Consequence of Living

March 14, 2012
By adrinn GOLD, Sheridan, Indiana
adrinn GOLD, Sheridan, Indiana
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Death. I tried to wrap my mind around the concept. My first true love was gone and I could not seem to comprehend the thought of such an occurrence. Nature demands death of everyone yet her cold punishment is the single hardest part of human life to understand. If you have never felt the loss of a loved one, then true pain has never chafed your soul. To hold the one you love in your arms and stare upon their face is the hardest part of death. Knowing that you will never see them in this life cuts deeper into the heart than any other tragedy. To know that you will never be able to hug or kiss them makes the thought all the more unbearable. It feels as if your heart has been torn from your body by the tormentor, stepped on, burned, and returned bleeding everywhere inside. Your eyes never stop overflowing in tears.
A tear is probably the best image of death to come to mind. Although death is painful and bitter running wildly down your face, mocking you to stop it yet knowing full well the destruction it leaves in its wake, it releases you from the burdens of this life. It envelops you in a soft, warm blanket, smothering your last trifle with this world. Yes. A tear is the best image of death.

The author's comments:
This was going to be the beginning of a longer piece of writing I was working on last year, but it never fully formulated.

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