The Golden Day

April 13, 2012
It was late in after school when I was getting out of tutoring. I notice the sun, a bright orange bowl, setting behind the mountains ready to continue its momentous cycle. The sky is a golden shade of hope that is never seen during school hours. I walk outside, sun caressing my face, and begin my journey home. I look at the rooms under this golden brilliance and they seem like rooms of unfamiliar fashion. The world looks new to me again. Not a single soul is around me to ponder with about this inexplicable elegance. I continue walking and turn the corner into an open hallway with the sun at my back. I look ahead to see the only person I am in love with, only she doesn’t know it. This is a girl I have met six years earlier. At that time, I did not realize that I was madly in love with the most beautiful girl ever. I look at her alluring green eyes and they make my heart skip a beat. While we are walking towards each other, my knees feel wobbly and I sweat hoping the entire time that she never notices. I get a step closer to examine her flowing hair. Dirty blonde hair, that seems blonde under the golden sun, parted at the left. Her face is full of glee every time I see her. A smile so white it lights up my world. Her face molded by beauty itself. She seems out of reach to talk to and at the same time she seems that she is almost right next to me. I say, “Hey,” and quickly find a stupid question to ask her, “Did we have any chemistry homework?” “Hey, no we just have to study for the test tomorrow.” She says in her voice that could tame any beast. “Ok, thanks.” I say with a smile. Then, we pass each other and walk a couple of steps before I scream out her name and tell her that I have something important I want to talk about. She eagerly waits for those three special that we both know I will say “I love you.” In that moment we hug, and walk over to the wall adjacent to us. We grab each other’s hands and smile. I lean in at the same time she leans in and we kiss. At that moment, I didn’t care about anything except being with her for the rest of my life. Suddenly, I hear a ringing in my ear and I wake up from a slumber I never wanted to arise from. I sit up; turn off my alarm and think of how beautiful she is.

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