999 Roses

March 23, 2012
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She hurriedly ran to the taxi lane. The joy and the happiness that she is feeling at the moment is acme. The thought of finally being with the man she chose to give her heart was all she could ever think of. " Lofty Heights please", she commanded the driver. The adrenaline rush made her forget the she has been travelling for almost 8 hours now. It made her also forget the groudy woman she sat beside with at the plane. All she knew was that her weariness will all vanish the moment she can wrap her arms around the one and only man who made her heart skip a beat. She couldn't help but remember the the pact they made in one of their escapades in the wide pastures of the Lofty Heights. " Xena, in this place we will build the house of our dreams. We will grow our children here" the sound of his voice is still fresh in her ears. "Well how many do you want then? " she joked around. " I want a dozen" he quipped. The echoes of their laughter could be heard as melodies by the cupids. He then looked straight into her eyes " Ms. LaXena Rose Hughes, I solemnly swear this 28th day of August two thousand and eight that I, Kristoffer Lofty will love you till the end of time." He damped a slight kiss on her nose and handed her rose made of paper. " She smiled at the thought of it. "Last I checked the words you swore meant 999 roses" she said to him. " Oh really?" he shrugged back. "Yes!" she said with a smile on her face. "But it doesn't matter. Being with you is far more important than that 999 roses." then she damped a kiss on his lips. "I love you Kris. and that's for sure" she gave him the assurance of an everlasting love.
"We're here Miss", the driver woke her up from her daydream. She stepped down from the ride and walked down the pathway she used to trod 4 years ago. Raised her hand for the doorbell -- ding-dong-ding-dong. The door opened, out came "Mrs. Lofty", she exclaimed. She hugged her tight. "I missed you". Mrs. Lofty hugged back "Xena, how you've been?" "Great. Cant wait to see Kris" Xena unwrapped her arms and looked inside the house "where is he?" she asked Mrs. Lofty with excitement in her voice.Mrs. Lofty's eyes became watery. She reached out for Xena's hand and whispered in her ear "come with me".
It took them 10 mins to reach the destination . The landmark reads: "The 999 Roses Garden". "Kris frequents this place" Mrs. Lofty said in an almost breaking voice. " i still dont understand" Xena replied. Mrs. Lofty walked closer to her "Kris died 5 months ago. He died of cancer. He didnt want you to worry about him so we didnt inform you." She coudnt move from where shes standing, trying to hold back the almost falling tears. "I found this under his pillow", handed Xena a slip of paper. They neared a tree for shade. Xena read the note: Xena my love, as promised, the 999 roses. To prove that love knows no distance. Cant wait to see you after your graduation. I love you Xena, thats for sure".

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