Let Me Love You Chapter 1 The Surprise Visit

April 26, 2012
By Anonymous

“Who knows if we are even going to meet any celebrities,” Beauty pointed out with a sigh.
“Who knows, we might just get lucky,” Nasima said.
“Oh, I don’t know,” Chloe said.
The girls had just submitted their video to One Direction and whoever wins the contest gets to meet them, but the girls doubted that they were going to win.
We were all having a sleepover at Beauty’s house today, and Anika, Beauty, Nasima, Anam, and Chloe were invited.
“I’ll get the movie, Twilight,” said Beauty. “And I will get the chips!” exclaimed Anika.
We sat up until 10:30 watching the movie, and then we went to bed.
(Some time passes)
At about 12:00 in the night, we heard a sharp knock on the door.
“Who could this be so late in the night?” Anam thought to herself.
“I will go investigate,” Anika said.
As Anika Snuck through the back door, she slipped on the ice and Harry Styles caught her.
“Aahhh!” Anika exclaimed.
“Don’t worry, I’ve got you babe,” Harry whispered in my ear.
“Thank you,” Anika said.
Anika did not know who he was because it was so dark outside.
Harry’s P.O.V.
“I hope those girls recognize us and don’t get scared as we come in,” Harry whispered.
“I will look in the back, while you guys stay here in the front, ok” Harry asked.
As I was walking to the door, I suddenly hear some noise.
I hid behind do door not wanting to scare that person but as soon as I heard her slip I rushed to break her fall.
No P.O.V.
Then all of the boys showed themselves to Anika.
“Can we sleepover tonight?” Zayn asked.
Anika knew that this was a crazy idea but she accepted anyway.
“Sure,” Anika replied.
(They all walk into Beauty’s house)
“Where have you been Anika?” Nasima announced.
“I will explain it to you tomorrow, but right now these boys want to sleep over.”
“What boys?” Chloe asked.
“I don’t know, we will find out tomorrow!” Beauty exclaimed.
(The house was dark so no one saw their faces yet)
(Everyone went to sleep and the next morning came quickly)

The author's comments:
This is a One Direction fan fiction. For all you One Direction Lovers all over the world. I am writing a book and I will update chapter by chapter as I go along. I am hoping to entertain readers as well as create a twist in the story.

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