Breaking Boundaries

March 15, 2012


The bus screeched to a halt at the last stop before school. Once again screams of laughter echoed through the bus from the back. I clenched my teeth, of course put upon me all this stress, and again have the mumbling buffoons in the back scream like bloody Mary!

The sun was just rising from the east and the cold early spring air was no welcome at all this morning. I sat up looking out the dark window facing the opposite direction from the sun. I sighed thinking another day at camp horror. Truth is I really hate my life. I can't look at myself in the mirror and I have no emotion connection with my family and no friends. Perfect life right? Don't answer that.

The bus finally pulled up to Meadow brook high. Thank god! I stood up grabbing my back pack and my lunch. The bus doors opened and I scurried out just before anyone else notices. Once I enter the main school doors- it's already packed in the hall ways. I find myself going at the same slow speed as the people. Just when things couldn't get worse- someone bumped into me causing me to drop my lunch.

"Hey!" I called after the boy who just continued to walk on. Luckily the halls were less filled and it was easier to trace my lunch. I picked up just the food that wasn't stepped on. I looked up seeing a boy with brownish blond hair- he was picking up some of the food that had fallen on the floor.

"Here I saw you drop something- is this yours?" He asked. I nodded.

"Thanks but I gotta go to class." I said quickly because- I never have had contact with people and I am not gonna start now.

"Wait." He said tugging my arm. What is he three?

"Can I sit with you at lunch?" He asked. Oh great the fool wants to get to know me.

"Sorry I sit alone." I said before jerking my arm back and standing up. I turned away and began to walk to my locker.

God that guy must be a stalker. Note to self: Stay away any close contact can cause something bad.?


I sat outside preparing my lunch. Thank god it wasn't the nutella ham filled sandwich or I would be pissed. I started eating the lunch happily thinking about what I would do later. As I started to think I kept interrupting myself and thinking about the boy who wanted so much to help me. Why?

Does he not know I don't belong here? Is he stupid or something? Everyone who is anyone knows not to talk or mess with me. Well enough about him.

"Hey is this seat taken?" Speak of the devil. Before I respond he sits down next to me and starts eating his pizza. What the...?

"Why are you here?"

"Can't I sit next to you?"

"Dude if you are somebody you would know not to talk or even know me." I said to the point. He was about to take another bite of his pizza before he stopped.

"Says who? I don't listen to those popular kids- all they talk is crap." So true.

"So you agree?" He smirked.

"I said that out loud?!" Crap. He started laughing. Why am I acting so nice to this guy and actually letting my guard down.

"See we could be good friends." He told me smiling. The bell rang, crap now it's time for science.

"See ya later in class..." He hesitated. Well might as well say my name.

"Frankie." I said, nibbling on the last of the sandwich.

"Terence." he replied.

"Bye Frankie." He called running to the doors. For the first time in my life under my black hood- my lips formed into a smile.


Picking up my back pack from the ground- Terence ran bumping into me.

"Hey Frankie can I see your house?" Wow, back to reality Frankie he is a stalker.

"Sorry stalker I walk home on afternoons. The buses are too crowded for me." I walked away pushing the doors as I was caught off from the cold rush of the wind. The one day I didn't bring a jacket and choose to wear short sleeve.

I started to walk heading in the opposite direction than the buses. I looked around seeing the sun setting. Great it would be dark when I get home. I sighed- seeing the air in front of me. I reached in my pocket pulling my ipod out. Plugging the headphones in my ears I turned up "A Girl's Life."

"So how long does it take to get to your house?" I heard a voice. I turned seeing Terence walking close behind me.

"Woah!" I said jumping. He smirked.

"What are you doing?" I asked picking up my pace. He did as well.

"Walking to your house." He replied casually.

"Dude you may be nice but I am gonna scream if you keep following me." I told him walking away. From the corner of my eye I saw him smile. I hope he does follow. What!? Mental slap!

"So how long again?" He challenged?. Is he serious?

"That's it!" I said. I began to ran. I turned my head back seeing him gaining on me. Crap.

"Stranger Danger!" I yelled as I kept running. Legs don't fail me now. Just as I was about to repeat it Terence? picked me up.

"Wahh!" I said sounding stupid. He laughed still running. I pounded my fists on his back.

"Terence!" I screamed. He continued laughing. I just nodded my head laughing with him. We finally stopped at the local park.

"Wow so you are three..." I said giggling. WHAT? I giggled! I can't even giggle! x. x is this possible?

"Ha, three?" He said as he walked over to the slide. He finally lifted me off him. landing me on the slide.

"Terence!" I yelled as I zoomed through the slide falling off the ledge landing on the grass- which was not a soft landing. I laughed running away. He jumped over the railing scooping me up again and throwing me onto the swings. I laughed. I have never had this much fun in my life.? We both were laughing now swinging on the sets.

"Frankie why do you always wear that hood?" Terence asked after awhile. I looked out at the sunset then at him. Should I really tell him?

"Well my face is ugly- let's leave it at that." I said looking away. I could never tell him about ...

"Can I see?" He asked standing up.

"No." I said sternly standing up and backing away.

Only once had anyone ever seen my face...


Five years ago...

"Frankie, if your such a monster prove it!" The little boy said.

"Yea I bet your just hiding the fact that your drop dead gorgeous and only will show it to the guys!" One girl hollered. I shook my head.

"No don't touch my hood!" The boy ran up to me turning me away from the crowd. He flipped my hood over my head. My eyes widened.

"AHH!" He screamed. Pointing at me.

"Her eyes- one is blue and another is green! And that face!" He kept screaming. Tears formed in my eyes. I pulled the hood back. I ran from the group my heart pounding in my ears. I can't speak with anyone again... no I never will!!

So far I believed and followed that rule but then Terence came...


I gasped realizing how close Terence was to me, he flipped the hood back just like the boy did, I covered my face with my arms- I would never show myself never! He gently placed his hands on my arms- and he slowly took then off my face. I looked up at him with my eyes. His eyes widened then relaxed.

"I'm a monster can't you see?" I sobbed out. I turned away.

He hugged me causing me to cry.

"Aren't you scared? Run! like they always do." I cried out.

"I don't think your a monster. Just different." He said calmly.

"Sure- liar." I sobbed out.

"Frankie I am dead serious." I looked up at him- tears kept rolling down my cheeks.

I looked down still sobbing out the last of my tears.

"Frankie- I have something to show you. Come back here at eleven at night. Don't bring anyone and you don't have to wear your hood around me. I like you without the hood." He smiled down at me. I gave a small smile back.

I guess things do change...


"In a world full of wrong choices, someday, someone will come and make you say, 'this time I got it right'."


Long ago, when the world seemed somewhat happier...

"Her heart is very weak, she will die at the age of fifth-teen."

The nurse said blankly at the figures in the backround. When she looked down she saw a small, beautiful baby girl laughing. The nurse smiled, looking at the small child.

"What shall you name her?" The nurse asked looking at the figures again. They shrugged and looked at the child before gazing upon the nurse.

"What is to call her? She'll die soon what's the point?" They replied harshly. The nurse was surprised by this remark. The baby laughed looking up at the nurse. The eyes were quiet different, the nurse knew, but this odd child must have a name.

"May I call her Frankie?" The nurse asked. The figures snorted.

"With an odd name like that, let the last name be freak." They said at last to the nurse. So Frankie Freak it was. The figures refused to have the baby as their child, so they left her in the possession of the nurse. Soon after the nurse brought her home, something happened... and the baby never saw or had heard from the nurse again...



Present Day?

Sitting up in my bed I thought about what happened today. It played as though it were a movie. Could this all be a dream? Who knows. I looked across the room at the black and white-kitty clock. Ten-thirty. I jumped off the bed, grabbing my slippers and my jacket. I picked up her hood, I looked at it before sighing. If Terence was telling the truth...

I threw it to my bed. I opened my door- creaking softly. I walked quietly to the stairs looking at the door- I was leaving my house. A smile grew on my face. I pulled the jacket on me- zipping up and slipping on the slippers. I walked down the hallway downstairs. I saw a reflection in the mirror. I turned my head looking at the mirror. Though my face may not be the prettiest thing on the earth- I was glad Terence is accepting me.

I ran out in the chilly night, the moon my only source of light. I walked quietly, thinking why in this hour would Terence would want me to see him? Who knows- I shrugged it off thinking about how happy he made me. No one has ever made me happy in my entire life. I never knew I could laugh, giggle, or smile or not even where my hat in a million years. This seemed all too fake. I wouldn't be surprised if he was gonna forget me tomorrow and call me freak.

I plugged my ear buds while turning the volume up to the song: Set Fire to the Rain. I humed the song quietly, walking on the crunchy leaves that layed on the side walk. Just as I turned the cornner where I could see the playground I heard a noise.

"AWOOOOOO!" The noise echoed down the streets. I instantly stopped in my tracts. What the hell was that?

I quickened my pace to the playground as the noise grew louder and louder. Is Terence in danger? What is going on!?

I followed the noise which led me to the circle of trees that was at the edge of the forest. The howling or whatever the noise was, started to fade away...

"Terence?" I said staring at the darkness. I then heard a growl. I walked closer braving the noise. The moon shifted it's light landing on the slumbed creature in front of me.

"Terence!" I screamed runing to him. I looked at his face- it was filled with mixed emotion- pain, sorrow, regret and something else...

"You came..." was his weak reply. I put his hand to my face, looking at his face seemed as if some pain was truely hurting him.

"Of course I would, but why are you in pain?" I asked looking at him. He smirked before speaking again.

"Haven't you noticed yet?" I looked at him confused before turning my gaze to his hand. My eyes widdened. There was a mount full of fur growing on his hand, now that I think about it... I looked at his body which had hair growing from everywhere. I stood up looking at him shocked.

"What are you?" I asked looking at him- I looked at his eyes which were looking at the moon. I looked from the moon to him going back and forth- confused. He smiled looking at me.

"Werewolf." I looked at him spectically.

"What?" I asked.

"Werewolf." He said casusally. Not possible!

"Sure and I'm a vampire." I said sarcastically. His face changed into a dark, hard look.

"I'm not lying." He said. I looked at him seriously in a you-pulling-my-leg-cause-this-isn't-funny-look.

"Want more proof?" He asked smiling wickedly at me. I smiled.

"Yeah, I would." He looked at the moon again before returning his gaze at me.

"Step back, and stay in the trees I loose control for awhile when I start to transform." I nodded understanding. Geez this better be real or i'll punch him for lying. I sat on the branch staring at Terence as the moon reflected on him again.

"AWOOOOOOO! AWOOOOO!" He howled, he curled into a ball, making whimpering noises as if her were a dog- his shirt ripped, soon all of his clothes here torn and layed on the ground. His hine legs where the hariest and his claws were long and pointy. His face stuck out- his fangs on display- the image was so unreal. I closed my eyes- upon opening them I saw Terence transforming back.

Was that real?

I slowly climbed down from the tree. I made no haste rushing toward Terence.

"You really are a werewolf?" I blurted out. He nodded looking at me seriously.

"Is that possible? You only come out at full moons? Do you kill people? Are you actually a figure of my imagination! What the hail is going on!?" I asked saying every question poping out of my head. He chuckled looking at me.

"I'll tell you about it later. I'll have to go with my pack soon." Pack? Great just like every werewolf book I have read- Pack, Alpha, female alpha.

"Oh one last question-" He said truning to me.

"Yea?" I said.

"Can you sit with you at lunch tommorrow?" I half smiled.

"Sure." He smiled back. I turned around- turning my ipod on to: Teenage Dream.

I felt my arm jerked back as I came face to face with Terence. We were only inches away from my lips... WHAT THE!? DID I JUST-

Before I thought even more about it, Terence leaned froward and gave me a quck peck on the lips.

"See you tommorrow." He said a fire dancing in his eyes.

"I...uh..yea." I can't speak! God damn!

He ran off into the night as a cool mist followed his echoing steps down the pavement. I smiled. Maybe I have something finally to live for. On the way home I skipped while humming to Without you.

To be continued...

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