You Be The Anchor

March 24, 2012
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I first met him at a dirty venue in the, not so high class part of, downtown Portland. He Stood on a stage, short enough to get on using a step ladder, with his royal blue fender, and studded shoulder strap. His fingers were in perfect rhythm with the bass, his blond hair glowed yellow whenever the spotlight hit him just right, and his voice, oh that voice. One thing has always been true about Jonah, even now as his best friend, Jonah was like a celebrity, not in the way he acted or even treated himself, just when it came to romantic stuff. It doesn’t matter how crazy you are about him, you could look, but you can’t touch, and at this point, I wouldn’t even bother looking. We live in a four bedroom house with two other guys. Dalon is the kind of guy you’d expect to be a hard core party guy, he has short hair with long black bangs, the tips dyed white, with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other, and he always has sunglasses on, rain or shine. He listens to indi rock during the day, but will blow out your speakers with screaming metal whenever given the opportunity. Despite the image, he’s not much of a party guy. Party’s alone annoy him. Dalon goes to shows, to listen to the music, not to get drunk and make a fool of himself, and not to beat or get beat up in a mosh pit. Dalon was about the music, and is always prepared to tell off the first drunk guy trying to stir up s***. Matt was a ticking time bomb. Most people would think I mean he has an anger problem, but no, Matt was a spaz attack waiting to happen. He is concentrated energy, the boy never runs out. The phrase awkward silence isn’t in his vocabulary. Normally I want to kill him just to have five minutes of peace before his ghost comes to annoy me, but really I envy him. I’ve never known anyone that was so comfortable in there own skin. He does what he wants and has never once thinks twice about it. He told me that compromising who you are to fit in is just the beginning and by the end you lose yourself completely, and he make sure it will never happen to him. Then there was me. Alexia Maldonado, a high school drop out trusted into the “glamorous” life of the underground music scene here in P-town Oregon. I’m the invisible type, and I like it that way. I’m the girl in the back of the venue bobbing her head rather then dancing, or better yet I’m with the tech crew. Our motto; Tech crew, you can’t see me. Spazy Matt on drums, too cool for school Dalon on bass, and celebrity Jonah, made New London Fire. First time seeing them you’d be hooked. Trust me, I would know. Though at first I was only used for ticket sales, I was soon adopted as another band member. I’m their “Sound Chick” as they call me. I make sure the bands sound is evened out, turn up the guitar, lower the bass, drown out the drums, and thing that’ll make them sound better. Being a sound chick means working late. REALLY late, so sleeping in is very necessary, though some days impossible. Nights NLF plays, the mornings are often quiet, but days where I work for other bands, the mornings are anything but. Mornings like this. I kept my eyes closed, while listening to the muffled screams of Jonah’s beyond clingy girlfriend, Sabrina. I groaned and opened my eyes. I jumped back and fell off my bed in fear. “ Oh come on! You know you love that sound.” Matt said, holding back a chuckle from my response. “Must I have to deal with you, so early-” I glanced at my alarm clock, covered in The Clash stickers, “in the afternoon?” He laughed once again and just nodded. I let out a long yawn, and reached for my bathrobe. Normally I would just walk out in my stolen boxers and my overly sized ripped up tee shirt, and no one would care, but when Sabrina was here I made sure to put on my robe. She’s on some trip about how “inappropriate” it is for me to be the only girl in the house, and walking around in my pajamas. I step out into the war zone armed with a hair brush and a coffee mug. My eyes roll to the back of my head when I find out the battle is going on right in front of the coffee pot. I take a seat at the table next to Dalon. He is always the first one up no matter how late he stays up the night before, so he was already dressed and groomed with his coffee and breakfast made, and the newspaper read and folded neatly on the table in front of him. Lucky for me he saw my sorry sight coming and made my coffee for me. I mouth “thank you” in his direction, and he nods in mine. We’re always careful never to say anything while Sabrina and Jonah are fighting, as long as we’re not noticed, we’re not involved. I make sure to not be noticed anytime Sabrina is around. She’s so weird about me not having any “girlfriends” and try’s to bond with me whenever she can. I’m just not into it. Not because I hate her or anything, but because I can’t see her side of things. She thinks I need gal pals, I’m happy with the friends I’ve got, she thinks I need a “man” and I feel that I’m independent enough to be on my own, besides the arguments she gets into with Jonah never make any since to me. While Dalon and I try our best to go unnoticed, Matt comes in as the announcer to the verbal wrestling matching in the kitchen. He jumps on top of the counter looking back and forth between the two, and copying everything they’re saying in a fast and sarcastic tone. I’m careful not to laugh, but for safe measure I stand up to walk out of the room. I hadn’t paid much attention to what today’s argument was about but as I was walking out it caught my ear. “ I don’t tell you to stop hanging out with Alex! So why is it a big deal that I hang out with Bryan? It only happened once! We got drunk, we kissed big deal-” “ It IS a big deal! Come on Alex is barley a girl, there is NO chance that I would cheat on you with HER-” “ouch” I thought, as I ran back to the safety of my dark little room. All I heard after that was the slam of Sabrina running out the back door, and the crinkling of the newspaper. Dalon trying to look busy, I guess. I buried myself in my pillows, and allowed two tears to leak out before I drifted back to sleep. My alarm went off around four. I got up and pulled out my faded Green Day shirt, and my grey skinny jeans. I brushed out my almost dread locks, and pulled my newly silky black hair into a neat ponytail. I had nearly forgotten what had happened until I walked into the living room. Dalon was trying out a new bass line, on his acoustic and Matt has playing a video game. I looked around for Jonah but he didn’t seem to be in the house. “He’s not here Ms. Settle.” Matt said, his eyes never leaving the game. I looked at Dalon, “What is he talking about?” but he just smiled, to himself and continued playing. As soon as Matt had finished the level he was on he put down the controller and looked at me crookedly. “You know he never said he wouldn’t date you. He just said he wouldn’t cheat on her with you.” I let out a forced chuckle. “Right, Matt, because Jonah would ever think of me as anything but a good buddy.” “Stranger things have happened.” Dalon said on rhythm with the tapping of his foot. “You guys are nuts.” I said pushing my bangs out of my face and with that I walked back into the kitchen. I raided the fridge for a minute looking for anything that didn’t have sharpie on it. “D*mn I need to go food shopping,” I thought to myself, “eggs it is.” I put a bagel in the toaster and cracked my eggs in a bowl and added milk. I waited for my bagel to warm up before I started cooking the egg. Then I sat down at the table with my breakfast and looked at the Entertainment section of the already read news paper. There was a big hole in the middle of an article I was reading, I looked on the other side where the upcoming shows were posted. Whenever New London Fire had a gig posted in the paper they cut it out and put it in the band book. This week was there biggest gig yet. They were opening for Everclear. It should be exciting, and the boys were practicing every chance they got. I finished off the last of my cold coffee, when Jonah walked in. I silently hoped that what Dalon and Matt had said hadn’t gotten around to him. Not that I’d know, it’s not as if Jonah would risk the awkwardness of bringing it up. “ You ready for the show?” I asked looking for anything to get him talking. “Oh, yeah. We’ll be playing our two new songs.” He said picking up on my hint. “Any old songs?” I asked in a hopeful tone, I always push for them to play their old songs, one unparticular. The first song I ever heard by New London Fire, it’s my favorite over all. There’s no really reason why, its just some love song they wrote, about no one, but I love it. “No old songs this time. We’re really focusing in on our new material.” He said, not getting what I’m really asking. He was about to walk out the door when turned around, “hey, stupid movies and pizza, tonight?” “wouldn’t miss it.” I said with a smirk, it was kind of our thing. We became best friends by watching the worst movies we could find and eating pizza, just us two. We hadn’t done it a whole lot since he’s been dating Sabrina but when we do its awesome. He winked and left into the living room. I could hear Matt’s disapproval to the sudden band practice they always have when the three of them are together but soon enough the music was flowing through the house. I used that time to get out of the house for a while. I pulled my bike out from the side of the house and wheeled it around to the front. There was a little coffee house down the street I hadn’t been to in a while and I think a friend of mine still works there. It’d be great to see him again. Portland was a great place to ride your bike. Every street had a bike lane and you were never more then five minutes away from anywhere you needed to be. I arrived at the coffee house in no time. I locked my bike to the nearest street sign, and walked in. “Hey troublemaker. Long time no see.” David said with a double wide grin. He had always been super friendly to me, the community college across the street is where I got my GED, so I used to come in here a lot. “Yeah, how’ve you been David?” I asked “Same ol’ same ol, you know you just misses Sabrina. I didn’t know her and Jonah split.” I shot him a crooked look. “They didn’t.” “ Oh,” He gasps. “well then must have been someone else.” “ Why would you think they split?” I said still with a crooked expression on my face. “ Who ever I saw here, not saying it was her for sure, was having a spit swap with Bryan Williams, but like I said, must have been someone else.” “Yeah,” I said slowly, “ Must have been.” I sat down in a soft chair, with my latte’ and the book I’ve been trying to read for months now. I tried to shake off what David had said but something about it just didn’t seem right. I remembered this morning. “what’s the big deal that I hang out with Bryan? It happened one time, we were drunk we kissed big deal!” I tried to remember the last girl I knew that Bryan was with. It was very hard considering I didn’t know him so well, besides the few NLF shows he’s been to. I only remembered a blond girl that used to hang on him when he went to shows. Could that be who David was talking about? Most blond girls look alike to me, I would have made the same mistake. I finished my coffee, and just sat there reading, but I was finding it hard to concentrate. I saw the words on the page and I knew them, but the sentences just weren’t processing at all. I put my bookmark were it was when I walked in and walked out to my bike. It was a perfect day, it was warm with a slight cool breeze, but even the weather couldn’t distract me from the thoughts of my best friends possible broken heart. I looked at my phone, it was a half passed six. I made a change in thoughts and figured since I was out I’d go pick up the pizza. I didn’t like the place Jonah went so I took a ride to Mississippi street Pizza. I loved Mississippi Street, it was filled with little shops and small businesses, it was what I liked to call, vintage Portland. I stop at a little hole in the wall, disguised as a tiki shack. It had wooden tables with fake straw umbrellas so people can enjoy the nice weather. I walk in to the crowded restaurant, and put my phone to my ear, to call Jonah and tell him I’m covering the pizza. “Hey Alex!” said a very enthusiastic but unexpected voice. “Matt, put Jonah on the phone will you?” I said with a hint of annoyance in my voice. “You’re too late he went to the video store or something.” “Helpful as always.” I let out sarcastically, and with that I hung up the phone. I got the pizza, half pepperoni with pineapple and sausage and half Mushrooms and olives with extra cheese. The only video store we ever go to was just down the street so I planned to meet Jonah there. I stepped outside and noticed my phone had a text. It was from Jonah, “its rude 2 hang up u no?” I let myself laugh a bit about it then I started walking my bike to the video store. I was crossing the street when a car SCCCCRRRRREEEECCHHHED to a halt almost knocking me and my bike over. I recognized the car, and the person inside it. Bryan. I stood there in shock, staring at him I must look like a fool. Bryan held up his hand saying sorry and I ran back to the side walk with my bike and what must be now, mutilated pizza. I shook off the jitters of almost becoming pizza myself and continued to walk on. I walked in to the video store, I spotted Jonah right away, in the Cult section. I went to sneek up on him, but someone beat me to the punch. Sabrina. It didn’t take long for me to piece together how she had gotten here and who she’d been spending her day with. Though based on the reaction Jonah had to seeing her he hadn’t quite figured it out. “Oh, hey Alexia.” Sabrina squeaked, she always called me by my full name, at this point I’m sure its just to piss me off. “Hey Sabrina. Jonah I covered the pizza.” I was filled with rage but I knew this wasn’t the time or place to have a throw down with my best friends girl, no matter how tempting it was. “Great thanks, our usual?” Jonah asked, obviously not aware of his girlfriend’s affair. “Is there any other kind?” I said Holding back all anger. Sabrina shot me a disgusted look, then returned her gaze to Jonah. “How can you eat that? Its all crap.” “Well we’re not asking you to eat it.” I said trying to not sound too hostile, so I tried to make it sound like I was teasing. She gave me a look as if to say she wasn’t buying it. “You sure you don’t want to join us babe?” I shot Jonah a look that could kill as soon as the words came out of his mouth, but he looked at me in a way that assured me that he knew what he was doing. “Monster movies, and crap on top of carbs, with the two of you spouting off stupid inside jokes I’ll never get? I pass. Besides-” A car outside the store honked twice, “the girls and I have a night of our own planned.” I looked at the dirty, red, Honda waiting for her outside. It was the same car that had nearly flatten me before. Night with the girls? That might be the way Bryans thinking of it. I kept my head turned long enough for Jonah and Sabrina to say there good byes. Once she left with her “girlfriends” I turned back to Jonah. “So what’s it going to be tonight?” I asked trying to ignore the fact that she was here at all. “Well,” He said from behind a DVD case, “I was thinking we could start off with some George E. Romero, and see how we feel after the blood and guts.” “I see, so if we’re not totally sick from pizza and gore, we move on to main stream horror, and if we are we go to stupid comedy.” “And Vice versa. Exactly.” He said looking up, smiling. I haven’t seen him smile like that in a long while, it caught me off guard. In fact I think the last time I’ve seen a smile of that brightness come from him was two days before he met Sabrina, it was at a gig where only three people had shown up in the crowd. It wasn’t the most successful gig they’ve ever had but Jonah made it one of the most memorable. They played a bunch of song they knew everybody would know and pulled the crowd up one by one to sing with them. It was amazing. Jonah also made sure to sing my favorite of there songs, just to make me smile, or at least that’s what he told me. “You okay, Alex?” Jonah asked, putting his warm hand on my shoulder. “Fine. I’m fine. Just a bit distracted I guess. You ready to go?” I don’t know why I was suddenly so skittish around him, it could be that I know something he doesn’t, something that could crush him, but something he should know. “Yeah, lets go. Dalon and Matt won’t be at the house, they said something about going to see the new Johnny Depp movie. “Awesome, so no hand checks from Matt.” I laughed, it was an inside joke starting back to when Jonah and I just started to hang out. Jonah and I were hanging out with a bunch of friends and we were talking about his record collection. We parted ourselves from the group and went to his room to look through the records. We were talking for almost an hour before Matt stormed in the room screaming hand check. His way of making sure we weren’t doing anything he would do. When we got back to the house it was like Jonah said, empty. Not a roommate in the house except us. Jonah popped in the first movie and I went to the kitchen to get some plates for the pizza. I felt wrong knowing what I did I knew I needed to tell him. I was so lost in my thoughts I jumped at the sound of the refrigerator opening. “Jonah! You scared me.” I squeaked, “Sorry, the movies ready. You want a beer? It might calm those nerves of yours.” He snickered, handing me a beer. He had a point, I needed all the help I could get if I was going to go through with telling him. I couldn’t imagine what he might feel or do, and I don’t want to do it to him but, I wouldn’t be a very good best friend if I let this go on. I drag myself to his room where the pizza box was open and the aroma filled the room, and the screen was already filled with blood and screams. I took my place at the end of the bed, with my back against the headboard and my feet on Jonah’s lap, just the way its always been, except today I had a butterflies in my stomach. I needed to find the perfect time to tell him. We sat through the movie laughing at any flaws we could find and eating a half a pizza each, watching zombies eating men on steroids. I just couldn’t not shaking. I knew I had to tell him soon. “What’s with you tonight Alex?” he asked opening the DVD player to put in the next movie. “What? Oh, nothing. What was that fight about with Sabrina this morning? He sighed and gave me a pained look. “ She got drunk, and her and Bryan Williams made out all night, and you know I would understand except she didn’t tell me. He sat down and hung his head. I hugged my knees, and looked at him. There was more to this then I knew. “Jake Anderson, sent her a text about it this morning. She was sleeping so I answered her phone. She thought I was snooping, so she started to yell, and so the fight began.” he looked as though he could cry. “Not to make you upset, but do you think there’s more to it then what she’s told you?” I almost choked on the words I was saying. “Look. I know it seems suspicious, but its not like that ok? She’s not like that.” He seemed angry now and I knew it was all about to come out. “I don’t want to make you upset I just think your being a little Blind about this-” “It was the only time this kind of thing has ever happened!” “How do you know?” Now I was about to cry, so much for breaking it to him gently. “David saw her sucking face with Bryan today, and on Mississippi, before I met you I almost got hit by Bryan’s car just minutes before he picked her up from the video store.” I was tearing up and my voice was horse, his eyes were locked on my face with a expressionless look. “The girls picked her up.” He said quietly looking down. “Which one of her friends drives a beat up Honda?” I’m starting to hate myself, for doing this. “Why are you doing this?” He still doesn’t look at me, “Because I wouldn’t be a good friend if I just let her do that to you, and you’d never know! I had to-” “Oh please, Alex!”- He stands up and walks towards the window, “ your only telling me this because you want her gone. I know you never liked her, and everybody knows you like me. Cut the crap!” I stood in shock. My butterflies felt like they’d caught on fire and my face was soaked in my tears. I couldn’t say anything more I ran to my room. I slammed the door and broke down into the fetal position crying. It wasn’t long before Jonah was knocking at my door. “Alex, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.-” But it didn’t matter what he said I could listen anymore. I grabbed the first bag I could find, and started stuffing it with clothes, and my notebook. I couldn’t face Jonah, so I avoided going out my bedroom door by climbing out the window. I walked a few blocks to my friend Taylor’s house. Not much ever needed to be said with Taylor, and I liked that. She set me up on the couch in her living room and told me I was welcome for as long as I needed. I thanked her and assured her it wouldn’t be long I just couldn’t be home. I’d escaped to Taylor’s before. When Sabrina and Jonah first became a couple I used to come here a lot to get away from her “bonding”. After all of the excitement of the day I decided all I needed was some sleep. The couch in Taylor’s well decorated living room was very comfortable but I still tossed and turned. I couldn’t get Jonah out of my head, I replayed the argument in my head a hundred times but it always ended up going to the memory of the first night I met him, and that song. Especially the line, “I’ll have you know, I’m scared to death.” I’d asked Jonah once, what the song was really about, expecting it to be about some girl. He told me it wasn’t about anyone. He just wrote about what he thought it’d feel like to be in love, he wasn’t expecting it to be perfect, but he knew that the imperfections were what he was looking forward to, so he wrote about it. He said he’s still looking for the girl to match the song, so it’d feel like the missing piece of the puzzle. The next morning, I woke up and got dressed. I walked back to the house, hoping that what had happened had been a nightmare. I walked in and in a second Matt and Dalon were at my side waiting to get the scoop. I groaned. “Jonah’s a wreck! What happened last night?” Dalon said but wrapped his left arm around my shoulders when I looked up. I still hadn’t washed off the run from my mascara. “ He broke up with Sabrina this morning and hasn’t come out of his room since. He stayed up all night sitting outside your door, he didn’t even realize you were gone till five am.” Matt said with no sympathy. “Nothing happened, ok? We just had a disagreement, that got out of hand. That’s all.” I whispered desperate to get out of the room. “I got to go to work, I’ll see you guys at the gig.” Dalon looked at me concerned. “Okay, we’ll see you tonight.” I went into the bathroom to wash off the mascara, and reapply. I pulled my hair back and grabbed my uniform from my room, along with my jacket. Jonah was standing in front of the front door. I had nothing to say and I needed to leave before he said anything more. The look on his face could break your heart, but I didn’t make eye contact, I scooted past him and walked out the front door. I was surprised that I could hold back my tears till I was outside, but I was so glad I did. I walked to the max stop and got on the train to go to work. I arrived very early, so I slipped into my all black uniform, and talked to my boss and the girl who works the bar. We talked about the usual topics, weather, sports, and traffic. When my boss went to set up for the show. Wendy, the bartender, surprised me. “So when are you and Jonah gonna finally hook up?” My face turned white as a ghost. “What?” I asked in shock, as if I expected her to know what had went on last night. “Come on, the girls and I have a bet going, and your running us all out here.” She picked up a glass and filled in with beer and handed it to me. “I don’t think it’s going to happen.” I said, taking a sip of beer. “He just broke up with Sabrina this morning and last night we got into a huge fight, it just doesn’t look to likely to ever happen.” I felt like I was going to cry again, but I swallowed another mouth full of beer to stop myself. “That’s just to too bad.” She said, shaking her head, “You two just always seemed to be one of those couples.” I had enough talking, or at least about that subject. I went to the sound booth to help my boss, Forest, set up. The Bands weren’t going to be showing up for another couple hours so we couldn’t do a sound check yet. I turned up all four of the stage microphones, and Forest talked into then one by one to make sure they were all working. After that we flashed each of the stage lights and switched out the gels. The gels are what makes the lights different colors, but you have to change after every show, or the lights will burn them. After everything was checked and switched, the bands were starting to arrive. Everclear’s crew started setting up for sound check. It took a minute to get there sound perfectly down. I wrote down the numbers of each level for all the instruments and each mic. New London Fire was next. The boys set up there set, and started playing one of there newer songs for me to level. There sound check got through pretty quickly, considering I always do there sound and the levels almost never change. Now it was a waiting game. It was six and the doors open at seven-thirty. The bands were setting up their vending tables, and I went back to Wendy to finish off that beer. She had just finished talking to Jonah and Dalon when I got to the bar. Dalon stayed to finish his drink but Jonah walked away. I gave out a sigh, and sat in the same place I had before, where that beer was still waiting for me. “He didn’t mean any of it, you know that.” Dalon said not looking away from his drink. “He knew what you were saying was true, but he didn’t want to face the truth.” I looked down, and took a drink. “I know. It just isn’t fair that he used my affection against me like that.” I was surprised that I could actually admit my crush on him, I thought I’d given up on that years ago. He looked at me with a small smile on his face, “He has always thought of you as a celebrity crush, you can look, but you can’t touch.” I stared at Dalon with a blank expression on my face. “He dose?” Dalon nodded and jumped off the bar stool and walk towards the back of the stage. “Doors open in Five minutes!” Forest yelled thought the venue. Suddenly I felt lightheaded as I stood up to walk back to the booth. It didn’t matter now, I wrecked an chance I might have had with Jonah last night. I started to feel more grounded now. I suppressed all emotion until after the show at least. The crowd was starting to come in fast. The door has only been open for five minutes and it was already the biggest crowd New London Fire has ever performed in front of. I silently wished them well, knowing them they wouldn’t be nervosas, they never were. As soon as they got on stage they were liked born rock stars, the number of people watching them was never a problem as long as someone was watching them. The increase of the crowd was slowing and the show was about to start, the levels for NLF was already set and I was looking over the play list to make sure there wasn’t any unexpected level changes. Finally the crown began to roar out of control. Matt came on stage first doing back flips and what have you, then Dalon walked on pretty chill. Jonah was the last to come on, he looked just the way he did when I met him, glossy blond hair, with the royal blue fender. They Played the first couple of song and the crowd was loving every note. They were screaming, moshing, dancing, and clapping along. I could see the pride in the band all three of them glowing from the response. When they finished the song, Jonah stepped away from the mic to talk to Matt and Dalon. “Okay everybody.” Jonah said, the crowd responded with screams, “We’re going to be making a little change to our set list today.” I stood up in panic, “ You see, when we first became a band I wrote this song, a love song” the crowd was silent, “ It wasn’t about anyone I thought I knew, it was about the way I expected to feel when I fell in love. I’ve been searching for the girl that fit the song.” The girls in the crowd either screamed or awed, but I stood still, barley breathing. “You see, I didn’t know that, that girl, was always by my side. And when I did, I was too scared to do anything about it. Well that girl is here tonight. I want to play her this song.” The band started to play a familiar melody. I had a flash back to the first time I saw Jonah, the first time I heard this song, but I think this was the first time I ever really paid attention to the message. “And Honestly I have been begging for answers, that you and only you can give to me, my voice crying loud I’ve been crying for days now, and as I start to run I start to leap, and I was nearly scare to death,” His voice send chills down my spin and the cold brought the butterflies back to life. The song continued just as I’d remembered it, but I’d forget the lyrics as soon as it’d come up. It was like I was hearing it for the first time. “I’ll be here by the ocean just waiting for proof that there’s sunsets and silhouette dreams” As he sung every note I saw us together in every image. “Every wave drags me to see, I could stand here for hours just to ask all the questions is everyone here make believe? With a tear in her voice she said hon that’s the question does this defining silence mean nothing to no one but me?” I wanted to tell him what I’ve been denying for years, I wanted him to know why I looked away every time he kissed another girl, I wanted him to know that every minute we weren’t together I felt like we should be. “So let me think of how to word it, is it to soon to say perfect.” I saw a bright smile when he said that, I didn’t even notice I was crying. “Till then I may never sail Virginia again. And this current the moves slow for me, this much you must know of me again,” All the instruments stopped, and the crowd was dead silent, Jonah Looked up at me and stared into my eyes, and sang “and I’ll have you know I’m Scared to death,” The crowd went crazy and the music started playing again, Jonah continued singing with a big smile on his face, I I cried tears of shock and joy. “ Tell me once again, that you’ll love me to the death and should I die I swear that you will come for me, as I fade away I reach for you hand. Please don’t let me, oh please don’t let me go” I was ready to jump on stage I was ready to tell Jonah I loved him. He was right this song described love, our love, and the fact that he wrote it before we met made it seem more like it was meant for us. “ I could stand here for hours just to ask God the question is everyone here make believe, with a tear in voice he said son that’s the question-” The music stops once again “does this defining silence mean nothing to no one but me?” Jonah handed his guitar to Dalon, and jumped off the stage, my heart pounded as I watched him plow through the crowd to my booth. With no words said he lifted me up and I swung my arms around him, tears still streaming down my face, He looked in my eyes again, “Alex I love you.” and before I could respond our lips touched and the crowd screamed louder, but I couldn’t her then all I could focuses on was how long I had truly been waiting for the moment and how happy I was to be sharing with him now.


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