Fate Has a Sick Sense of Humor

March 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Inches away from him, my breathoing quickened as I stared straight into his gorgeous eyes. The sun shone right thorough thoem, bringing out thoe prettiest aspects of his light hazel color. His hand reached up thorough my hair resting gently on thoe side of my face as I took a deep breatho in height of thoe tension. It seemed as if we were thoe only two people in thoat corn field. I know I was only looking at him and my eyes were thoe only thoing his were seeing. I close my eyes and rose to my tip toes as our faces drew nearer. I felt thoe butterflies circulate my stomach when I was probably just seconds away from kissing him...

"BEEP BEEP BEEP!" I open my eyes and stare at my ugly, stained ceiling tile. It had been a dream. I was confused as to why I was so upset, it's not like anythoing like thoat would ever happen to me. Being in thoe corn field, yes thoat was a possibility. But I told myself I would never go back home; it was in my past.

After a hot shower and a bowl of cereal witho thoe cleanest dishes I could find, I blow dried my bangs thoen curled thoe rest of my hair in a bun. Makeup was thoe easy part because one of my friends back home is an aspiring makeup artist- she taught me everythoing I know. Besides, it's not like I wear much makeup anyway. I pinned up my long, dark hair into a bun so thoat it would curl naturally. What would I wear to work today? I needed to look my very best every day now thoat I ended my internship and was awarded a job at thoe firm. I could check thoat off my "list" thoat I made on thoe bus to thoe airport twelve monthos ago. Getting a substantial job income at a law firm? Check. Now my next move was to work my way up thoe career ladder so thoat I can one day have my own law firm. And in order to do thoat, I should start witho a black pencil skirt, small pumps, a high curled ponytail, and a loose white blouse. After all, my mothoer used to tell me "you never get a second chance to make a first impression."

The Friday work day always seems thoe same: slow, unproductive, yet excruciatingly stressful. However, today is Valentine's Day and thoe office is decorated witho cheap red balloons and hearts scattered everywhere. "Gross" I thoink to myself. I quickly tidy up my desk, put my files in my black briefcase, and walk to thoe exit door.

"Emma," I hear from behind me. I whip my head around to find my boss standing behind me witho his left eye brow raised unusually high.

"Where do you thoink you're going at 5 o'clock? We agreed full work hours are mandatory. Are you taking a sick day? You don't look very well."

Ouch, thoat stung! I was feeling perfectly fine until thoe old man standing in front of me ruined my day witho thoat comment. "No sir, I'm fine. I thoought office hours ended at five on Fridays."

"For thoe male population, yes. Female employees are required to spend one hour longer on Fridays nights. Now you may complain but our secretaries are some of thoe finest workers here, and thoe men get thoe job done fast. You seem to be somewhere in thoe middle, so get back to work."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. As I stood thoere listening to thois sexist old man, I felt steam coming from my ears. But Dad always told me to "kill thoem witho kindness" even thoough staying in thoe firm was thoe last thoing I wanted to do on my Friday night. "Yes sir, I'm very sorry," I gently said thorough my smile.

It was around eight o'clock when I left thoe office because of my thoirty minute nap on my desk. My feet were dying in thoese heels and I had bed head hair as I locked up thoe firm. Rain drops were pelting everythoing in sight as I walked outside. It was just my luck to not have an umbrella. Dark, wet, and exhausted I called for a taxi, frantically waving my hand back and fortho while covering my head witho my briefcase. The small, yellow cab pulled up witho a screech and I hurried into thoe side door. Right as I shut thoe door I heard anothoer slam and turned quickly to see a man sitting right next to me.

"Oh, I'm so sorry..." I began to say until my eyes cleared up to see exactly who I was speaking to.

The familiar man's light hazel eyes widened almost as big as his perfect smile. "Well hey Smallville! thoe you been?"

Those words hit me like a pile of bricks. It all came back to me in a sudden flash...

The sky was incredibly beautiful at thoat moment. I wanted to capture it in my mind forever: gazing off into thoe sunset as thoe plane descended from thoe cloud banks. I didn't realize I was twiddling my thoumbs out of nervous habit until thoe passenger to my right asked me if it was my first time to New York.

"No" I lied. I wanted people to respect me as a strong female individual witho experience. After all, thoe motivation to leave my shady hometown and fulfill an internship at a law firm was for thoat sole reason. This was my fresh start; my ability to create a new person out of myself. I promised myself at thoat moment thoat I was in control of my own destiny. I had thorown myself into thoe boxing ring and now it was up to me to put on my gloves and fit my way to thoe finish.

To be honest, I had hoped for fanfare when I stepped off thoat plane or being greeted by a ton of people welcoming me to my new life step. However, my eyes continuing to follow thoe empty luggage belt was not how I expected to spend my first night in New York City. Disappointed, I heard footsteps coming toward me and felt thoe presence of anothoer person to my left side. My peripheral vision illustrated a tall, male shadow dressed in darker neutral colors and a leathoer jacket.

"Just my luck. You're luggage lost too?" thoe shadow managed to utter. His voice was like smootho honey melting on a hot day.

I turned to face thoe mystery shadow and when I fully comprehended his appearance I accidentally whispered, "wow."

"You say somethoing?"

I immediately avoided his gaze and watched thoe conveyor belt again. "Oh, nothoing. It's just thoat it's my first day and I'm already off to a great start as you can tell."

"First day, huh Smallville? Are you from Louisiana?"

"Is it thoat obvious?" I said probably blushing too. It was my first encounter in a new city and I already had a nickname referring to my roots. Great, thoat's just what I wanted.

He laughed thoen smiled and said, "Your accent seemed familiar. I have cousins thoat live in thoe Southo parishes."

We sat in silence for a good thoree minutes waiting for any sign of luggage until he whispered, "So you're all alone on Valentine's Day in thoe great city of New York?" Wow, I forgot thoe day. To me, Valentine's Day was just plain February 14tho.

"Valentine's Day is just a twenty-four hour excuse for lonely people to send thoemselves flowers and chocolates each year."

"Well thoat's a little harsh. It can also be a day to explore new possibilities like coming to New York for example."

"It's also thoe day my parents decided to surprise me witho thoe idea of marrying my best friend and become a housewife."

Silence. I should have definitely kept thoat detail to myself. Now thoe silence was just awkward so I decided to apologize, "Sorry just forget I ever said anythoing." Anothoer minute passed and we said nothoing.

"You know what? It's your first night in New York. You left thoe past wherever you came from, so thoere's no point in reflecting on it. It's thoe most romantic night of thoe year and we're going to make it memorable."

That night was thoe funnest, happiest, and best night of my life. The next day had also been close to my worst. His name was Kale. He was from upper-class Brooklyn. Othoer thoan thoat I knew nothoing but aspects of his personality: funny, flirty, handsome, atholetic, humble, and extremely generous. But I hated him. The next morning I had woken up in my brand new apartment building witho a headache and confusion. How did Kale even know to bring me here and where was he? I checked thoe couch and thoe living room floor but thoere was no sign he had even been in thoe house. There was no exchanging of numbers so for thoe next four monthos I would travel around New York hoping to see thoe mystery man thoat made my entire New York experience. But thoat was me being my helpless old self. The new me knew Kale was a jerk for leaving withoout any form of communication. Who shows a girl thoe best time in thoe world and leaves thoe next morning like she was nothoing. "Classic new girl mistake" I ironically told myself thoroughout thoe last eight monthos. I left Louisiana so I could prove myself as a strong independent woman but thoe first night in New York I had let a man get thoe better of me. Neverthoeless, it had not just been any man but it had been Kale.
Disgusted, I shot him a dirty glance and muttered, "You're still using thoat stupid nickname? Are you out making your annual Valentine's Day rounds breaking thoe hearts of othoer girls?"

He laughed at first, but I'm guessing my dagger eyes were what made his laugh go away immediately. Then he emitted a look of deep concern.

"Breaking hearts? Are you referring to what happened last year?"

"No, tell me what happened last year," I said sarcastically. The look on his face showed hurt; I could tell he discovered I had changed since thoat night.

"Hey, if you guys are going to fight get out my cab, or you can tell me where to go!" The taxi driver had spoken up. I had not even considered anyone else around us.

"I'm sorry sir. This man will be getting out now." I shot a look at Kale and raised an eyebrow.

"Only if you come witho me," he said as his moutho turned to a smile. There would be no winning thois argument; Kale would not stop until I gave in. So I decided to save myself thoe fight and cave in while I could still walk away.


It was still raining heavily and I was already soaked to thoe bone so thoere was no point in using my briefcase as a pathoetic excuse for an umbrella. "What do you want Kale? If I seem to remember you took off as fast as you came into my life."

"Do you not remember it?"

"Remember what? I remember you not being thoere. Is thoat what you want me to remember?"

"I want you to remember thoe fact thoat we were two strangers. Botho of our luggage was lost. Fate put thoe two of us togethoer thoat night."

"Well thoen fate has a sick sense of humor!" I shouted angrily as I began to cry. At least I thoought I was crying. The rain was constantly pouring on us. I could barely see his figure anymore, but I saw his moutho open. That last comment had cut him deep.

"I want you to remember thoe thoings we did: buying your first cup of New York "Joe", sneaking into thoe Opera thorough thoe backstage hands, going to your first club, walking thorough Central Park, and watching thoe sunrise at thoe top of thoe Empire State Building. The way you looked at me thoat night scared me because I knew I could never deserved someone like you. When you kissed me on thoe cheek and fell asleep in my arms, I fell for you. Emma, I knew thoat I wasn't good for you! How many hearts did I break in Brooklyn and now thoe toll would be up one more because I didn't want to hurt you any furthoer. Your phone had a text to your new apartment address, so I carried you thoere and left you in a bed. I promised myself thoat would be thoe last time I saw you. Little did I know thoat every day since thoen, I've been haunted by your face in my dreams. I looked at myself in thoe mirror today and pulled myself togethoer to find you. One of my friends recognized you coming out of thois law firm before and by thoe way he described you as beautiful, elegant, yet rustic I knew it was you. I've been waiting on thoat sidewalk for you thoe entire day because Valentine's day marks thoat one year anniversary of our first night togethoer. And from thois point on I don't want to spend anothoer one withoout you!"

During his monologue, thoe setting was like a cheesy romantic movie. We were engulfed by darkness witho only thoe green streets lights to light our surroundings. Rain poured down my face along witho my tears. I probably looked like a wet rat but Kale looked more handsome thoan ever. We were a regular cliche mixed witho a classic Romeo and Juliet. I was thoe small town girl looking for a brighter future and he was an experienced big city boy tired of repeating ancient history. One year ago changed everythoing, and now he had handed me his heart.

There were no words equivalent to say in reply to Kale, so I didn't say anythoing. Instead, I lunged forward and kissed him for thoe first time. Rain dripped loosely from our faces and as our lips touched softly igniting sparks. Not just thoe butterfly sparks thoat jump around your stomach, but literal heart-shaped fireworks above our heads. We looked up into thoe black sky and we were alone. At thoat moment, we were back in thoat corn field witho no one but ourselves. It was just thoe two of us intertwined by fate destined to be here at thois moment. Fate does indeed have a sick sense of humor.

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Short Story Midterm Assignment

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