Us Then And Now

April 24, 2012
They both felt that tingling feeling in their hearts like there was tiny ladybugs floating around in zigzag shapes. Of course she was blushing which made her usual pale looking face turn a bright crimson. As for him. he couldn’t stop his hands from shaking violently and his foot tapping repeatedly. The other fifth graders swarmed around them, all the girls circling around the flushed girl and all the boys gathered around the nervously shaking boy. Even though both groups were separated, they both prompted the two the same thing. It was bound to happen anyways and both kids knew it.

One girl with a red polka dotted bow in her hair told the now uncontrollably smiling girl, “Evalynne, just go for it. Don’t be such a scardy - cat and show the true girl power you got hidden somewhere inside you!”

Another girl shouted louder than usual, “Oh, so it’s love! How romantic!”

This, of course, made Evalynne much more tense then she was before. I mean, yeah, she really did think he was outrageously cute and totally rad. But she wasn’t sure on whether she was ready for such a big leap. For crying out loud, she’s barely found out what love really is. How could she be sure it was love? Was it real Romeo and Juliet love or just a small fifth grade crush that would be over with next year?! The suspense was killing her and all the googly eyed girls made it worst when they started chanting her on. Oh lord, she thought, what am I gonna do and why did he have to look extremely cute today?!

On the other side of the invisible line, the boys ranted and raved on how Evalynne was the top cutest girl in their class. It was like a circus animals let loose. One boy who was shoving tater tots down his throat sputtered, “ Dude, yes! Evalynne’s like the hottest thing out there. If you do this, your the man!”

That’s when all the other overly excited boys cut in. They started say things like, “You’d be my hero”, and, “Yeah, if you don’t do it then I’ll do it, Aaron!”

This is what really got Aaron pumped up. He was gonna be known as one of the most popular guy in fifth grade and maybe even sixth. Not only that but, he’d finally get to show how he felt about Evalynne. Just like he always wanted too but, was too afraid too. She was the real deal. Imagine those soft, pink lips and beautiful green eyes answering all those prayers I ever made, he thought to himself. He wanted Evalynne since the first day of kindergarten. It was like love at first sight when they both went to reach for the same cookie bag at snack time.

Aaron couldn’t take it anymore. After him taking a glance over at Evalynne’s gorgeous face, his mind went from scattered thoughts to set plans. He hushed the crowded boys and said confidently, “I’m ready to do this.”

With that, he pushed through the pack of anxious boys and walked bravely over to where Evalynne stood with her back towards him. She was trying to sort out what to do when she felt a gentle tap on her left shoulder. She swore for a slight second that her heart stopped beating but, that question was soon erased from her mind. When she turned around, she faced Aaron’s spectacular big brown eyes. He had this sort of glint deep down in his iris and it made her stomach do a turning motion.

Both kids stood there silently for a couple moments and imaginary music drifted into the air of where they breathed. Evalynne felt herself lost in trance and falling faster into Aaron’s glowing eyes. Aaron was fighting the urge to pick Evalynne up and fly her to the fluffy clouds so they could just lay there together, hand in hand. The kids crowded around them closer and closer every second the two stood there. Finally. Aaron broke the silence that was threatened to burst at any moment. He whispered softly to her, “Evalynne. . .”.

In that very moment, fireworks shot into the sky and splattered iridescent sparks into the universe. Evalynne and Aaron were lip to lip and heart entangled to heart. Their world’s flipped in a complete somersault with joy bustling through every little crack. They could here birds tweet a love song just for this magical moment. They could feel their hearts connect as one with such sweet movement. Very audible was the girls and boys of fifth grade screech and holler compliments. But even the screeching and hollering was as loud as the love shouting between Evalynne and Aaron.

The next day, Aaron was told by his parents that they were getting a divorce and that he was moving with his mother to Oregon. It was more heart wrenching then anything Aaron’s ever been through. He was only going to have a week to spend with Evalynne then, he’d leave her and it’d be the biggest mistake in his life. They made every second last and spent all the time they could. They vowed to each other that they would always remember each other and never feel the same about anyone the way they felt about each other. Then, after that week, Aaron was left to Oregon and Evalynne cried for a month until she realized that it just wasn’t going to bring him back.

It was until Sophomore year at Ever Creek High School when Aaron and Evalynne got an unexpected surprise.

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