My First: Heartbreak

March 13, 2012
What is it about someone’s confidence that leads people to him or her like magnets? Having a certain smile, a special way of walking can be all it takes to get attention. Let’s just say this isn’t a trait that I really respect in people.
I starting my fourth year of college, working on my phycology major. After two years of studying the human brain, I still have no clue about people. The only difference between now and two years ago is that I learned a lot of fancy medical terms and I had my heart broken.
Yes. The tragic story of how a girl gets her heart broken by her first love, ironically the first person she ever did it with. Boo hoo. So even if you feel like s*** and your heart feels like it’s been broken, life does in fact go on. As mine did the day he left without a single word. Two years later I’m studying at UCLA, trying my best to just graduate with no drama. A plan, which until today, had been working.
Today was the first day of the beginning of mid-semester. Normally this year would’ve been exactly like last year, except for one exception. There was a new student at the front of the room right now, talking to the teacher. Everyone else around me was chatting with each other, sneaking side glances at the new kid. I was looking at my notes from last month, when I noticed someone shift beside me. Taking one look at the chair beside me I mentally groaned. The chair next to me had been empty for most of the year, and apparently it was the only open chair in the whole classroom. I was going to head back to my notes when I saw a hand extended towards me.
“Hi. I’m Noah ” All hopes of catching up on some notes dashed out the window, I shook his hand.
“Pretty name. Eve.” He pretended like he was thinking it over. “So Eve, would it be all right if I humbly asked for your assistance today?”
Before I could even think of a reply, the teacher stood in front of the board and called for attention. For the next hour I only concentrated on the notes that the professor was giving. The biggest difference was that today I noticed the sound of a new pen scratching beside. Little did I know that today was going to turn out more differently than I thought it would.
He waited for me to pack up my stuff, and started making conversation.
“So, how about it? Will you help me?” He was asking in this really friendly easy-going type of voice. I reached for the last piece of paper on my desk, when he grabbed it and handed it to me. I was about to take it from him, when I looked in his eyes. There were dark brown shade of brown, and I couldn’t look away from them. Quickly stuffed the last paper in my bag, and started heading for the door. Looking behind me I asked: “Well are we starting the tour or what?” Before I even reached the doorway, I already regretted what I just said.

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Jessica. said...
Apr. 27, 2012 at 7:49 pm
love the detail. makes me wanna
pageturner This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 17, 2012 at 3:02 pm
sorry, there's a small typo. it's really her third year of college, not her fourth.
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