April 21, 2012
By hazardous SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

How it started......

I sat in the passenger seat of Jeydon's car, waiting for the car to come to a complete stop. "Thanks for giving me a ride home." I said hopping out of the car, avoiding any response from him. My heart pounded nervously, as I entered my walked up the driveway to my house. What the h*ll am I getting myself into? I thought. I opened up the front door quietly trying not to wake up my parents. I crept up the stairs and shut door to my room. I changed out of my alcohol reeking clothes and fell on my bed. I felt so embarrassed having to ask Jeydon for a ride home because all of my crappy friends were drooling over guys. I don't care about guys, or so I thought. All it took to start to like one stupid guy was a booze tasting kiss. A kiss that was simple, but had electricity that made you want more; and trust me I did want more, but i couldn't risk falling for him. I couldn't risk falling for anyone... My phone started to ring, so I picked it up and answered it. "Where the f*** are you?!" Victoria said screaming into the phone. "I'm sorry where am I? I left because you and the others were drooling a bunch of guys, while I got knocked onto the
ground and got kissed for Christ sakes!! I had to ask him for a f***ing ride home all because you wanted to get laid. You honestly think I wanted to stick around for that s***?" I sighed deeply, feeling better for letting everything out. "Wait, you met a guy?! Oh. My. God! Tell me everything!!!!" She was practically screaming into the phone! This is exactly what I didn't want to happen!

"His name is Jeydon. I think he's because I've never seen him before. I was

standing there when I got knocked over. I waited for his apology, but instead

he kissed me, and I let him..." She screamed, louder this time, causing me

to take the phone away from my ear. A beeping came from my phone letting me

know that I had another call coming in. "Hey, V, I got to go. There's

another call. I'll talk to you later." I went to the other line before I

could listen to hear her pleading me to stay. "Hello?" I said into

the phone. "Uh, hey Kelsey, this is Jeydon..." My heart stopped, butterflies

coming to my stomach. It is so not normal to feel this way. "Hi um.

Calling to finally apologize?" I said jokingly. He laughed, "No

actually, I wanted to ask you something. Would you do something with me

tomorrow?" This guy thinks that I'll just agree just like that! Well I'm

not that kind of girl. "Only if you apologize first! Or I'm not going

anywhere with you." I heard faint laugh, like he was laughing at me.

"Okay, while you laugh your *ss of, I'm going to hang up!" I was

about to hit the end button, when he stopped me. "Wait! That wasn't me it

was a friend. I'm sorry for making you fall on the ground and hurting your

beautiful head." He was trying to flatter me, trying to make me fall for

him, well I'm not that easy. " Pick me up at one, don't be late." I hung up the phone and went

to sleep, after all I will need my beauty rest. I fell asleep smiling that

night, because I finally got my apology.

I opened the door to Jeydon's car sliding into the passenger seat. He had a big

grin on his face, just like the one from last night, just before he kissed

me. He pulled out of the driveway and

went onto the freeway. "So, where are you taking on this fine day?" I

asked him. His grin turned into a mischievous look. "It's a

surprise..." I hate surprises. You might not like what it is, and surprises

are supposed to be good. We sat in silence for a little bit until he said,

"What's your favorite color?" I looked at him puzzled. That was kind

of random. "Purple, black, red, blue, green. Every color except pink and

yellow. Those are the most horrid colors ever invented!" this made him

laugh. I didn't think it was funny at all. I guess he wanted to know things

about me. Most guys don't ask me questions about myself, all they want to do is

kiss, and maybe get a little bit farther. I guess he was different. A good

different. "Do you like roller coasters? " he asked as he got off the

freeway. I nodded. "Are you new? I haven't seen you around school

before." He smiled. "Yes I am. So far it's you've been the best thing

that's ever happened to me. So... You like roller coasters huh? What about

Belmont park? Ever been there? I heard it's the best." I smiled actually

enjoying this conversation. "I love their Roller Coaster!!! There's this

tunnel you go through, and I love to scream at the top of my lungs!" He

pulled into a familiar parking lot, "Well that's good, because that's

where we are." I already knew this was going to be a day I'll never


We got our tickets and ran to the front of the line for the Big Dipper. We handed

the guy working there our tickets and headed for the very front car. He was

willing to be in the very front, which is quite odd because no one would ever

go to the front with me. We put the bar over our laps, and waited for everyone

else in line to get on. "If you get scared, don't hesitate to hold onto

me." he said just before the ride begun. The car started to move and we

were headed for the tunnel. Just before we got out, I screamed at the top of my

lungs, making Jeydon flinch. We started to go to the top of the drop and my

heart pounded fast against my chest. I grabbed onto him, not because I was

scared. I held onto him because I was terrified. I was terrified or falling for

him, and that's the last thing I wanted to happen. The Roller Coaster ended and

I ran for the exit. I went into the nearest thing and it was the mirror maze. I

made my way around the mirrors almost smacking into one. "Kelsey? Where

are you?" Jeydon yelled after me. I stopped, seeing his reflection all

around me. I ran to the one that looked more like a mirror, but ended up

running into the real one. I smacked hard into the ground causing me to groan in pain. My head pounded with pain, rubbing the same bump from last night.

"Great you just made me head even worse."

He held out a hand and déjà vu swarmed around me. I took his hand and pulled

myself up from the filthy ground. "Why did you run away? I thought you

were having a good time?" he looked puzzled. I was having a good time, but underneath it all I was screaming.

"I'm terrified. That's why..." I went back the way I came and went to

the beach wall, sitting on it waiting for Jeydon to join me. I looked out to

the horizon watching the sun setting. "What are you afraid of?" he

asked sitting down next to me.


I thought. "Falling for you." I said while taking off my shoes

and jumping into the soft, warm sand. I walked over to the shore letting the

cold water wash over my bare feet. "What if I said that I was willing to

catch you, or never break your heart? That I would never do anything to hurt

you..." I looked into his serious grayish green eyes. "How do I know

you're not lying?" I asked him. He stepped closer to me, almost kissing

distance. "You won't, you'll just have to trust me." I stared into his

eyes, finally giving in to him. He leaned his head down just a little, just

enough to make my heart melt away into the most perfect kiss. The kiss was better than last nights, more intense and more romantic. I held onto him tightly never wanting to let him go.

Little did I know that all he said was a lie. He lied straight to my face, when

I trusted him. He did catch me, but dropped me and let me fall onto the

cold ground, breaking my heart into a million little pieces.

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