the two lovers

April 12, 2012
By nerdlover17 PLATINUM, Kendallivlle, Indiana
nerdlover17 PLATINUM, Kendallivlle, Indiana
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Our story starts off in a small town. You know the types planes fly by because the town is so small. It is hard to imagine so many stories can be told of so few people. 12,000 people, 12,000 stories, yet we are looking at two lives. In the heart of this town there is two lives that collide and create a reaction, a reaction so big that it can hardly be obtained by words. People in the plane flying above cannot know the stories behind the façade of the town. Beside the brick buildings and the houses there is 1000s of people.
Narrowing in we see a couple. Now this couple isn’t like any couple. They are what you call outcasts, two people fighting against the world. One is a man, a man just barely a man. He has brown hair and soft sweet brown eyes that radiate love. He’s short and a small person, but that boy has a big heart. Now this boy has a bit of fuzz under his chin. Sometimes he has little stubbles of hair across his face. If he shaves, which is only sometimes, then he looks clean cut. However he is never normal. He is what you call a nerd, but he is the perfect fit for the girl.
The girl sitting next to him is a red head, but not like a fire, it is cooler and deeper. It is as deep as the look of love in her eyes as she looks at her lover. She has a sweet face that masks the scars that she felt so long ago. They were gone, just like the bruises, but the pain lives on. Memories won’t leave her alone. It is hard to imagine how much pain a little body like hers can face. She has the sweetest brown eyes and a body that some say is sexy. She is curvy yet skinny, a perfect contradiction. She herself is one, but that reader is for another time.
They look each other with loving looks. He holds her hand and the girl smiles. You reader may think they are an average couple, but behind the façade of normal is two people who are beyond normal. You may be asking how they meant, how they fight the odds, or reader you may be asking who are they?
To answer your question they are a young couple. The girl is almost eighteen and the boy is almost twenty. The girl laughs at how ironic their past is. As we dig into her mind we start to see the past as the park bench turns into black and white, like a vintage photo.
We now see two little kids. They are too shy to talk and just as she opens her mouth to utter a word his family leaves. She looks sad and a tad bit disappointed. Life goes on through and time passes.
The scene fades to a gym, it is noisy and crowed. She sees him again, but doesn’t recognize him. In fact she has does not even know him or recognize his face. Yet those brown eyes spark something in her soul. The girl pities him due to the way he looks in his gym uniform. She hates it as well. It fits so poorly on her that her clothes practically fit two of her. They are in different classes, so their gaze’s part as the bell rings.
During the walks around the lake she glances at him and smiles a little. She still however stays with her friend. During volley ball the boy beats her at it. Summer gym ends with still no words coming off his or her lips.
The first day of school comes around and finally they talk, like a baby taking their first steps. They say hi and small talk. They keep this up until one day he sees her cry. The tears dripping down her face hurt him and he wants to help. The boy wants to pat her back, but hesitates. He starts to like her, but she tries a date. He backs off.
Finally on Facebook he admits he likes her. She has a mixture of emotions pumping through her. She has this feeling of excitement and dread. She doesn’t know what to feel, but she would like time to know. The reaction has started.
The two goofballs go back and forth doing their usual routine. The boy tickles and she playfully hits him. He flirts. She flirts back. Now readers I know you’re asking when they will go out. If your banging your head against a wall or desk. I don’t blame you I’d do the same thing. They are taking their own sweet time and I bet if they saw us they would laugh at us and point fingers.
Finally one day during winter break they decide to hang out. They just sit there in her room talking, talking about their hope, dreams, past, and emotions. By the end of the day they are crying in each other’s arms and self-declared besties.
They bide their time by hanging out and having fun. One day the chain reaction starts. A friend puts snow down her shirt and the boy holds her “to keep her warm”. Everyone says they should go out, but it is always is a no answer. The girl blushes and the boy sighs. They just won’t admit it. The girl hooks him up with her best friend. A another reaction has been set off and it has taken a deterrent.
Near Christmas they go to church. The girl is sad, actually more than sad. You could call it depression. You see reader she has been like this for a while and it all seems to be trickling down hill, fast. She doesn’t know if she’ll last a week. The girl is walking a tightrope and she could fall. The boy’s girl friend is there that night, so she locks it inside just to make him happy. Yet seeing how he treats her makes her sad. He treats her so well. The girl recalls how he holds her when she cries and lets her nestle in his chest. He looks at her so sweetly. He is the best friend she can ask for yet when she sees him with her the girl wants more. The boy and girl leave. He drives her home and holds her as she cries. His caring brown eyes reluctantly leave with the last pleading look of don´t die.
Our story now moves on to Christmas Eve. He calls her crying. He just lost his girl. She goes over and holds him. For that once he is the one who needs help. They two besties hangout. They go to a Christmas party. She lingers on every word and enjoys his touch. She has been falling on him and finally the fuse has been lite. He holds her hand and the sparks fly.
At a new year’s party the fuse grew smaller. The boy and girl were both so sad. Yet they couldn’t help each other. They were so desperate and wanted to cling to each other. Yet they couldn’t. They both had a burning desire to touch each other’s lips at the stroke of midnight, but sadly they couldn’t. They longed to the whole way home, but they couldn’t. Another day was what they were thinking with a sigh.
Then the next day rolled around. They were sitting in his bedroom sharing this huge seat made for some three times as big when the girl asked, “Will you kiss me?” the boy obliged. The fuse reached its end and fireworks shot through the air.
From that day on every second they could spend together they did. They went out on dates, they talked, and they kissed. One day they were on a trail in their favorite park when he paused. He asked her a simple, yet the most pure question he could. He asked her to marry him. She replied with tears in her eyes, “yes.”
Yes these two people trapped in a world have had fights, they’d had those special moments and they have had love in their hearts. These two people are fighting so many ways. Some say he’s too old or nerdy. Some say she is just a loser. Yet they are wrong. They are perfect for each other, like puzzle pieces. Even through moments of his doubt and her depression they still love each other.
The scene fades back to the park bench with the two lovers glazing at each other with loving looks. They are looking towards the horizon, seeing the future as husband and wife.
The view fades from the bench to the trees that surround the bench. Then it fades to the clouds and blue skies. As the people in the plane fly by obliviously stories are flying by. 12000 people, 12000 stories. You just learned two. These lives fly by and you as the reader may want to know who these two people are. Yet that I can’t disclose that. Their lives are their lives and that my reader is a story for another time.

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