Lost And Found

March 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Chapter 1: Bright Lights, Big City

The windy air blew the autumn leaves scattering all over the pavement and sidewalk. Crunching were the crisp, orange, yellow, and red leaves under my feet. It felt wonderful to walk in confidence despite the chilling air threatening to worsen my day. You see fall came early in New York, while everyone else got on with their busy lives, I appreciated the magnificent beauty the city had of portraying its seasons evidently. Unlike Texas, you couldn’t really tell what season it was and they always came significantly late. Hating the hot and humid weather, low educational status, and tiresome life, I moved on to bigger and greater things. I got accepted to New York University, my dream school since I was a child. Stepping down the stairwell descending to the underground subway station, it felt good as the air gushed between my face as the train raced on by. “I have found my place.” I said to myself as I smiled.

The train ceased to slowing halt as I approached it first. I sat in the aisle seat to the left which provided me the most leg room. Quickly people began to fill the other seats in large chunks.
“Excuse me?” a subtle poke in the shoulder caused me to jump, “Can I sit here?” the fellow asked. I turned around to face him. He had shiny black hair to the lower half of his neck. Strands of hair slung over his eyes in a graceful manner. His moon-grey eyes glistened bright like the stars. His clothes were simple yet stylish: a Rolex watch on his wrist, dark grey button up shirt, black striped skinny tie, black dress jeans, and a pleasant smell of Dolce and Cabana Blue cologne.
“Sure,” I smiled and pushed back in my seat to let him through. Something about him was familiar but I couldn’t remember how I knew him, but I did know him.

“Hi my name is Tom,” I extended my hand over to greet her, she seemed oddly familiar. She smiled and grasped my hand tightly, unafraid to be conversing with strangers.

“Hello, my name is Delilah!” Her pearly white teeth gleamed bright, her mocha brown eyes shimmered with delight, and her cheekbones were raised high. She was genuinely happy about something. Her chestnut brown waves framed her face and flipped with every head tilt or movement. “I’m new here.”

“Are you now?”
“Yes, I’m going to NYU.”
“Really? So am I, what a coincidence.”
“Could you perhaps show me to class?”
“Did you even have to ask? Of course.”
“So you’re from Texas right?” I asked as I pointed to her bag of HEB brand chips.
She chuckled, “Well I did live there for a while, but I’m not from there. The chips were pretty obvious, huh?”
“Yeah, they kinda were. So where exactly are you from?”
“Oh, New Jersey!”
“Ah, New York’s other sister.”
“Haha! I suppose.”
“You’re pretty cool to talk to Delilah, we should hang out sometime.”
“Yeah, we should,” Dialiah nodded.
I brought out my mini pen and ripped out a sheet of paper from my notebook, scribbling down my number and handing it to her.
“Old school, huh?”
“You bet!” I winked.
“So why dress so fancy?”
“Why not? I dress to impress on the first day of school,” She then proceeded to give me the evil eye. “Not the ladies, I swear. The professors tend to go easy on you if you are prepared to learn on the first day of school.” I said as I put my hands up in defense.
“Hahaha!” We both laughed in unison, I haven’t had this much in common with a stranger ever. It’s like we’ve known each other for years yet we didn’t. The train halted to a stop, the people desperately out in anguish. Yet Delilah and I walked out together in a confident stride with no rush whatsoever. Her aura was sticking to me, it was as if time slowed down and the beauty of ordinary things glistened. Today I began to appreciate the simplest things I took for granted because sometimes special people make you see the world in a different light and I liked this new light, I liked it a lot.

We were approaching NYU as Tom told me more about himself. “Wait? You’re in a band?”
“Rad, so am I.”
Tom used his mean girl voice. “Shut up!”then proceeded to place both his hands on his cheeks and later playfully shoved me into a hobo.
“Hey! Watch where you are going you stupid kids!” screamed the hobo.
“Haha! I’m so sorry Delilah!”
“It’s ok, haha, just remember he said kids not kid.”
“Is that supposed to offend me?”
“Most people would be.”
“Well I’m not most people.”
“I see that,” I eyed him up and down to emphasize my point.
“Got the memo!”
“Haha, glad you did.”
“Which band are you in Tom?”
He snapped his fingers, “The one that plays instruments.”
“Wow, I didn’t know bands played instruments!” I replied, my voice dripping with sarcasm.
“Well you learn something new every day! And if you must know, I’m in Karma.”
“No way! Karma is like super cool and play tons of gigs all over New York and you’re…”
“Hey, I wasn’t going to say that.”
“But you were thinking it. You see on stage I tend to wear more attention grabbing clothes.”
“Stage clothes…”
“Oh trust me, I know.”
“Wait, you’ve been to my concerts?”
“Yeah of couse! My old childhood friend from school Tommy said he was gonna be in that band but I guess he didn’t make the cut.”
“Why would you assume that?”
“Well gosh I haven’t seen Tommy in years since I moved to Houston and Facebook didn’t help much in finding my old friends since it was new so I guess I’ll never really know.”
“Wait, you moved to Houston?”
“I know that Tommy and that Tommy or should I say Tom missed you a lot.”
“Tom!” Tom shook his head. “Dilly!”
“Oh please it’s Delilah now.”
“Dilly!” he had his arms wide open signaling for a hug. I embraced in the lovefest. He smelled good, really good.

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For My Friend Lili

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