is jumping with joy. Everyone helps Sam move her stuff to Emmaleighs house.

Sam says good bye to her mom at the air port and cries when she sees her mom go. She just sits there in the air port thinking if she made the right decision. She loves Emmaleigh but she’s only a senior. What if she finds a guy she loves that her mom approves of? She’s scared. Sam isn’t ready to commit. She’s undecided.

Sam meets Emmaleigh at the front of the air port. She gets in the car and they drive back to her house.
“What’s wrong Sam?” Emmaleigh asks.
“Nothing.” Sam replies.
“Sam I know you better than that. Come on what’s wrong?” Emmaleigh asks again.
“I’m scared.” Sam says looking down.
“Awe Sam don’t worry I’m scared too. I’m not ready to get married. I just wanted you to stay.” Emmaleigh says lifting Sams head up.
“Really thanks Emmaleigh.” Sam says smiling.

First day of school and Emmaleigh and Sam are ready. They walk to school because they like the alone time they rarely get. Sam still wears her engagement ring and shows it to everyone. They are the happiest couple at school. They are the dream couple everyone looks up to.

After school Emmaleigh, Sam, Krista, Lisa, and Krista’s boy toy Kyle walk to the park and talk about their summers.
“So Krista explain.” Sam says smiling.
“Well Kyle and I met like three months ago and I was keeping him a secret till he wanted to commit.” Krista replied hugging Kyle.
“Very nice. Nice to meet you Kyle.” Sam says.
“Nice to meet you too?” Kyle replies.
“Oh baby I’m sorry this is Sam, and her girlfriend Emmaleigh, and my best friend Lisa.” Krista says.
“Nice to meet you all.” Kyle says.
“Wait. Hang on. Sam’s girlfriend. Yes I am Sam’s girlfriend but I would like to be introduced as Emmaleigh thank you.” Emmaleigh says jokingly.
“I’m sorry. Kyle this is Emmaleigh my friend and Sam’s girlfriend. There is that better?” Krista asks smiling.
“Yes, yes it is.” Emmaleigh says laughing.

They sit there and talk for a while more. First Kyle and Krista leave. Everyone knows what they leave to do. Then Lisa leaves. Now just Emmaleigh and Sam like always but they don’t mind. They like their alone time.

Emmaleigh and Sam decide to skip school for a day and go do something fun but Emmaleigh chickens out and Sam goes by herself. On her way to wherever she was going she meets up with Kyle.
“Hey Kyle.” Sam says waving.
“Oh hey Sam. What are you doing out of school?” Kyle asks.
“I could ask you the same thing.” Sam says laughing.
“I asked first.” Kyle says joking around.
“Didn’t want to go to school and Emmaleigh chickened out.” Sam replies.
“Same but Krista chickened out.” Kyle adds.

Kyle and Sam decide to spend their skipped day together. They find out they have a lot in common. They become instant friends.
“Hey want to check out somewhere awesome?” Kyle asks.
“I would love to. Is it dangerous?” Sam asks.
“Well h*ll yeah!” Kyle replies laughing.

Kyle takes Sam to his secret spot he goes to hang out. It’s very dangerous but it’s worth it. Sam slowly scales the cliff side, tripping ever so often.
“Careful Sam. Emmaleigh might kill me if I let something bad happen to you.” Kyle says looking up at Sam.
“Yeah I’ll b.” Sam doesn’t finish. She losing her footing and grip and starts to fall.
“SAM!!” Kyle shouts.

BAM! Sams body hits hard you could hear her breath escape her chest. Kyle scales back down the cliff and calls 911. He performs CPR on her till the paramedics get there. She is rushed to the hospital. Kyle calls Emmaleigh then Krista Then Lisa and tells them to meet him at the hospital and Sam fell.

No one but Kyle knew how bad it was. Emmaleigh was the first to show up.
“How is she? Is she ok? What happened?” Emmaleigh asked in a panicked voice on the edge of crying.
“She’s badly injured and is in a comma.” Kyle says almost crying.

Next Lisa then Krista all asking the same questions. All getting the same answers. Emmaleigh can’t stop crying. She’s thinking the worse. She wants this all to be a nightmare and she will wake up with Sam by her side comforting her. Saying it will be ok I’m here but that’s far from reality. Reality is Sam is in the hospital lying lifeless in a hospital bed in a comma.

It is several days till she wakes up. Emmaleigh is the first one she sees. Emmaleigh is crying. Sam barely moves her hand to touch Emmaleigh.
“Sam! Oh my god Sam!” Emmaleigh says crying tears of joy. Krista go get the nurse.” Emmaleigh says.

The nurse walks in and checks Sam out. She’s ok she has a slight chance of living. She still needs to be on life support. Emmaleigh stays with her every second. She hardly eats. She can’t, she’s too worried about Sam to eat or do anything.
“Oh Sam please stay with me. I can’t live without you. I love you and I always will. Sam Please stay with me.” Emmaleigh pleads holding Sam’s hand.

Krista, Lisa, and Kyle are in and out. Sam’s mom and Emmaleighs mom are always in there with Emmaleigh. Emmaleigh always thinks she should have gone with Sam to skip school and she thinks it was her fault. Sam’s mom blames Emmaleigh too. Emmaleigh feels terrible. She wishes she could do something but she can’t. Emmaleigh thinks about that day every day. She replays it in her head were her and Sam go to the dock and just hang out and everything is ok.

She wants to wake up from this nightmare but she can’t it’s her reality. Sam still hasn’t gotten any better and she has a 30% chance of living but there’s still hope. Hope that a miracle will happen and Sam will be alright and come off life support.

Emmaleigh finally got some decent sleep after Sam has been in the hospital for five weeks. Still no any better. 20% chance of living and decreasing. Emmaleigh still talks to Sam everyday and watches her heart monitor. Every time Emmaleigh talks to Sam or holds her hand her heart goes faster and when Emmaleigh kisses Sam on the forehead Sam smiles a little.

They day no one wanted to some. It was midafternoon. Emmaleigh was watching Sam’s heart monitor. It was doing good then all the sudden it flat lined. Everything started beeping. Emmaleigh instantly started crying and freaking out. She knew what was happening. The doctors and nurses rushed in and started doing CPR. Nothing. Again with CPR. Again nothing. Emmaleigh died inside when Sam died. There are no words to tell that dreadful day. Only not just one person died two did. Sam and Emmaleigh.

After that day Emmaleigh wouldn’t even get out of bed or eat or do anything except stare at a blank T.V. thinking. She was remembering all the times with Sam. That day at the park when they came home and Sam leaned in a kisses her or in Florida.

Kyle, Krista, and Lisa learned to cope. Emmaleigh never did. She cries constantly for Sam. There’s nothing she can do except wait to die. It started to rain and for once in a long time Emmaleigh got up and went outside. She was wishing to get stuck by lightning. Nope she didn’t. She went back inside soaking wet and just lay in bed staring at the blank T.V again.
“Emmaleighhh.” Sam said faintly.
“Sam!” Emmaleigh awoke from her sleep.
“Sam!!” Emmaleigh shouted.
“I’m here don’t worry.” Sam said appearing from the corner.
“Sam. Oh Sam.” Emmaleigh can’t think of what to say.
“Yes my love?” Sam replies.
“Sam. Please come back. I miss you.” Emmaleigh says barely speaking.
“I miss you too Emmaleigh but you must not dwell on my death.” Sam says comforting her.
“But a part of me died with you.” Emmaleigh said.
“I know babe. I know. But you must use that other part to keep living.” Sam says.
“I can’t. I have no reason to live.” Emmaleigh replies.
“Yes you do! You’re reason to live is me. Live for me.” Sam shouted.
“But Sam.” Emmaleigh trys to say.
“No Emmaleigh you live. I will always be with you I promise ok?” Sam asks.
“Ok Sam I believe you but before you go will you tell me one thing?” Emmaleigh asks.
“Emmaleigh I love you and miss you and if I would have survived we would have gotten married and had two wonderful kids. And I will always be with you.” Sam says disappearing.
“Sam! Wait! Come back!” Emmaleigh says crying into her pillow.

To this day Emmaleigh goes to Sam’s grave every weekend and talks to her for hours. Emmaleigh never got remarried or had any children and when she died her last words were Sam my love I am with you now.

The author's comments:
I wrote this bc i was bored its about two teens who overcome what people think and just be together

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