April 22, 2012
By Anonymous

 Her bright green eyes caught his attention the most. They were nothing like he'd ever seen, her long lashed seemed to weigh down her eyelids as she sat on the steps of her home reading a book. 
"Dad!" the little prince exclaimed. "I want her!" 
"Her?" the king raised an eyebrow. "the little redhead? For what? Drink? She IS human."
"No not to drink dad, to keep. Can I keep her? Please father?" he asked excitedly.
The king sighed and put a hand on the prince's back, "Alright."
When they both reached her, she looked up at them frightened. "Yes?" she asked quietly.
Her mother came out and took a deep breath, "Your highness," she bowed and motioned for her daughter to do the same but she only ignored them and returned to her book. 
"I want her," the prince said gleefully.
The mothers eyes widened, "What?"
The prince offered his hand to the little girl, "Come on, you'll like the castle it's huge!"
The little girl only stared at his hand and then back to her horrified mother. "Sir, I- I- I can't give her away," her mom stuttered. "I-"
"Delos why don't you show her," he nodded to the little girl, "The castle. Don't show your mother until I'm there!" 
Delos grinned and eagerly took the girls hand and pulled her in the direction of their kingdom. He was stronger than a boy their age. The rumors were true. 
Vampires really were stronger.
The little girl looked back to her scared mom, the king was talking to her in a menacing way. 
"Mom!!" the little girl screamed. 
Oblivious to what was happening, Delos pulled her along and said, "She'll be fine."
It wasn't her mom who needed help, it was HER.
She was being kidnapped by a boy not three years older than her. 
                     ~ ~ ~ 
She never talked much. She usually ignored him so when she smiled when he bought her a book, he smiled back. 
"I thought you'd like it," he told her. "Can I know your name now? You never want to tell me it."
She looked away and handed him back the book. 
"Keep it," he frowned. "I guess I don't have to know your name."
"your names Alice?" 
She only nodded. 
"Its almost as pretty as you," he smiled.
She didnt seem to hear him, she wasn't too fond of being taken away from her home, even if it was by a sweet prince.
She wanted to scream out to him but she decided it was better to stay quiet until she found a way out, but that was a difficult task, since the prince seemed to be glued to her side. 
"Can I try something?" the prince asked gently. 
Alice only looked at him with a blank expression. 
He took that as a yes, he leaned in and pressed his lips against her soft pink ones. 
Alice pushed him off her and wiped her mouth with the sleeve of the sweater they'd given her. She scowled at him and stood up to walk away.
                     ~   ~   ~
When his mother died, she cried along with him. 
She was the only one, other than the prince of course, who treated her with care and tried protecting her. 
His mother always tried to make her more comfortable and save her from Delos's adoration.
"Delos, dear, Alice doesn't want to play, let her read," she'd tell the prince until he'd sit next to Alice and read along with her. 
"Sweetheart," she'd sigh, "Give Alice her own room, it must be uncomfortable for her to sleep in the same bed as you." 
"Alice, Hun, go ahead and tell Delos you can walk on your OWN and don't need him to hold your hand all the time," she teased. 
Delos curled up next to Alice and hugged her tightly when they found out the queen died.
Alice felt the lump in her throat grow bigger but refused to cry.
Finally tears spilled out her eyes and her chest made wheezing sounds.
"Don't cry Alice," Delos whispered.
"You're crying too," she accused, then bit her tongue.
That had to be the longest phrase shed ever spoken since she arrived at the castle. 
"Alice," he breathed out. 
She closed her eyes tightly and tried to sleep.
"Please don't... Please talk to me..."
Alice ignored his pleas and the tears continued to fall down her cheeks. 
                    ~   ~    ~
The marriage wasn't her choice.
After Delos parents died, he had to marry to be king.
He chose Alice as his bride.
"We're to be wed next week," he said as he slipped the ring in her slim finger.  "This was my mothers."
She wanted to pull the ring out and throw it in his face, to wait for the ring to fall on the ground and stomp on it! 
But she couldn't do that to something that belonged to his mother.
Not someone as sweet as her. 
He took her hands in his and whispered, "Don't argue."
After he realized the world wasn't as sweet, and his family died, he'd turn colder. 
Alice only stared at him until he kissed her cheek. "I love you...I won't let you get away from me, not even death will dare take you away."

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