How It Happened

April 29, 2012
By Twinn4ever SILVER, Pflugerville, Texas
Twinn4ever SILVER, Pflugerville, Texas
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Holy Cr*p! Carter Brandon, the most eligible, hottest and popular bachelor at Fullerton High, just smiled at me! Am I daydreaming? I sure hope not, someone pinch me quick, make sure it was real! "Hello Emily? You there? What do you want to drink? The waiter asked you like 5 times, and then he just gave up and left, are you like dead or something?" I gave my best friend, Elizabeth, a deathly stare down as I try to sulk in the glory of Carter Brandon. "Did you just see that? Carter Brandon just smiled at me! Ah!"I left a desiring giggle floating in the air as our waiter returned and asked, with a funny smirk, what we would like to drink. "Um...yeah can I have diet coke with a bendy straw “The middle aged man, gave me a cold deathly, "I hate my job why can’t I be a rich millionaire" kind of look "We don’t have bendy straws" said the waiter very aggressively."Oh... then I guess I’ll just take a glass of water" I demanded, why is it so hard to find bendy straws in New Jersey? "Could you be any more of a little kid? You’re like a four year old girl demanding candy. What is up with you today" Elizabeth frantically glared at me "I mean seriously, your acting really strange, get a grip Emily he smiled at you big deal." I glanced back at Carter Brandon, who was once, for the first time in his life, alone at table, discovering what it’s like to not be hoarded by hundreds of high school girls throwing themselves at him. Elizabeth started to get p*ssed and frustrated at me, this was supposed to be a friend get to gather to talk about what we were doing and going to wear to prom. In my luck, I was doing well at avoiding the subject. I hated the idea of going to a school dance to see who wears the most revealing dresses and to pick out the boys who were going to get “lucky" that night. While the mound of singles girls sit in lumpy chairs, all awkwardly, hating their lives. I don't even want to go, if it were up to me I wouldn't, but Elizabeth has millions of copies of 17 magazines around her house reading the horoscopes, arguing that I will find a date, be happy and have 10 kids. As hard as I fought to not go and prove how stupid her theory was, I managed to still fail, and now I’m stuck going to a stupid dance with a dead in life and no date. Through the awkward silences and the drooling over Carter Brandon, Elizabeth manages to sneak away to the ladies room, before we order our dinner. With my eyes locked on Carter, I heard the restaurant door sling open, making a swishing sound from the wind blowing in. I turned around to see the new kid, Justin Foulery strut to the hostess table, sweetly asking for a booth. From what I heard at school today, Justin moved from Kentucky just over a month ago, due to his father’s job transfer. To be quite honest, Justin wasn’t bad looking, he was sort of cute in a way; he had dimples that slowly appeared after he smiled. He had paper white teeth, and dirty blonde hair. He was defiantly one to keep an eye on. I suddenly found myself staring at Justin, as he slipped into the booth next to mine. As I never imagined he turned his head toward mine and asked if I was in his math class. I looked at his deep blue eyes, opened my jaw and let out a yes that sounded like a dying whale. He looked at me and laughed then asked if I was eating alone. I laughed and said I wasn’t that I’m not that much of a loner. When I thought I heard Elizabeth coming back from the bathrooms, I stole a glance at Carter who was now staring at me. I started to hyperventilate, Carter was staring at me! I turned to look at Justin when he was gone; I looked all around to figure out where he went, when Elizabeth said, "Who are you?" I turned my head around and saw Justin sitting in our booth admiring me. Justin told Elizabeth who he was and how he wanted everyone to see him sitting next to 2 gorgeous girls. We both began to laugh. I started getting butterflies in my stomach and thinking that maybe prom wouldn’t be so bad. We started asking him how his day at school was."It was okay, everyone kept looking at me for some reason, maybe that’s just the attention I get for being a new student during senior year, ha-ha" I started to blush as I realized he’s really cute, not just kind of, sort of cute like I said before, but really cute. We started talking for what seemed like 30 minutes. Eventually, Elizabeth had to go home so it was just Justin, Carter, Me and two lonely emu girls, left in the Restaurant."So, anyone special back home?" I managed to ask him as I began to get all nervous. "Ha-ha not really, well there was this one girl, but it didn’t turn out to well. Anyway she’s nothing like you" Like you...the words dangled in the air as I repeated them over and over in my head. Does he like me? After only what seemed like 2 hours of talking he already liked me? My cheeks began filling up with red as I saw the clock strike midnight and said I had to go home. We walked out to the front parking lot and slowly walked to his car, he turned toward me, smiled and uttered "Hey look, I don’t know if you have plans Thursday but I could use someone to show me around town, maybe we could grab some dinner or something?" my heart began to sank, this was the first time a boy actually talked to me the way he did. "Uh, y-yeah I-I could be up for t-that" I flustered around and gave him my number so he could give me the details later. Just then, he grabbed my jacket, pulled me in close. And whispered in my ear "Your the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I’m so glad I met you." before I managed to say anything back, he walked to his car and waved goodbye. My heart sank deep to the pit of my stomach. My mind went back to Elizabeth’s horoscope’s, about how I would find a date to the dance. Maybe horoscopes are real after all; maybe, just maybe Justin would be my date to prom if things kept going the way they did. My body froze like an ice sculpture, in the middle of the road as I began swooning over Justin. Suddenly, I heard a loud scream, jolting me awake and making me realize that I’m not the only one in the world. I turned around to see the face of a teenage boy looking at bright lights, mouthing words in my direction. I couldn’t tell who he was by the b**** black sky that surrounded us. I followed the boys eyes, and saw a Ford truck speeding down the road heading towards my innocent body. My ears immediately went deaf, my body became a statue and my eyes instantly closed, as my life flashes before my eyes. The next thing I know I’m tumbling on the ground, with some boy on top of me as I see red taillights speeding past me."Are you okay?" I hear a scruffy voice from the familiar man still on top of me. I felt like screaming "NO! Do I look okay?! My head feels dizzy, and it seems like it weighs 200 pounds, my arm is bleeding, I’m pretty sure there is a huge cut across my eyebrow ,some guy is laying on top of me cutting off my air supply, and I have no idea what had just happened, but other than that I’m perfectly FINE! Thanks for asking!"Instead, I just shook my head emphasizing my shortness in breath. "Well okay, umm do you know your name?" he asked. I slowly began to sound out the letter in my name, like I had a stuttering problem, "Its E-Emily C-C-Cars-on" he looked at me with a point on failure, and despite written across his face. "Well, hi Emily, I’m Carter" Oh my God, I must behaving another dream. He gave me a concerned look as soon as he saw all the blood rush to my face as I started to giggle and he touched his hand to my lips, making me stop, and said the ambulance was on its way. "Um, t-thanks for, um p-p-ushi-" He cut me off and said "No problem, anything for a pretty girl" I laughed, as I felt pain jolt up my leg like a lightning bolt. I tried to get up but I feel over about to hit the ground again, when Carter caught me. Just then the ambulance showed up, caressing me in their arms, taking my blood pressure and shoving pills down my throat. They asked me for my parents’ phone number so they could call them to come pick me up. I told them that they were out of town and I was home alone. Carter then walked up and offered to give me a ride home. I respectfully accepted his offer as I started to walk over to his car. I felt so embarrassed about the whole night. Once I shoved my clumsy feet into the car and shut the door, he asked if I was feeling better, I nodded and told him thanks about 20 more times. He told me to stop, and don’t worry about it. "Hey, if you feel that bad then why don’t you make it up to me and let me take you out sometime?" I nodded with a glimpse of dismay in my eyes. I smiled as big as the moon, and looked at the stars to wish the night would never end. Eventually we arrived at my run-down home, and Carter walked me up to my door step. He smiled and said" I’m glad you’re feeling better, I can see your still hurting a bit, so maybe this will help." I smiled, not knowing what was going to happen next, then out of disbelief, he kissed me.

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