The Complications of Life <3

April 11, 2012
My heart was broken when I got the news about my brother and how he died it was horrifying news for a 13 year old girl who was told that her only brother was now dead and gone and that she can never see him again. He ran his car off the Brooklyn Bridge, and that there was not a chance for him to live.
Then Alice finally was able to stop crying long enough to go to school but it doesn’t stay like that for long because all of her teachers and friends ask her questions about her brother and she can’t stand the name Gregg anymore, not since the passing of her brother. Nobody seems to understand the problem of being a depressed teenager. She is not doing well in school anymore and that is one of the many side effects of being a depressed teenager.
Mike is Alice’s boyfriend and he is one of the people who will not shut up about Gregg. Mike doesn’t even care about how much it hurts Alice to know that her brother is gone. All he cares about is wasting time at a popular party or at the mall spending his mom’s money on stupid stuff that he doesn’t even need. Mike says that she is not being good to him, but he is the one who is not being a good boyfriend to her in her time of need.
Mike said,” Maybe we should break up.”
Alice said,” Well maybe we should break up!
“We can get back together after your depression goes down a little more.” Mike said,
“I would like that!” said Alice,
Then Mike walked away and left Alice behind, feeling like her heart had been ripped out! She liked that he was still madly in love with her but she was also very upset that he wanted to be single instead of being with her, especially now.
Alice goes over to her friend Shaundra’s house and sees that Shaundra’s boyfriend Robert (who is also the Quarter back at their school) is there. She said to Shaundra and Robert, “Mike broke up with me because he can’t handle my depression.”
Shaundra and Robert hugged her, and Robert said, “I will talk to Mike about the two of you getting back together.” Alice felt better and she wasn’t as depressed as she was when she got there.
She said that talking about all of her problems with Shaundra and Robert seemed to help her get over Gregg a lot.
At school the next day Alice was turning the corner to go to her next class and she saw Robert and Mike talking, then Mike motioned for her to come over and talk to him and Robert and Mike apologized to Alice. Then Robert left Mike and Alice alone.
Mike said that Alice looked like she is finally almost over Gregg’s death and their breakup. Mike asked Alice if she could forgive him and she said ”yes!” Then he asked her to date him again, she said “yes!” Then Mike walked Alice to her next class holding hands and before she went in he hugged and kissed her. Then Mike went to class.
When Alice got inside the classroom, Shaundra was waiting for her and asked her what happened, and then Alice told her that they were dating again.
Alice went home only to find that Mike had beaten her there!
“What are you doing here?” asked Alice
Mike said,”I want to ask you something!”
Alice said, “What do you want to ask me?”

Mike said,” Will you marry me Alice Renae Johnson!”
Alice said,” YES A thousand times yes!”
Mike and Alice had to go inside and to tell Alice’s mom and dad. Then they had to go and tell Mike’s mom and dad.
Now it is seven years later and it’s Alice and Mikes wedding day and they are having their wedding at the St. Michael’s Church in Clymer Pa. Mike is already at the alter and Alice is making her way towards the alter to get married with a big smile on her face. She is very excited. Now it’s time to start!
The Pastor says a few words then he has Mike say his vows, then Alice says hers.
Then the Pastor says” Alice Renae Johnson and Mike James Kleppinger you are now pronounced Husband and Wife, you may kiss the bride!”
Mike said” You are now Alice Renae Kleppinger”
Alice said “Yes I am!!!”
Now it is three years later and Alice wants to talk to Mike about having kids but Mike says that he wants to wait for at least another year. But Alice disagrees, so they make a deal that they will wait for at least another year to have kids and then Alice is ok with that. So as you can see Mike is the more responsible one. So they wait till they can afford to have kids and feed themselves too!

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ForeverChaney said...
Apr. 24, 2012 at 11:51 am

does anyone like my story... post if you like....<3<3<3...


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