My only hope

March 20, 2012
By rescuetruck607 GOLD, Bellmore, New York
rescuetruck607 GOLD, Bellmore, New York
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Chapter 1
Tick tock tick tock. Staring at the clock I was waiting for the bell to ring to go home. This week has been the worst for me:
1) My boyfriend left me for my best friend
2) My parents starting fighting over where I was going to college
3) I’m starting to find out who my real friends are
Hey what’s wrong with you? Sean said
Don’t worry about it you don’t need to hear all my problems. I walked away from him hoping he would not follow me. The sound of foot steps running up behind me became loud. In a flash of a eye I was spun around to look right in his eyes.
Ok I know there is something going on with you I’m your best friend you can tell me anything! He yelled in my face.
Look its personal Sean I can’t tell you right now I have to go home.
Fine Grace but can you at least give me a ride home?
I guess so I have nothing better to do right now.
Thanks he said as he gave me hug of comfort. I heard what happen

Looking down at the ground we walked down the stairs together. I didn’t know what to say to him all the thoughts running through my head. All of a sudden I lost my step and the air caught me. But how can the air catch me? I opened my eyes and saw that I was in Sean’s arms.
What happen? I said to Sean trying to see where I was.
Maybe if you looked where you were walking I wouldn’t have had to almost kill myself to save you.
I’m sorry but you didn’t have to save me.
Sean put me down and I leaned up against the wall and put my hands in my face starting to cry.
Grace I love you, Sean said to me
When I looked up he was gone. Did he really just say he loves me? i started to walk down the stairs looking for my car keys.
It couldn’t be true Sean doesn’t love me that was just a dream but where did he go? This is all so weird right after my boyfriend leaves me for her he tells me this?

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on Mar. 23 2012 at 9:38 am
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It was alright. It's kind of all jumbled together and hard to understand, but I like where you were going with it. Write more!

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