They Time Regina Met Sky

April 16, 2012
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Once upon a time, there was a young teenage goth girl who had no friends. Her name was Regina. She was abandoned as a young child by her parents and nobody really seemed to care about her so she lived alone in a old abandoned shack. Her only companion was a cotton rabbit, with a single button eye, loosely sewed. She went to school every day in the same black skirt and black shirt. The teachers always stared, for she carried the cotton rabbit at her side: a constant companion.

One day a new boy moved into town. His name was Sky. Regina had an instant attraction to this new boy. He had short black hair which matched his outfit well. For he wore all black. Regina felt a sense of camaraderie, stemming from their matching style of dress. One day she stumbled across him, while he sat alone on a rusted park bench. School had let out an hour ago, and she had begun her trudge home.

With careful slow footsteps she approached him, and with a weary voice she said “hi”. The boy looked up and his hair flopped back onto his temples. He did not respond. There the two of them stood, swathed all in black. Regina’s cotton rabbit dangled at her side. After a moment, the boy glanced at the cotton companion.

“Why do you always carry that around?” he asked in a hollow sort of voice. Regina sighed, it was a question she was tired of answering. The boy was clearly not as kindred a spirit as she had assumed. He was just like everyone else. She turned haughtily, and began to walk away. “Wait,” the boy called out. Regina heard a ripping noise, and she turned. He was holding a button that he had torn off his coat.

“Here” the boy said, holding it out, “For his other eye”. Regina silently reached out and seized the button, her fingers grazed his hand. Their eyes met for a brief moment, and then she turned and strode away once again.

That evening as she lay awake on the few ripped up rags that she called her bed, she wondered if she would ever get to talk to the strange new boy again. He was the first person that had ever done anything nice to her since she started going to Kinggred High School. She fell asleep that night with visions of his deep blue eyes on her mind.

The next day, she awoke to a slight knock at the door. She had never had a visitor so she was a little nervous to answer it. She crept to the door with slow careful movements as to not make much noise. When she got close enough to touch it the knock came again.

When she found her voice she managed to get out “Who is it?” in a voice a little over her regular low speaking voice.
“It’s Sky, the new boy from school” came the sweet voice that made her heart skip a beat. She had never had that happen
“What do you want?” she said surprised
“I thought I would come and ask if you wanted me to walk you to school” he said a little weary.
She thought about that nobody had ever wanted her. “Why would you want to do that? Nobody wants me. I am just me, I have no one.” She said as she slowly opened the door to be face to face with those deep blue eyes.
“I thought you could use a friend” he said as he glanced down at the ground. and then peeked up at her through the spaces in his deep black hair.
“But why?” she had gone so long without anyone she did not understand why someone would want to be her friend now.
“Cause I have no one to, and I thought we could be friends because we both have no one to love us. You never answered my question of if I can walk you to school?”
“Yes, I suppose you can”

And so they alit out of the door, and began the walk to school. The gravel crunched under their feet, as they trudged along. The silence was heavy in the air. A jay’s trill caused them to take pause, but they soon resumed their dutiful pace. Soon they were at the iron gates of the school. Sky gave Regina a quick nod and hurried away to class. She looked after him, then strode to her own.

Regina paid little mind to her teachers’ droning. They were nothing but gnats buzzing around her ear. Her mind wandered to Sky, the button he had given her, and how he had appeared at her door. Then she wondered how he had found her house. Her math teacher’s voice cut through her ponderings.

“Ms. Evans, would you like to take a look at the problem on the board?” Regina glanced up at the blackboard. It was a geometry problem, full of angles and lines. She shook her head, and with a sigh, her math teacher resumed his lesson.

The rest of the day went by in the same manner with Regina sitting in class thinking about Sky. When the final bell rang she stood up slowly from her seat and walked out of her classroom. She had no more then stepped out of the school doors when she spotted Sky at the edge of the school yard waiting for her.

She tentatively waved hello, and he nodded at her again, his bangs flopping forward. They joined together in stride, and exited the gates. Regina was the first to break the silence.

“So... how was your day?” she asked tentatively.

“Fine,” Sky said “Yours?”

“Boring,” Regina responded. Sky nodded again and they lapsed into silence. They continued to walk, until suddenly Sky veered off the path into the nearby woods. Regina looked hesitantly at him, but he gestured forcibly. “Come on” he said “I want to show you something.”
Regina followed her him hesitantly, they walked with a lot of twist and turns on their route.

“Are we lost, do you even know where we are?” Regina asked with a slight nervousness in her voice.
“Not to worry we are almost there” Sky replied
They walked forward another good five minutes when Sky stopped and said “We are here” and he looked up and pointed.
When Regina looked up in the direction he was pointing and saw an old tree house that she guess had been abandoned.
“This is cool but why did you bring me here?”
“Lets go up and sit and I will tell you”
They climbed up the later and sat down.
Sky began to speak slowly “This used to be my tree house many years ago. When I was a little boy. I think I was like five I was hiding up here when I looked just beyond those trees” He pointed out the window at a distant tree line. “and watched my house burn down with my parents in it. That is how I knew this tree house was here.”
Regina spoke softly “I’m sorry, I did not know.”

Sky bowed his head “That’s alright, I wouldn’t expect you to. I’m sorry to have to tell you that, but I felt that I needed to share that with you, if we’re going to be friends.”

“So we’re friends?” Regina asked.

“I guess so,” said Sky “As long as you want to be.”

“Ya, I think I do” Regina responded. “So do you live all alone too?”

“No, I live with grandmother” Sky said. “We have a little house, not from yours.”

“Then why have I not seen you before?” she inquired. Sky hesitated.

“I was... out of town for a while” he explained. No more was said on the subject. They sat in the tree house for a while longer, then climbed down. Sky took Regina back to her house, and they parted ways. Regina struggled through her homework, then she read a little from a battered copy of The Shining. Closing it on the twins in the hallway, she pulled her button eyed rabbit closer and fell asleep.

Her dreams were tortured with images of burning houses ,young boys in treehouses, and Jack Nicholson. And she tossed and turned in her battered cot. She awoke early, and read more of The Shining.

At the same time as the day before there was a soft knock on her door. She thought to herself on why he came to visit seeing how it was a Saturday as she walked to the door and opened it to see his beautiful face looking at her.

“Good Morning, I hoped you would be up.” He said

“Yes, I awoke earlier from a nightmare” she said glancing down to her feet and then back up to him.

“It was about what I told you yesterday wasn’t it?” he paused as she nodded “I am so sorry. I did not mean to frighten you or give you nightmares” he said apologetically

“That is quite alright It was nice of you to tell me something so personal about you. It makes me feel special that you trust me enough to tell me that.” she said

“Of course I trust you. Hey I thought we could go up to the tree house again today and hang out. I like spending time up there but I don’t want to go alone and I thought maybe you would like to go with me.” Sky said as he changed the subject.

“Sure that sounds like fun. I brought some food so we could have a picnic up there.” He said as he reached for a medium sized backpack on the ground next to him.

Regina smiled she felt special that someone wanted to spend some time with her and wanted to be her friend. She had gone so long without the companionship of a real person. “That sounds nice, I would like that very much.”

Sky smiled back, They began their walk to their destination of the tree house. They exchanged few words on their walk.

When they reached their destination they climbed up. Sky pulled out a small blanket and laid it on the floor “I thought it would be nicer than sitting on the hardwood surface.” He said as he smiled towards her.
She smiled back at him, she felt wanted for the first time in a long time. “Thank you for allowing me to come with you and hang out with you. I have missed the company of people”
“Your welcome, that is what I am here for after all, I am your friend.” He paused as if thinking about the idea of their friendship and then added “by the way you should smile more often it looks good on you.”
She smiled and then sat down on the blanket. Sky sat down also.

Sky pulled out sandwiches wrapped in plastic wrap, chips and and two bottles of soda. “I hope you like peanut butter and Jelly it is my favorite.”

Regina smiled “Mine too.” They chewed comfortably on sandwiches for a time. Chasing them down with chips and soda, the salt of the chips and sweet fizz of the soda combined into a delicious taste. After they had eaten, Regina stretched out across the blanket. She yawned broadly and shut her eyes. Her eyelids fluttered, and she noticed Sky staring at her intensely.

“What is it?” she asked him. Sky looked down, his cheeks flushed. He was clearly embarrassed at being caught gazing.

“I was just thinking, you’re really pretty” he said in a humiliated tone. Now it was Regina’s turn to blush. She was unused to the gazes of adolescent boys in such a way. Usually they were far more pointed and judgemental.

“Thanks,” she mumbled after an awkward stretch of silence.

“Sure” Sky said, clearly as unsure as she was of how to proceed.

Regina was the one to finally break the silence: “Here”, she said, patting the blanket beside her. Sky sunk into lying down, and so they were sprawled together across the blanket. Their arms just brushed against each other, and their rhythmic breathing slowed, until both were asleep on top of the tree house.

Sky awoke first, noticed the sky was darkening, and lightly shook Regina. She snapped awake, and rose from her slumber. Together they folded up the blanket, and packed away the trash. Regina tossed the bundle down to Sky, and followed him down the ladder. They parted ways, and trooped home. Again Regina went to sleep, her mind buzzing around the strange new character in her life.

She dreamed of Sky, his black hair was tied back from his face, and he held a single white rose. He wore a jet black tuxedo with a dapper cravatte. Regina admired the still dream Sky. Suddenly, his rose transformed into an axe, and an evil grin spread across his face. Regina stumbled back, as he bore down upon her with the axe raised. She awoke with a start.

The sun was just beginning to rise in the sky. She yawned her mind wandering back to the frightening dream she just awoke from. She wondered if it had a meaning. She convinced herself that it was just a dream and fell back to sleep until she awoke again but by the knock on her door this time.

Instead of going to open it she simply yelled “Come in”

The door opened slowly and in stepped Sky “good morning beautiful!”

Slightly surprised at the name she responded “Beautiful? no one has ever called me that before”

Surprised Sky did not know quite how to respond he slowly walked over to where she stood and brushed the few pieces of hair that had fallen. out of her eyes, and then continued to gaze into them curiously he finally said “I wouldn’t know why, you are the most beautiful girl I know.”

Blushing and slightly shocked at their closeness she replied with a weak “Thanks” and then added “So what are we going to do today?”

“Actually I have no idea.” he said taking a careful step back and glancing down at his feet. “I just knew I wanted to spend it with you” he smiled and glanced up at her and then back to his feet, embarrassed not really believing that he had just admitted that to her.

Curious got the best of her and she asked “Why do you keep looking down at your feet?”

“Cause I can’t believe that I keep saying and doing the stuff I am with you.” he said blushing he didn’t know she had caught on to his embarrassment.

“You know what? We should go to my favorite spot.” she said

“Where is it?” he asked

“Come on” she said grabbing his hand and pulling him out and around the backside of the house. When they got out back they started down a short path and ended up at a large flat rock that overlooked a pond. They stopped in the middle of the rock and Regina sat down and patted the spot beside her. He sat down.

The sun shined down on to the pond making it glisten with pretty colors. “It is beautiful.” Sky remarked. “Just like you”

Regina smiled at him.”Thanks and Yeah it is beautiful I usually come down here when it’s nice. I am usually here alone and it is very peaceful.” she said as she put her head down on his shoulder. “But it is really nice to be here with you”

Sky smiled at this slight gesture. He thought for a second and then placed his arm around her shoulder. She snuggled up closer leaning against him more, and closed his eyes. Taking in his sweet smell, of old spice.

Eventually they grew bored of sitting. A frog croaked, and Regina and Sky took off in pursuit. They chased his proclamations, until they were nearly on top of him. Then, the elusive amphibian hopped into the water. The plop of water was amusing, and both Regina and Sky began to laugh. They gazed at each other, the mirth still on their lips, then they plunged forward into a quick kiss. Both withdrew, and stared at the earth, cheeks flushed.

The event proved too cataclysmic to be forgotten, and chasing frogs had lost its excitement. They walked back along the path, hands clasped with each other. The sunlight danced across their dark attire, and faces, in soft expressions of calm. The afternoon was drawing to a hazy close as they arrived back at Regina’s house.

“Although this has been a very fun afternoon, I am very disappointed to say that I must be getting home.” Sky said wrapping her in a hug.

“Aww, okay. Will you come to get me and walk me to school in the morning?” she said smiling as she hugged him back.

“Of course my dear.” he said as she looked up at him. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the nose and then her lips. She giggled. “I will see you tomorrow then”

She watched him leave. As she stepped inside the door and looked to her bed she realized that she had left her cotton bunny home all day. The first time she had done that in years. Regina looked at the bunny’s mismatched button eyes, and thought of Sky. He was an enigma in her dark timeline. She found it hard to believe how much of an effect he had on her.

It had not been a week since they had met each other. Yet, they already were so comfortable together. Regina cleared her head with a shake and returned to The Shining. She read a few pages, but found herself too tired to continue. Folding the corner of her page, she gently set the book down on her nightstand. A tug on the lamp string severed the remaining light in the house, and she lay down upon her pillow. Immediately, Regina fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

As promised Sky showed up at 7:30 to walk her to school. But it wasn’t with the happy cheerful grin that she had hoped to see when she opened the door for him. Instead her had a sorrowful look on his face. She could not bring herself to ask him what was wrong. Whatever it was she trusted he would tell her in his own time. She hoped that he trusted her enough to tell her whatever was wrong when he was ready to. So instead of giving in to the voice inside her head that told her to ask him about it, she wrapped him in her arms.


Sky hugged back without a second thought. He had never had been this lucky to have a girl so wonderful come into his life like this. He never wanted to let her go. But his past held a secret that he knew he should tell her but could not bring himself to tell. He did not want to frighten her or even worse possibly endanger her life with the things that he hid from her.

He cared about her and he knew that in order for things to work out in a positive direction for them that he needed to tell her the rest of the story about his parents and the reason that he had witnessed them die in that awful fire that day and why he had been gone for so long.

The walk to school was a silent other than the crunching of the gravel under their feet. Their hands swung collapsed together between them. They hugged quickly when they reached the school and departed off to their separate classes.

Sky waited for Regina in the front yard of the school after school that day. He had decided that he would take her to the tree house directly after school and tell her the rest of the story he felt that she had the right to know what was going on.


Regina tried to pay attention to her school work during school but her thoughts kept on wandering to Sky and what could be possibly bothering him.

Regina walked out of school smiling; school was out and now she would have time to hang out with Sky. She could work on her homework later. She met up with sky in the front yard of the school. He looked a little better then her had that morning but she could still tell something was wrong. Yet again though fought back the urge to ask and simply asked him what he wanted to do.

“Lets go up to the tree house and hang out for a little bit” he replied

They walked hand in hand to the tree house and climbed up without a word. When Regina reached the top she found Sky sitting staring out the window in the direction of where he had said his house used to sit.

She could tell something was bothering him now more then ever had she could not fight the urge to find out what it was any longer. She went and sat down beside him and asked the question that she had been thinking about all day. She wrapped her arms around him. “Sky what’s wrong? I can tell something is wrong but I have not been able to figure out what it could possibly be.”
Sky looked down at her. He could tell that him being upset was upsetting her. This was probably the best time to come clean about it. He began by asking if she remembered the conversation that had had a couple days ago about his parents.

“Of course I do how can I not? I had nightmares that night.”

“Yea, I am sorry. But there is more to that story then I told you but I was unsure if I should tell you the rest.”

“Sky, you can tell me anything. You can trust me.” she said

“The reasons for which I did not tell you have nothing to do with whether I trust you or not. It is more than that and I feel you have the right to know.”

“Okay, what is it?” she asked

“My parent’s death I later learned was not an accident. I had thought it was but it turns out it was done on purpose. My parents were murdered.” He glanced down at the ground.

“What do you mean murdered? and Why?” she asked softly with a moment of hesitation.

“My parents had moved here from a foreign country before I was born. From where exactly I don’t know. They had been buying and selling illegal drugs for money some time before I was born. They had not been planning to have me When they heard that my mother had become pregnant for me they moved here. The decided to come to this town cause it was close to my grandmother. They were also hoping that if they moved here they would be able to raise me with a better life then with the life I would have had to grow up in if they had stayed. What they had not realized is that in doing so they were putting themselves in great danger. Some of their clients thought that by them moving here it was going to put them in danger and they could not take the chance in someone finding out about their criminal acts. So they had them sought out and killed. They planned it to look like an accident but my grandma knows everything. She told me a year ago about all this because she has recently heard that my parents killers have learned that I am alive and are now afraid that I am going to figure out my parents history and the real reason behind their death. There afraid that if I learn those things that I am going to want to justify it and want to get revenge by telling someone therefore stopping them.” Sky finished

“So what does that mean?” she asked with a very worried expression on her face

Sky stood up and walked away leaving her side. “They are now trying to hunt me down.” He stared off into space, trying to find the right words. “I came back here because my grandmother thought it would be the best place for me to hide. They already searched the area and they found no trace of me. So they moved on trying to figure out where I could of gone. They know nothing about me though. They don’t know my name or where I was born. My last name isn’t even the same anymore. So they have had a pretty hard time trying to find out where I am at. They are just going on word of mouth.”

“What about your grandmother? Don’t they know about her?” she asked tentatively

“No, they have made no connection between her and my parents. Seeing how she has lived there her whole life. Her last name is also different she has my mom's maiden name. The killers only know my mom’s last name as of the time after she was married to my dad and when she had changed it to my dad’s last name.” he answered

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Something I wrote for fun.

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