Never Leave Angry

April 29, 2012
By Blackbloodandredrum SILVER, Amarillo, Texas
Blackbloodandredrum SILVER, Amarillo, Texas
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Jody jumped into her brand new Ford truck and angrily slammed the door closed. She shoved the keys into the ignition and pulled dangerously out of the parking lot toward home. The day had started out perfectly. The popular teen had drove herself to the Valentines Day party in her new red dress. Her boyfriend, Dante, had met her at the school doors and presented her a bouquet of red roses. They walked inside and everything was going well until Marsha Bankfort showed up to the party. She was wearing an ugly black dress was holding a bouquet of black roses. Her date was the odd Matt Franses. They strode into the party like a fog into a forest darkening everything and putting a damper on everyone’s fun. It wasn’t long until Dante, who for some stupid reason liked her, was flirting away and completely ignoring Jody. Angered, Jody had at last exploded at him “What is your problem Dante? You just don’t ditch your date!”
“Jody what are you talking about?”
“Oh come on!” she stormed on “Do you honestly think I am the only one who doesn’t know you have a thing for that… that toad?”
Dante grew red in the face and glared at her. Everyone was staring at them as Dante stood up slowly and calmly asked, “Jody could we please do this somewhere else?”
“What’s wrong with right here and right now?” Jody exclaimed. As she turned to face the crowed, “This perfect boy friend of mine has a thing for little miss toad face here, as I know you all already know!”
Dante then cut Jody off and picked her up and carried her to another part of the building. He sat her down and grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to look at him, and demanded “What has gotten into you?”
Jody’s mascara was smeared and huge tears were pouring down her face, “I’m done Dante. I just can’t do it any more. I’m sorry I can’t deal with this. You have to decide between me or her!”
“Jody I…”
“Me or her!?”
Dante paused and ran his hand though his hair with panicked eyes. Jody abruptly stood up “Wrong answer!” She stormed out, throwing the roses in the trash. Dante lept up and followed her, calling her name and throwing out random excuses witch she totally ignored, and that is how Jody got to where she is now. She drove herself home at a illegal speed with tears running down her face. She was driving fast, and she turned a corner too sharply. She never saw the tree that smashed the front of her car. When she awoke in the hospital with a rag wrapped around her head all she could think about were three words “Never leave angry.”

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