not ment for me

April 6, 2012
I loved him. I didn't want to. Not after what he did, but it was inevitable. Yes i loved him, but now i despise him with every part of my existence. We were supposed to get married. Our parents arranged it. He had brown eyes. Soft eyes. Like chocolate. His hair was blacker than night yet it had a shine in it. His skin a soft delicate tan. Why did he have to be so breath taking. It would be that much easier to kill him. I know what your thinking, why do you want to kill this man? What could he have done that was so wrong? Well for one he raped my thirteen year old sister, two he murdered my parents, and three he made me watch it. All of it. Then he killed my little sister. Would you hate him? Of course you would. Well after that he untied me and handed me a knife saying go ahead and end your life. I stared up at him in pure fury. He was stupid to hand me this knife. I rushed forward and began our dance of death.

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