Don't "No" Me!

March 31, 2012
By LilNinjaaa BRONZE, Sydney, Other
LilNinjaaa BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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Up in the sky, the sun blazed it eternal heat. What a beautiful day! Outside, the world was painted a rich green which contrasted against the soft blue of the sky. Every now and again, birds would perch on the trees and sing their songs which we may never be able to understand. Eventually, the natural scenery depleted into a breath-taking suburban view and I knew we were almost there. Bzzt. Bzzt. My phone vibrated as its screen lit up, indicating that I had received a message.

Kai: Hey :) Coming to my place today?

A smile slowly crept across my face as I read my best friend’s text. My fingers danced across my phone as I typed up a reply.

Kelly: Mmhmm~ I’ll be there soon~ :)

I wasn’t really going to his place. My mom was going to a friend’s place which was literally next to Kai’s place, so it wouldn’t hurt to go there while I wait for her to finish socialising with her friend, would it? After all, I did go last time. Excitement rushed through me- it had been quite a while since my last visit. Even though all we did was stroll around the shops and watch TV, it was nice to be around him. I felt my lips curve into a smile at the thought of reliving that day.
As my dad parked in the empty spot between two cars right outside the building, I asked my dad, “Can I go to Kai’s place?” He looked at me with serious eyes. “No,” he replied, his voice stern. Shock went whack across my face, slapping me out of my happiness, “What? Why not?!” This time, it was my mom’s turn to answer, “It’s not right for a girl to go to a younger boy’s house. It’s more OK for her to go to an older boy’s house. Besides, we’ll only be there for a few minutes.” What the heck. This cannot be happening. I’ve waited too long for this day to be said ‘no’ to.
I told Kai about the predicament.

Kai: What? Do they want you to get raped or something?

My anger evaporated as I read his text and I couldn’t help but smile. Kai has the ability to turn the most serious conversations into a good laugh. I sunk back into the couch and let it swallow me. This sucks. Minutes passed as my mom and dad continued socialising with the house’s occupants and Kai and I began to hatch a plan to get me out of this cr*p hole.
“Mom, can I get some fresh air?”
“Mom, can I go to the plaza?”
“Mom, I’m bored!”
“Stop complaining.”
The word ‘no’ engraved itself onto my mind. No, no, no. I bet I’m going to lose friends thanks to my parents. I’m going to turn into a low-life like Kim- he has only a few friends, but nobody really likes him.
Nothing was working. With my mom’s stubbornness, I’ll never leave here. Suddenly, the impossible happened- the bar on my phone flashed red. It had 5% batteries. I had no charger. Oh no. I turned off my phone, cutting my only form of communication with Kai.
I haven’t seen Kai in a while. Usually, I see him 5 times a week- on school days. He’s in the year younger than me, but we’re pretty close. Well, I guess all best friends are close or else you won’t be best friends. This week, I only saw him 3 times. I had a whole-day excursion on Tuesday and Thursday, and on Wednesday, I didn’t see him much thanks to sport. I guess that technically means I only saw him twice this week. That sucks.
Slowly, the minutes I waited turned into hours as boredom began to nibble on my mind. Age began to devour me and I felt myself rotting to death. Few minutes my *ss mom.
After a few hours, it was time to leave. Turns out I don’t get to see Kai today. Devastation clouded my mind and ruined my mood. I clicked on my seatbelt and sulked into the chair. Far out.
Through my window, I watched the beautiful houses whiz past. Why is my house so ugly? Intricately architecture homes fit for the royal family decorated the sides of the streets and glossy cars drove past, making my car seem like it belonged to a museum. Kai never left my mind. I’ll never make my parents forget this day. I waited more than a month to hang out with Kai, only to be said ‘no’ to. Anger fused with my devastation.
All of a sudden, a sleek car from the next road shot through a red light, its engines roaring as it continued racing at top speed. Cars stopped to let the car through, however it didn’t seem like my dad was paying attention because… we didn’t stop. Our car continued in its track, not knowing the dangers that lay ahead.
Just as it past the intersection of two roads, the speeding car collided with our car, severely denting the driver side of our car. The shock from the collision forced me forward in my seat, causing me to bite my tongue. A crash of intolerable sting tore at my right side as I felt jabs metal piercing my skin. Pain throbbed through my arm as I gasped for air. I couldn’t breathe. My vision blurred. My head ached. My mouth tasted of blood. A thick stench of iron flooded the atmosphere. Inside me, my heart raced. What was happening? Through my cloudy vision, I managed to glimpse my blood-stained clothing. I could see my mom and brother fussing around me. People had crowded the scene. Suddenly, I realised where the car had crashed- right into my door. Life was rapidly draining from my weak body. One my one, I lost my senses. I couldn’t taste anything. I couldn’t smell anything. I couldn’t hear anything. I felt myself go limp and fall to my right as unbelievable pain slammed against my body. Then after that, I couldn’t feel anything, and finally, I couldn’t see anything.
I never saw Kai ever again -his smile, his mesmerising eyes, his beautiful smile. I never heard his voice again- his wonderful laugh, his cute giggle, his melodic singing. I never got to feel his warmth ever again. And lastly, I never told him I loved him. Never will I ever experience the feeling of being wrapped in his arms. Never will I ever experience the feel of his soft lips pressed against mine. Never will I ever experience what it’d be like to be in love. Never.

The author's comments:
Everything up to the speeding car actually happened to me with a few minor alterations. That day left me feeling really angry and upset because I had waited to see 'Kai' for quite a while, only to be said "no" to.

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