The First Day in Heaven

March 2, 2012
"Ahh! Quit it!" she yelled, as I grabbed her by the waist and spun her around a few times. It was days like this that I lived for. She and I were walking around Falls Park. The sun was shining. There were the families having their little picnics, the people throwing Frisbees to their dogs. There were also other couples like us, walking around and holding each other close by. But I didn't care about them other girls. The only one I cared about was being spun around in circles by me.

"Ha ha, oh my gosh-oh!" she yelled, as she fell to the ground, taking me with her by my hand. I worry that she might be hurt, but her smiling and laughing makes me think otherwise. Now we were on one of the hills, laughing and still holding each other's hand and looking at each other. The rays of the warm sun were beaming on us. I normally didn't think of the Sun in a specific way of benefiting me personally. But I thanked as it made her bright green eyes even brighter.

"Oh my gosh...oh, I haven't ever had this much fun at the park!" she said, still having a laugh fest for a few more seconds.
"Yeah, I haven't either." I replied, knowing full and well that was the truth. Those green eyes were locked on my blue ones as she flipped her brown hair behind her.

"I'm glad that we had World Geography together last semester and met each other." I said.
"I know...I'm glad that happened too." she says, looking at me. We then stood up, and as soon as we did, we hugged each other. We held each other tight for what seemed like eternity. She is definitely different. She isn't some girl that has boobs and a cute butt. She was someone I liked for both the outside beauty, and the inside too.

"You know I care about you right?" she asked.
"Yeah baby...God I could hold you forever." I said. She gave a slight laugh and smiled.
"I hope you're telling the truth about that." she said. I'm not normally the romantic poet, awesome lyricist type, but somehow the words just spurted out of my mouth.

"I'm serious. I need you Abby. Like the roses need the a poet needs the pain. I just can't live without you. I feel like me and you really are one." After a few seconds of her looking at me, a tear rolled down her cheek.
"Why are you crying?" I asked her.
"It's just...I've never had a boy care so much, and be so sweet to me, and...I just..." she didn't say anything else.

"I love you Abby." I said.
"I love you too baby." she said, and then we shared a long but gentle kiss, right in Falls Park. That was the first day...I spent in Heaven.

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