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March 2, 2012
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It was the first post she saw on Facebook. Despair ran swiftly through her veins. It was official. The past weeks she believed that it was a dream, he'd come back. This post confirmed her biggest fear: he was gone.

Robert is in a relationship with Meghan.

Her chest ached as if a knife was cutting through her. Holding back a sob, Cassy closed her laptop and let herself fall on her bed. Tears streamed down her cheeks, making her hair and neck wet. Cassy laid on the bed for a few minutes before sitting up to pull back her hair. She wiped her cheeks.

Her bedroom was large along with the oak dresser she took her favorite sweatpants out of. It was Sunday night- tomorrow she'd go to school to face Rob and Meghan, together at last. Cassy out of their way. It was time for bed although it was barely past nine. The coming week was going to be a long, painful one. Hopefully, she'd sleep. ~ As always Cassy dressed her best: jeans, a tighter shirt, straight hair, little make-up. She drove to school through the New Hampshire snow, falling gently. It was beautiful, but Cassy was too distracted to enjoy it.

The second bell rang out as Cassy entered the door. The women at the front desk said good morning along with the guidance consular and other teachers that passed her. She was thankful to get into her Algebra 2 class. "Try to be here before the first bell, Mrs. Tandor," her teacher said as she walked in. Cassy nodded at him. As she sat down, Mr. Kannon got up and waddled to the front of the class and began discussing probability. Cassy concentrated on Mr. Kannon although she wasn't interested.

Walking towards her next class, Cassy found Robert and Meghan by Robert's locker, their hands locked together. Cassy watched as Robert laid his soft lips on Meghan's mouth. Turning away, Cassy let a tear fall silently from her eye.

"Your mascara is going to run if you cry, Cass," Trevor said suddenly standing in front of her. Cassidy wiped the tears with her sleeve as Trevor embraced her kindly. He looked over at where Robert and Meghan stood and sighed.

"I'd tell you it's not worth crying over," he whispered, "but I know you won't listen." Cassidy's lips smiled gently around the corners, knowing how right Trevor was. Trevor could tell her a thousand times how Robert wasn't worth her tears, he could tell her his deepest secrets, and count all his flaws, even bag on Meghan, but it wouldn't make her feel any better.

Cassidy saw Meghan look away from Robert and stare at her. Trevor noticing the silent exchange between the girls curled his arm around Cassidy's shoulders and turned her in the other directions. "Let's get you to class," he whispered.

Trevor left Cassidy at her classroom door. She was thankful that Trevor had walked her through the halls. She couldn't have made it to her classroom without him. There was a reason they were best friends.

Cassidy and Trevor had been babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners together. They were together all the way up to high school. Their parents were friends, visiting each other's houses often.

Sitting in class, Cassidy recalled Trevor telling her that Robert didn't deserve her, that he'd treat her wrong. He was a known cheater. Cassidy had ignored Trevor's warnings, thinking it was only because of the newly developed feelings he had for her. Now she knew that he was right despite the feelings. The only part of the situation that gave her comfort was knowing he would do the same to Meghan. It was just a matter of time.

Walking out of the classroom, Cassidy found Trevor leaning against the lockers. He matched his pace with hers as he gripped Cassidy's shoulder. "Look straight," he whispered in her ear as Robert and Meghan walked by holding hands. Cassidy knew Trevor's arm around was his way of protecting her. They both knew if Trevor wasn't there Cassidy would fall apart at the seams.

After another dragging class, Trevor and Cassidy walked into the lunch room. Neither surprised to see the new couple sitting together. Cassidy sighed when Trevor looked toward her concerned. Together the two made their way to the table where Cassidy had sat before she had met Robert. All those sitting their welcomed her back.

Hearing Trevor let out a small growl, Cassidy turned around to see what had made him make the angry sound. She saw Robert and Meghan sneaking into the boys locker room. Cassidy's eyes teared up knowing what they were going in there to do. Robert had attempted to convince her many times, but only Meghan seemed to agree with Robert's request.

"Hey," Trevor said softly, "he's only with her to get some." Cassidy nodded, even though Trevor's comment didn't help. Again Trevor walked her to class and finally it was time to go. As she walked out to the back lot of the school, Cassidy noticed a large circle of people and recognized Trevor's voice screaming above the crowd.

Cassidy rushed towards the group and ran through them, straight to the middle of the circle. Looking to her left she saw Trevor buy his truck, his shirt thrown off, screaming. Robert was to the right, screaming back, Meghan drooling over him. Cassidy ran to Trevor.

"What's wrong, Trevor?" Cassidy begged.

"That punk is talking crap and he's gonna get beat for it!" Trevor screamed as he shoved Cassidy to the side and ran towards Robert. Everyone could hear Trevor's fist meet Robert's face. Meghan fell on the ground. Trevor ran in a circle after the punch, high fiving people as he ran by until getting to Cassidy. His hands cupped her face gently while his lips met hers.

Trevor lifted her up into his truck and kissed her again. "You don't need to pretend not to totally love me anymore," Trevor said playfully. Cassidy rolled her eyes. "Thank God", she said as she kissed him tenderly again.

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