Lost Without You part 1

March 15, 2012
By SunshineRawr SILVER, Presque Isle, Maine
SunshineRawr SILVER, Presque Isle, Maine
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The cold air hit her skin as she exited the bus it was only October and already everything was covered in a thin blanket of white. She took a deep breath as she stared at the bright red doors of the high school, she didn’t want to enter the building she knew what would happen when she stepped inside. She leaned against the building very close to another panic attack she took out her compact and stared at her reflection, the fear in her eyes was evident. She snapped the compact shut and pulled her brown shoulder length hair down in front of her eyes. Its time you face them she thought to herself as she took one last breath and stepped inside the cafeteria.

Tate watched her every step as she walked in. He gritted his teeth as he glared over at Brian who was also watching her intently. Brian had no right to be looking at her like that: not with all the ways he had hurt her. Tate turned his attention back to her as she approached. “Morning Luna.” he said as he wrapped his arms around her small frame. Was it possible that she had gotten smaller over the short few weeks’ school was out? Luna was changing so much lately it was hard to tell what was being changed and what was staying the same. Tate stared up at her now and saw her brown eyes darting back and forth. “Are you ever going to let me go?” she asked him sounding slightly irritated now. “Sorry.” He muttered under his breath letting her go. His eyes never leaving her as she took her seat.

Brian stared into Luna’s eyes trying to make her understand what he did, but she quickly averted her eyes. He knew there was no way, maybe Tate was right, maybe Luna did hate him for what he did. He stared down at the table and decided that maybe it would be best if he just left. Brian stood and headed toward the staircase. He was half way up the stairs when Luna appeared next to him. “I don’t hate you Brian.” She said in a voice almost like a whisper. “What makes you think I thought you hated me?” he said harsher then he intended. “You’re forgetting I can read people quite well.” He hadn’t forgotten. He continued to walk the hall way with her following close behind. He tried to focus on the sounds, around him people laughing, lockers clattering closed, and the hum of people chattering. The bell rang and she quickly wrapped her arms around him before quickly disappearing into the mass of people.

Luna made it to her homeroom quickly and took a seat at the nearest desk. She tried to take a moment to go over the morning before the second bell rang and the room flooded with other students. It was bad, but it could have been much worse, Tate and Brain could have gotten into another fight. Luna sighed and stared at her desk, she could see the furry and pain in Tate’s blue eyes when she walked in this morning, and his left eye still had a faint ring around it. Tate was trying to protect her, but when was he going to learn that she didn’t need protection from Brain. Her head was pounding it was then the second bell rang.

Tate sighed as he watched late students scrambling through the halls. Wondering what had happened after Brian and Luna were out of his sight. He rested his head in his palms avoiding his left eye. Would she ever get it through her head that Brian was just bad news? No Luna was to forgiving to ever see Brian like he did. Tate shook his head, by now the announcements humming over the speaker softly in the background.

Brian sat in his first period class, his thoughts twisted and mashed like fruit in a blender. All he could think about was Luna, she had looked really nice today, she always looked good in blue. He sighed and stared at the essay outline for his English 3 class but couldn’t focus. Why had he let her become all he could think about? Brian stared at the outline again trying to somehow push her from his thoughts, as if the paper in front of him held some magical key with all the answers.

Luna stared blankly into the distance, barely aware that she was severely over beating the egg needed for the cookies. “Um that’s enough darling.” Luna turned around to see Lena standing behind her. “Oh right sorry.” Luna responded in a shaky voice handing the bowl back to Lena, who quickly added it to the batter. Suddenly she heard her name over the speaker “Could you send Luna to the front office please?” her heart sped up as if trying to beat its way out of her chest.

Tate stood in Mr. Grover’s office pacing back and forth holding his now broken nose. “Have a seat Tate.” Mr. Grover said gesturing to the seat across form Brian. It was then Luna walked in and Mr. Grover glanced at her. “I think I'm going to give you three some space to work this out.” Mr. Grover left the office closing the office door with a quiet thud behind him. “What on earth happened?” There was thick furry in Luna’s voice. Tate watched disgusted as Luna walked over to Brian and lightly caressed his battered face.

Brian stood and led Luna to the chair next to him and held her hand. “I went out of class for a teacher and Tate was in the hall.” He paused for a moment. “Tate made a point to shove me as he walked by and I punched him in the face.” Luna sighed and he felt her gently squeeze his hand. “Are you seriously going to believe him after what he did to you?” Tate shot across the small office furiously. Brian glanced at Luna who was staring down her eyes filled with tears. Tate had no right to speak to her like that and yet he kept calling himself the better person.“Watch it or more will be broken then just your nose.’’ Brian shot back just as furiously. Both guys were getting defensive; Luna rushed to her feet and stood between the two of them. “Stop it, just stop ok. There is no need for this.”She screamed, her voice getting shrill. It was then that Mr. Grover returned.

Luna went silent and turned her gaze to Mr. Grover, her face went blank. She moved back over to her chair next to Brain sinking slowly into it, once again intertwining her fingers with his. Mr.Grover decided that until a resolution could be found both boys would be sent to in school suspension for the day. Luna walked slowly to her math class, taking her place behind Aoi. “Aoi.” She said poking her friend repeatedly to catch her attention. Aoi turned around and snapped at Luna’s finger, which was normal only this time Aoi caught Luna’s finger in her mouth and bit down quite hard. Luna started laughing hard. “I'm so sorry.” Aoi said in between laughs,“I'm going to feel bad all day now.” Luna laughed harder. “Its ok it’s numb now.” Both girls laughed loudly. “I'm so sorry.” Aoi repeated again still laughing. Luna stopped laughing just long enough to say it was ok. Luna then turned her attention to the cell that vibrated in her pocket. It was Brian. The text read ‘skip the rest of the day with me after this period.’ She quickly responded.

Tate’s head was down on his desk, his mind circled with thought. He looked up and shot a look to Brian who was entranced in his phone. The bell rang and Brian quickly talked to the teacher and walked out. Tate sat and wondered where he was heading. Tate rested his head back on his desk. 20 minuets passed, still no sign of Brian.

Brian watched as Luna opened her front door and waved him inside. He stepped in and followed her to a medium sized room with wooden walls and a good-sized TV. Luna gestured to the couch. “Make your self comfy, I’ll be right back.” Luna walked into a small room that appeared to be the bathroom and returned with a dampened cloth. “This may sting a little.” She said in a whispery voice sitting next to him and taking his head in her hand. Brain winced slightly as Luna began slowly and intently cleaning the small gash on his forehead. Luna put the cloth down beside her on the couch and ran her thumb along his jaw line he shivered.

Luna looked down and slowly removed her hand from his face. Brain lifted her face to meet his and stared intently into her eyes, before kissing her. She kissed him back and stared into his grey eyes. “What happened to us?” She asked in a small voice. “I don’t know.” Brian responded taking her into his arms, holding her close like he used to. They sat like that for what seemed like only a few seconds before noticing the digital clocks red numbers were flashing the time 2:00. Luna stood and looked in to Brian’s eyes. “We should get back to the school.” She said it as if the words were forced; she knew they had to get back; Brian’s parents would be there to pick him up soon. They walked outside and locked the door, Luna turned to begin the walk back but Brian caught her in his arms before she could. “Take me back, I promise I wont screw up again.” He said his voice shaky and full of want. Luna couldn’t find the words she needed, she kissed him passionately hoping that would be all he needed to realize that she would take him back. He looked at her and smiled indicating his understanding.They stared at each other a moment longer before linking hands and making their way back to the school.

Tate leaned against the outside door; the bell had rang five minutes ago and still no sign of Luna or Brian.Tate turned to enter the school when he heard laughing. He turned to see Luna and Brian making their way up the path. Luna’s face went blank and emotionless when she saw Tate. No one talked, no one moved, Brian took Luna’s hand and tried to lead her past Tate. Tate moved his arm and caught her in it before Brian could lead her away.

Brian quickly snatched Luna away. “Don’t touch her.” Brian snapped as threateningly as he could muster. “I’m... Ok.” Luna responded though shock and fear lingered in her voice. “He didn’t hurt me.” She said her voice a little stronger. Brian didn’t take his eyes off Tate, but Tate paid no attention. “I just want to talk to her.” Tate said more to her then Brian. Luna looked up at Brian demanding his attention with only her eyes. “I’ll be fine, let me go. He wont hurt me. Your parents will be here soon any way go wait for them. I will call you later.” Brian reluctantly agreed he took Luna into his arms and kissed her before walking to where his parents picked him up.

Luna shot Tate a look. If looks could kill Luna would have Tate dead in seconds. She crossed her arms “You wanted to talk. So talk.” She said sternly. Tate motioned to one of the picnic tables and sat across from her. “What are you thinking Luna? Are you insane? Do you want to be hurt again?” His words were dagger sharp and cut her deeply. Luna shook her head in disbelief he had no right to speak to her like that.“You hurt me more then him sometimes.” Luna shot back. “Ya well I never madeout with your best friend.” Luna sat in silence taking Tate’s verbal beat down. Tate was not going to drop this. “He’s an undeserving man-whore Luna.” At this Luna snapped her eyes turned furious. “How dare you!” She screamed. She slapped Tate as hard as she could before taking a breath, standing, and turning to board her bus.

Tate rubbed his cheek a red mark was forming. Was she really that naive? Tate stared into the street watching the cars and buses pass by. It was then the guilt set in. What right did he have trying to control Luna? To choose whom she loved? Luna’s words replayed in his head. “You hurt me more then he dose sometimes." Brian had only hurt her once he was forgiven but the forgiveness wasn’t just handed to him. Brian worked for it. Brian stopped hurting her. All Tate was doing was trying to make her hate Brian. Maybe… Tate snapped out of it what the hell he thinking. Brian was the bad guy not him. Tate should be the one Luna was running to. Tate shook his head. He wasn’t going to watch him hurt her again.

Brian’s phone began vibrating in his pocket; he took it out quickly almost dropping it. “Luna.” He sighed the name with relief as he glanced at the picture on the screen. He picked it up. “Hey.” He said as if he was in a trance. “How did the talk with Tate go?” The other end was quiet for a moment.“Fine. But I don’t think I’ll be speaking to him for a while.” Brian tensed “Did he hurt you? What happened?” Luna sighed on the other end “I’m fine he didn’t hurt me. Nothing happened.”

The author's comments:
This is part one of a story. It's fiction though its based off some not so good times in my life. I hope you enjoy it.

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