Unexpected Valentine

March 7, 2012
By Ashley Kajy BRONZE, West Bloomfield, Michigan
Ashley Kajy BRONZE, West Bloomfield, Michigan
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Abby Hart was sprawled out across her bed dreading the day ahead of her. She hated Valentine’s Day. All it was to her was a bunch of love sick idiots who needed flowers and candy to make them feel wanted and loved. Sadly she used to one of those idiots. Today was the first Valentine’s Day in three years that she would be alone and boyfriend less. All she wanted to do was stay home and avoid all the romantic things she would be faced with at work.
Suddenly a knock was heard at the door. Abby groaned and shifted around putting her pillow over her head, but the knocking still continued.
“Open up Abby,” Jenna, Abby’s best friend yelled through the door.
Abby moved slightly so she lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling.
“Come on you have to get to work in an hour.”
Abby slowly got out of bed and dragged her feet to the door, “I’m coming.” She opened up the door and faced a well dressed, cheerful looking Jenna.
“You look terrible,” Jenna commented coming into the apartment.
“Thanks,” Abby said shutting the door.
“Come on and get ready for work. Go take a shower and I’ll find you something to wear.”
Abby looked at her best friend skeptically, “Alright but nothing festive.” she warned walking into her bathroom.

20 minutes later Abby walked out of the bathroom and saw her cloths neatly laid out on her bed. A red long sleeve turtle neck with a rose broche pined in the corner and black jeans. She could have done without the red shirt but she wore it anyway. The diamond heart necklace laid out on her dresser is what she would not wear. Matt, her ex- boyfriend for three years gave her that necklace for Valentine’s Day last year. There was no way she was going to wear it today of all days. She put the cloths on realizing Jenna wasn’t around. She walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the table - Picked you up Starbucks. I’ll meet you for lunch later, Enjoy. Abby put the note down and grabbed the warm coffee cup, taking a sip. She grabbed her phone and purse and headed to work. Abby worked at a flower shop down the street from her apartment in New York. She was working at the shop while she went to school. Today was their busiest day of year, she usually took off the day to spend it with Matt but this year she got stuck working. She reached the shop and opened the door stepping into the heated store.
“Hey Chicka,” Belinda said coming over to Abby.
“Hey,” Abby said quietly.
“Please try and smile to customers every once in a while.”
“You know I do,” Abby defended herself.
“Whatever you say, I’ll be in the back starting the arrangements,” Belinda said walking away.
The door opened and a bell rung, signaling the first customer had walked in. A tall man dressed in a black suite holding a sheet of paper walked up to counter.
“Hello, how can I help you?”
“Hi, um can I get 3 orders of a dozen red roses.”
“Sure, what would you like the cards to say?”
“Uh one can say Happy Valentine’s day see you at 6 and the next one…” the man trailed off looking back down at the paper in his hand, “Thinking of you, love, Tim and the last dozen do not need a card.”
Abby rolled her eyes, seriously this guy had three different girls and they probably didn’t even know it.
“Alright that will be $70,” Abby said. He handed her the money and walked out of the store.

A few hours had gone by and Abby was waiting for Jenna to show up for lunch. She had about 25 people come in this morning. Little boys buying flowers for their school crushes, husbands buying for their wives, some girls picking up flowers, even if they didn’t say, Abby could tell they were for themselves.
Abby was putting things in order, getting ready to leave when someone walked in.
“Sorry, we’re not going to be open for another hour,” Abby said without looking up.
The person walked up to the register and stood there. Abby looked up and saw a little girl around the age of five, staring up at all the flowers.
“I want the pink rose,” the little girl said pointing at the flower.
Abby stared down at the girl wondering where her parents were.
“Sweetie, where’s your mommy or daddy?”
The little girl ignored her and ran out of the store. Abby walked to the window but the little girl was out of sight. She walked back behind the counter and continued arranging flowers. A few minutes later a tall man in his late twenties walked into the flower shop. He had dark brown hair that was slicked back and he had blue eyes. He was dressed very casual, jeans and an NYU sweatshirt. The man walked up to the counter and looked around. After staring at the guy for a few seconds she made her way to the register.
“Hi, how can I help you?”
“Hello, how are you?” the man asked smiling.
“I’m okay, what can I get you?” Abby said smiling weakly.
“Well I need a dozen red roses and a dozen daises,” He said.
“What would you like the cards to say?”
“On the roses put Happy Valentine’s Day my love and on the other put you’re the best… for today.”
Abby looked down for a minute then looked back up rolling her eyes. The man saw that and looked at her strangely.
“You know, you really should just stick with one girl.”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me. Seriously one girl isn’t enough for you?”
The man stared at Abby before laughing, “You’re funny.”
“I’m not trying to be funny, jerk.”
“My name’s actually Nick and I still have one more order.”
“Well Nick, I don’t think I can help you here. I won’t help a man who has three girlfriends.”
“I don’t have three girlfriends. One dozen of the roses are from my dad. He can’t go out in this weather, so he asked me to send roses to my mom from him. The other flowers are for my older sister.”
“Oh…,” Abby blushed feeling embarrassed.
He laughed, “See I’m not a bad guy, I swear---?”
“Abby, Sorry,” she said smiling back.
A few moments later a woman walked through the door and approached Nick.
“Hey,” Nick said hugging the mysterious woman.
“Hey.” She said.
Nick turned back to Abby, “and my next order.”
“Right… what would you like?”
“One pink rose,” Nick said smiling down at the girl next to him.
“What do you want on the card?”
“Hmm… Happy Valentine’s Day princess.”
“Alright, is that it?”
Nick handed her the money, “I Will come by later with my valentine and pick up the rose.”
“Okay have a good day,” Abby said forcing a smile and looking down.
Ten minutes later Jenna walked into the shop.
“Finally, let’s go,” Abby said coming from around the counter.
“Had a bad day?”
“Not quite.”
“Okay, let’s go.”

The girls spent an hour at a little café down the street and were heading back to the shop. They walked into the store and Abby went behind the counter while Jenna stood on the other side. Just then the same man from earlier walked in.
“Hello again,” He smiled.
“I’m here to pick up my flower.”
“Right,” Abby looked behind nick and saw Jenna staring at him. When she looked back up she mouthed “Hot,” to Abby.
“Shut up,” Abby said.
“What?” Nick said.
“Not you. Here’s your flower,” Abby said handing him the rose.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
“She got a little sick,” Nick said.
“Who” Abby said confused.
“The recipient of this rose. She couldn’t come with me because she got a little cold.”
“Oh that’s …. Unfortunate.”
“Yeah, I’m taking her to that new place Carlo’s to get some soup later.”
“Carlo’s has the best soup. It should make her feel much better.”
“You should join us; she does love flowers and talking about them.”
Abby snorted, “Yeah, right.”
“You’re really asking me to join you and girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?” Abby said.
Before Nick could correct her, someone walked through the door.
“Crap,” he heard Abby whisper.
“Who’s that?” he asked.
“My ex- Boyfriend”
Jake approached the counter and stood there smiling at Abby.
“Hey Abby,” He said.
“Jake,” Abby mumbled, looking down.
“Can I get a dozen red roses?”
“Sure, and what do you want on the card?”
“Happy Valentine’s Day babe”
“Are you almost ready Abby are reservation is in twenty minutes?” Nick said appearing next to Jake.
Jake looked at nick before saying, “Who are you?”
“I’m Nick, Abby’s Boyfriend. You must be her ex, Blake?”
“It’s Jake.”
“Oh sorry man,” He turned his attention back to Abby, “Ready?”
Abby shook her head at Nick, “Yeah one minute,” she handed the flowers to Jake, “$25.”
He handed her the money before stealing one more glance at the two of them, then walking out.
“Thanks for that,” Abby said
“It’s no problem. But I am serious our reservation is in twenty minutes.”
“I told you I’m not tagging along with you and your girlfriend.”
“You won’t be. She should be meeting us here any minute.”
Just as nick said that a little girl and the same woman from earlier walked in.
“So you want me to come with your wife and daughter.”
“Actually I’m his sister and she’s my daughter. I’m Sarah,” she said introducing herself.
“Uncle Nicky!” the little exclaimed running to Nick.
“And that’s Lucy,” Sarah said.
“Hi sweetie, Happy Valentine’s Day,” Nick said revealing the pink rose.
“Thank you Uncle Nicky. It’s so pretty.”
“You’re welcome. Are you ready to get going?”
“Yes,” The little girl said.
“Ready Abby” Nick asked.
Before Abby could protest, Lucy jumped in, “Let’s go Abby, tell me all about the pretty flowers,” she said taking her hand and dragging her out of the store.
Sarah laughed and watched the three of them walk out of the store, “Don’t keep her out too late.”
“We won’t,” Nick said waving to his sister and catching up with Abby and Lucy.
“Uncle Nicky, Abby said she could show me all the flowers later.”
“Wow lucky you,” Nick said smiling at Abby.
Abby smiled back and looked back down at Lucy, listening to her ramble on about all the flowers she would be showing her later.

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mel.co BRONZE said...
on Mar. 11 2012 at 11:48 pm
mel.co BRONZE, Lamar, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
A smile can start a conversation without saying a word

This story is AMAZING!!! It was well written and i fell completely in love with it! Its was oen of those stories that i didnt want to end... you have alot of talent! Is there a 2nd part i wanna read!! :) Keep wrting... :) :)


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