Caramel, and The Other Not So Sweet Things to Love

April 13, 2012
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He just can't stand it. David never ate any single sweet piece, among of most delicious desserts in the world, without getting vomit or something after then. He hates it. For him, it's like a poison, wrapped in oh-sooo-cute variety of shape and ingredients. Never mind to mention creme-brulee or banana split, because to him it's like sort of choice between kalium sianida or arsenic.
That, so much explain the sarcastic expression in his face, just now, when I bring him a handmade cake by myself in a tiny cute box. No boyfriend should give that kinda look to his caring girlfriend who cooks for them, but hearing the story above, let just make an exception.
This is our special day, by the way. Exactly this day, a year ago, Dave asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes, of course, because I love him so bad ever since. He was looking so stunning the first day I saw him, at a football match. He just looked flawless under the shine of the sun above, so bright, so shiny. And his eyes... that is exactly the one made me fall into. It's just... smiling--smiling everytime he smiles. Like his eyes can speak too. Like the one who can takes off all the wall I've built before.
'What the heck is... that thing?'
'A cake, of course.'
'What for?'
'Our first anniversary!'
'If you really want to spend it watching me vomit or something, well, maybe I'll understand.'
Dave rolls his eyes and puts back the box in my hand. We're sitting there, in the trunk of his Pajero, and just looking at the scenery this hills we found together have. It's like, our secret place.
'Our first fight is taking this place too, remember?'
Dave gives me that strange look, 'You remember such thing?'
'I remember everything,' I smile.
'Well, it was late at night and we didn't speak a thing all day. We was just sitting here and no one started the conversation.'
'You're mad at me. Because of Lucas.'
'Sigh, yeah, you don't have to mention his name, though.'
'Sorry,' I laughed. I give Dave more serious look then, 'I'm really sorry, okay?'
'Nah, it's just a past. I've been a very hard and annoying jealous man too all this time, and I surprised you can put up with me... so thanks. And I'm sorry too.'
'With those smiling eyes? Come on, I really can't left you even if I want.'
Dave laughed. 'Well, it makes me remember about those sun things.'
'You're always laughing at it. It's serious, okay? You're the most stunning human being ever looked that enchanting under the sunshine.'
'I just played football, actually,' he laughed again.
'Ah... football. Remember Coach Adam? He still hate me?'
'No, no, no. First thing first, he never hates you. He's mad at me back then because I lost my concentration for the upcoming tournament even if I'm the captain of the team. It has nothing to do with you.'
'It has. You know it has. You're too busy spending time with me.'
'Er... maybe it's one of the reason, but it's not the point. What matters is, I can't organize my time well, and you actually helped me a lot about it. You know... being my walking to-do lists.'
'Do you think I'm sort of your manager or secretary or something?'
'Hahaha... no, of course. You're my girl.'
It's a really sweet thing, hearing that from Dave. Simply 'you're my girl' that can made my day.
'And you have your personal manager already, I think. Eula, remember?'
'Oh, don't bring that up. I'm sorry... I'm really sorry.'
'It's our biggest fight so far, eh?'
'I swear it won't happen again. I just... I never thought she is that kind of girl.'
'Yeah, you're mad because you think I was abusing this junior and being mean to her. What I really do is protecting my boyfriend.'
'Duh, she's the new manager of the team and I'm the captain, so I thought she's just being nice to me.'
'But I must admit she's really good one. She managed to make you drive her home, teach her algebra, and even deliver her books that left at school.'
'It's... okay, it's my fault, but technically her home is in the same street with me, so I thought why not? Beside, if I didn't deliver those books to her, I won't found her chatting with her girls talking about, um, succeeding made me getting mad at you and falling into her slowly.'
'You're really mad back then when I being cynical to her, remember, Dave?'
'Yes, I remember. And I'm soooo sorry. How can I did that to you? I really can't lost you.'
I laughed, 'That's why you hate Lucas so much?'
'Oh, not Lucas again!'
'He's really a good friend of mine, Dave, and actually, he's trying to get Stephanie's heart recently. Maybe sometimes we can do double date. It would be fun.'
'Oh, really? I don't know... but maybe sometimes I just felt insecure whenever you're too close to him. Like... he can made you happier than me...'
'No way. How can you think like that?'
'Er... many things, actually. But one of them is... you know, your cooking hobby. I really can't stand those sweet things even if you're the one who made it, I'm sorry. And it always ends up eaten by Lucas, and I'm... jealous. I want your cook too.'
I smiled. I don't know why, but David heard so... innocent, so sweet, so honest that I really love it.
'I love you no matter what, Dave. Never think like that again, okay?'
'I love you too, babe, but don't you think you need to explain that 'thing' now that I conclude you have no plan spending this day watch me vomiting?'
I laughed. Now Dave heard so funny.
I take the box again and open it. 'This is my masterpiece. Okay, Lucas helped me a little with the idea, but it didn't count.'
'It's a poison. You and Lucas planned to kill me so you two can be together, huh?'
I laughed out loud.
'It's caramel , Dave.'
'There is a different between caramel and the other sweet seasonings. Caramel has this little salty taste if you tried it. It's not so sweet.'
David seems surprised.
'And if you think about it, isn't it just like us? Just like our relationship that's been going all this time?
In the pass year to be exact, we've been struggling a lot of things together. The good things--all the sweetest moments you've made for me, and of course the bad things--a little salty and bitter times for us. But together, the two of it become so precious. It made us who we are today. And what important is, we're still together and we can going through every salty parts. Today, I never love you this much before, and it keeps going to be bigger and bigger each day.'
There a pause. I wonder if I said something wrong.
But I guess I'm not. Dave actually take the box and scoop the cake. One scoop, two scoop, until it's perfectly clean.
Then his face seemed to turn green or something. But he managed to says, 'it was the most delicious sweet thing I ever tasted in my life.'
I laughed so hard, 'You pushed it too far, Dave!'
'Ah... I got a little nausea, but, eh, I'm vomiting or something,' he smiled. The eye-smiled. 'You're right. It's not so sweet. I can taste the salty things on it.'
'Do you like it?'
'Nah, for once a year, I think it'll be alright.'
'But at least left me some of it! I haven't tried to eat it for myself.'
Then he kissed me.
He has kissed me already before, but this time, it feels different. So... lovely.
'Now you can taste the sweet caramel, right?' he smiled.
'Maybe I'll be a troublesome again this year, and I don't know how much salty things I'll add to our caramel, but please don't get tired of me. This relationship maybe doesn't have the sweetest moments, but I love you more than anyone else could.'
This is the David I can't ever lost in my life. I really can't lost him. His smiling-eyes. His jealousy. His funny attitude. His pride in the football field. His kindess. His romantic side. His insensitivity. His carefree attitude. Everything abut him.
'You know, Dave? Our caramel maybe not the sweetest nor the saltiest, but I love it so bad. I love our caramel and those not so sweet things in me and you. I just love us.'
And we kissed again.

The author's comments:
I love our caramel and those not so sweet things in me and you. I just love us.

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