March 31, 2012
By LilNinjaaa BRONZE, Sydney, Other
LilNinjaaa BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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The cool, salty breeze of the seaside blew against my face as I stared intently at the fiery horizon, my eyes glazed over with regret. Blazing its heat was the sun, half-dipped in the constantly rippling sea as it radiated its vibrant glow of orange and red. The sea lapped at the sandy shore, taking bits and pieces of the beach with it. I leaned back onto the swaying grass and rested my head on the palms on my hands. A sorrowful sigh escaped from between my lips as my eyes drifted shut.
Immediately, my senses enhanced. The melodic sounds of the beach mingled with the calming sounds of wildlife- the continuous splashing of the waves entwined with the gentle chirping of the resting birds in the nearby trees. With every breath, the aroma of fresh grass mixed with the unique smell of refreshing sea water filled my nostrils. Like tiny butterflies, the grass fluttered around me, tenderly brushing my exposed skin which had broken out in goose bumps due to the cool air. I let myself get devoured by nature, getting lost in the process.
My mind began to race as the serenity of the place blanketed me. I finally had time to think after a long week of stress, tears and regret. Memories I will never be able to live again began to bombard me. In front of me, was Chase- his lips curled in his killer smile as his eyes twinkled with happiness. I saw us talking forever about the lamest topics that could ever be mentioned. I saw us walking part of the way home together, taking small steps to lengthen the time we had with each other. I saw us working together before getting side-tracked and laughing like maniacs. I felt his soft lips pressed against mine as we lost ourselves at the moment of pure happiness and content. Immediately, reality came crashing down on me as a silent tear trickled down my soft cheek, leaving a silver trail with sparkled in the afternoon sun. Anger and confusion pierced open my heart, causing it to leak all of my love away. Slowly, the image of the Chase I used to know began to grow distant- further and further away into the far horizon. “Chase!” I mentally screamed, as I reached out my hand to grab him back. Too late. He had faded into the unknown, never to be seen again. My soul began to leak out of me, leaving my spiritless body to bathe in the fading heat of the sunset.
Slowly, I lifted my reddened and moist eyes and stared at the darkening sky. All of a sudden, the grass began to crush and crunch under the pressure of someone’s feet as they came closer and closer. I don’t care. The crunching began louder and louder, and suddenly, “Hey…” The similarity of the voice shocked me. Surprised, I turned to face the figure. My breath escaped me and my voice got stuck in my throat. “Mitch…” My voice trailed off. Immediately, I leapt up from my spot and flung my arms around my best friend. Tears endlessly poured down my cheeks in endless waterfalls. All of a sudden, it felt as if the weight had been lifted off my shoulders- my burdens, my troubles, everything. My vision began to smudge into a vague blur and the world began to spin around me. It began to twist and turn and warped into a totally different perspective.
I step back and straighten my creased clothing and wiped my tears with the back of my hand. I look up into Mitch’s eyes. An indescribable feeling surged through my veins. Determination swirled through my dark eyes as confidence whizzed through my veins, electrocuting me from the inside. Yesterday suddenly evaporated from my tormented mind as my heart began to rapidly heal. My lips suddenly pursed into a painless smile, “Thank you…”

The author's comments:
May or may not be a snippet of my life- that'll remain a mystery...

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