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April 25, 2012
By Blackbloodandredrum SILVER, Amarillo, Texas
Blackbloodandredrum SILVER, Amarillo, Texas
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Dante leaned against the gym wall. He had stormed into the school gym not bothering to turn on the lights. His tan skin was unusually pale, and his eyes looked hollow and sad. He ran his hand through his black hair and chewed on his lip ring. A tear leaked down his face. Why was the world so unfair? His knuckles were bloody from punching the gym walls, and his phone was smashed on the floor.
A girl with blond hair and black bangs slid down the wall next to him. “Dante I am so sorry.” She looked across the room at his smashed cell phone, and bit her lip. “It will be okay…”
Dante stood up and punched the gym wall again. “How can you say that? Wake up Jody my parents just died!”
Jody scooted a little away from Dante knowing how violent he could get when he was angry “Look it’s not like they are gone forever. You parents are waiting for you up in heaven, they are healthy again and happy.”
“God doesn’t care about me!” Dante spat “He just left us here so we could kill each other and die in sorrow and pain!”
Jody shook her head “No Dante, don’t say that.”
Dante glared at Jody “You have no idea what I am going through! You have never lost anything your life is perfect! What do I have to live for? The rest of my family refuses to have anything to do with me, I have no friends, and I now have to pay bills for a house that I can not afford!”
Jody stood up slowly “No Dante I know exactly what you are going through.” She looked at the floor “A few years back I made a huge mistake and discovered I was with child. I was afraid of what everyone would think if they saw me like that so… I got rid of it.”
Dante looked at her “You what… How could you do that?”
Jody started to cry “I know I am disgusting.” and with that she turned and ran from the gym. She didn’t stop running until she was up stairs in her room. Her parents had gone on a vacation so she was alone for the rest of the day. A thought struck her, it was rather foolish and stupid but it might just bring her some amount of peace. She walked down the stairs to her dad’s refrigerator in the garage. Knowing her dad it would be stuffed full of cold beer. She reached inside and pulled out a set of six bottles and walked back upstairs to her room were she continued to drink all six, then walk back down stairs to get more until she finally passed out.
Dante has started to run after Jody, but then decided it would be better is she was by her self at this point. He walked home and collapsed on his bed where he spent the rest of the night and most of the next day.
School was officially out for spring break, and Jody was still upset about the whole Dante thing so she decided to do the one thing she knew would make her feel beater. She hoped in her car and drove to her favorite hair dresser, Tasha, a new hair color would be good for the spring time and would make her feel better. As the walked into the bright happy hair shop Jody was tackled by Tasha.
Tasha was tall with white shin and a spiky hair stile she always died strange colors. Her body was covered in tattoos that she proudly showed of in her tank top and shorts. Her face was covered in piercings and her contacts made her eyes look black. She beamed at Jody, “Bad night? You reek of alcohol!”
Jody smiled “Ya it’s a long story.”
Tasha shoved Jody into an unoccupied, bejeweled, chair “Well, what color were you thinking? Green and pink? It’s a bit cliché, but it will look so cute!.”
Jody smiled “What ever you think I trust you.”
Tasha ran over to her dye station and picked out two bottles one labeled green the other pink. She rushed back over and began to mix the dye while her assistant washed Jody’s hair then dried it. Finally Tasha started the proses of dyeing Jody’s hair. “So whets on your mind?” Tasha asked.
Jody frowned “I told Dante about the baby.”
Tasha stopped “What did he say?”
“He asked me how I could do something like that. He probably hates me.”
Tasha continued to dye Jody’s hair “Ah well its not like you were serious about each other or anything.”
Jody shifted uncomfortably “Ya, I guess so.” Tasha finished Jody’s hair around noon and they both admired it in the mirror. “So.” Tasha smiled “You free for lunch?”
Jody smiled “No I think I am going to try and talk to him I still want to be friends no matter what.”
Tasha shrugged “Okay if you change your mind give me a call.”
Jody drove slowly to Dante house worried about how he would react to her. She pulled into the drive way and approached the door, finding it open she just walked inside. “Dante?” She called.
A muffled “What do you want” came from the living room. Jody walked on through finding the house in a mess, it had not even been a day and Dante had already wrecked the place.
Dante looked up at Jody “Well what a surprise! I though you were gone for good!”
Jody frowned “What happened here?”
Dante leaned forward “Oh sorry I’m not really that concerned about how my house looks right now.” he laid back down on his couch.
“Your mom would never let the house look like this.”
Dante jumped up a beer bottle falling from his hands “Well guess what Sherlock, my mom is not here.”
Jody frowned “So you can still take care of the place.”
“Maybe I don’t want to”
“Maybe you are just being lazy!”
Dante glared at her “Your one to talk!”
“I take care of my house!”
“So you were to lazy to take care of a baby!”
That hurt. Jody stopped talking and glared at Dante that was not a good idea.
Dante looked down “Sorry I…” A bottle flew past his head barely missing him and smashing against the wall. Dante’s head shot up as Jody threw another one at him. “What is wrong with you stop it!”
Jody continued to throw anything that she could pick up at him. “You are such a freak!” She screamed “No wonder you have no friends!”
Dante had picked up a pillow to try and block the attacks “Calm down man!” Finally Dante Got close enough to her to grab her wrists and stop her from throwing things. “Stop, stop! Its okay!”
Jody jerked out of his grasp “Stay away from me Dante.” She spat. And then walked out of his life never to return.

The author's comments:
Our story begins with an unlikely friendship between a preppy girl and a dark depressed boy as all good love stories do. Jody a young girl around the age of seventeen has some how managed to get young Dante, a loner around the age of 18, to open up to her, however the way he feels about her is far different from how she feels about him. But when Dante’s family dies unexpectedly Jody reveals something about herself that will ether drive them apart or bring them closer together.

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