Let Me Love You Chapter 2 Beauty's Moment

April 27, 2012
By Anonymous

One Direction Fan Fiction-“Let Me Love You”
Chapter 2: Beauty’s Moment
(The next morning)
(Beauty wakes up before everyone and finds a note on the counter)
“Who could Zayn be?” Beauty says.
(She decides to read it)
I will be back soon. I just went out to eat breakfast. ~Zayn<3
“That’s strange, that boy from One Direction is named Zayn, too!” Beauty exclaimed.
(Some time passes and Beauty prepares breakfast for everyone: The boys, herself, Anika, Anam, Chloe, and Nasima.)
(They are all sitting at the table eating and a conversation starts)
“I’m going to the mall with my cousin, Isara, and my two friends, Lela and Nicole today,” Beauty said.
“That’s fine, we will just chill out here,” Nasima said.
“So…..who are you guys?” Chloe asked.
“You will find out soon,” Niall said.
“Well, you look……,” Nasima was about to say but Louis cut her off.
“Enough of that, I said you will find out soon,” Louis reminded them.
(Louis’s P.O.V.)
Nasima was eating carrots and Louis’s face lit up!
“I LIKE GIRLS WHO EAT CARROTS!” Louis exclaimed.
(Nasima started to blush slightly)
“Yea, he says that a lot but just ignore him,” Niall said.
(No P.O.V.)
(After that, Beauty goes to the mall with her cousin, Isara, and her two friends, Lela and Nicole)
“I will go to the clothes section,” Beauty says.
“You three just chill out here by the jewelry shop, ok?” Beauty said.
“And call me when you want to go home, bye!” Beauty announced.
(At the clothes section)
(Beauty picks out some cute clothes and goes to the dressing room to try them on)
(Meanwhile, Zayn is in the other dressing right next to hers but she doesn’t know yet)
(Zayn’s P.O.V.)
(Beauty is in the other dressing room and Zayn knows)
(He gets a piece of paper and writes her a note)
(Then he passes it to her)
(Beauty’s P.O.V.)
“What’s this?” Beauty thought to herself.
“What’s happening?”
(She blushes slightly)
(No P.O.V.)
(Zayn gets out before Beauty does)
(Beauty then comes out and Zayn picks her up and carries her all the way to his car-a shiny Volvo)
“This is nice and dreamy,” Beauty thought to herself.
(They both get in the car and Zayn drives to the bowling alley)
“Can you keep a secret?” Zayn asks.
“Sure,” Beauty responds.
“I am a member of One Direction and my name is Zayn Malik!” Zayn exclaims.
(Beauty starts creaming really loud that Zayn has to cover his ears)
“I have so many questions!” Beauty said.
“I will answer them later,” Zayn says.
(Beauty calls the girls and tells them she might be coming home late)
(Meanwhile, back at Beauty’s house)
(The guys gather all the girls in the living room-Anika, Anam, Chloe, and Nasima)
“We have to tell you guys something,” Harry announces.
“You guys won the contest and we are One Direction!” Liam exclaims.
(The girls start screaming 4 times as loud as Beauty that the boys have to cover their ears)
“We will do things tomorrow, but right now let’s go to sleep,” Niall said.
(Back at the bowling alley)
“I’ll show you how it’s done!” Zayn says.
(He throws it like a professional)
Beauty tries, but she misses)
“Here, I’ll help you,” Zayn says.
(He puts his arms around Beauty and they throw the bowling ball together)
“You are pretty good,” Beauty says.
(They both get something to eat and get home around 11:30)
“Here, I got you something,” Zayn announces.
“What is it?” Beauty asks.
(Zayn pulls out a special One Direction necklace made of diamonds and he gives it to Beauty)
“Why, thank you!” Beauty exclaims.
“Go to bed now, sweetheart,” Zayn says.
(He kisses her lightly on the cheek and Beauty blushes)
“Ok,” Beauty replies.
(They go to bed and suddenly at 1:30 A.M. Liam hear a scream and a loud noise!)

The author's comments:
This Piece is a continuation to Chapter One of Let Me Love You. I hope you enjoy this and publish it.

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