On The Hood of a Chevelle

March 14, 2012
By Emma_Michelle SILVER, Westminster, Maryland
Emma_Michelle SILVER, Westminster, Maryland
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I sit at my computer as I attempt to do some much dreaded homework. I get 3 math problems in and my chat window pops up with a beep. I read the 6 words on the screen and laugh.
“Hey beautiful, you need a ride?”
It’s one of our oldest private jokes; Jake and I. We’ve been friends for a very long time and just started at the same college; a plus to having a best friend with the same interests. I quickly type a reply.
“As long as your car doesn’t break down.”
A minute later the computer beeps again. “Oh, low blow. I’ll have you know my car’s a classic and much older than yours, so it’s allowed to have a couple bad days. Last Thursday was just one of those days.”
I laugh out loud. Jake has a 1970 Chevelle SS and is practically in love with it. There’s another beep. “So really, do you want to go for a ride?”
“Oh I don’t know I’m feeling my math work is much more tempting.” I reply jokingly.
“Meet me at the car in 5.”
I smile and grab my jacket before heading out the door. I zip it up as I leave the dorm and walk to his car. He’s not there yet so I lean against it and put my hands behind me on the hood. A minute later he’s headed toward me looking down at his phone.
“Hey sexy.” I say in a deep voice.
He looks up quick and exhales loudly. “You gotta stop being so good at that Lil. I seriously thought that was a guy; albeit a somewhat girly guy.” He says using his nickname for me.
Lil is short for Lilly, which is my favorite flower. Some of my friends just call me Lily since I’m always drawing them on everything.
I grin and walk over to Jake. “What’s the matter gorgeous? Scared you’re too much of a pretty boy for the girls to want you?” I say in the deep voice.
Jake just stares at me for a minute then we both crack up because he is the opposite with his dark semi-unkempt hair and dark clothes. He wears jeans and leather jackets and has a crooked smile that can make some girls melt. Not me of course. I do love his crooked smile, but in a different way. As our laughter dissipates e unlocks the car.
“Come on. Get in.” He says opening his door.
We drive to one of our usual spots which is actually kind of like a cliché make out-spot-on-a-mountain from the movies. When we get there he shuts the car off and we lay on the hood.
“You’re a bad influence.” I say to him as I look up at the stars.
He laughs, “And how’s that?”
“You got me to come out instead of doing homework.”
“Well as I remember, it didn’t take much coaxing to get you to come.”
“It’s your fault.” I say, “You’re just too awesome to resist.”
“Oh yeah. ‘And when I look into those deep blue eyes my heart aches’” I say with my hands over my heart “‘and I would give anything to have those arms around me.’” I shout out dramatically.
“Oh you’re so mean.” Jake says rolling over onto his side.
I laugh, “Oh come on that poem was ridiculous.” I say, referring to the poem I recited by a classmate.
“It wasn’t that bad.”
“Okay maybe the poem wasn’t so bad, but the reciting was terrible.”
He laughed, “Yeah it was pretty terrible.” Jake smiled down at me and began to recite something. “No matter how hard things get, I know you’ll always be there to make me laugh. I will always be here for you and I hope you always come to me about anything; no matter how much it may hurt you or me. Even if you tried to push me away, I’d never leave because you are my whole world.”
I looked up at him; confused. “Are those song lyrics?”
“Who wrote it?”
“I did.” He said looking down at me with his deep blue eyes.
Something in those eyes changed. I could see a perceptible difference in the eyes I’ve been looking into for the better part of my life. I was just thinking of how I could’ve missed it before when Jake pushed stray hair from my face. He’s done it so many times before, but somehow this time it’s different and then I realize the way he’s looking at me. It must show on my face because he smiles down at me.
“Finally.” He still has his hand on the side of my head and whispers, “Took you long enough Lil. I think your blonde’s starting to show.” I start to protest – even though my hair really is blonde – because I hate when people say that, but he cuts me off with a kiss; a kiss so soft and gentle that I feel like I’m floating. Jake starts to pull away but I take his hand in mine and lean in for another taste of bliss.

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