Old School Love

February 25, 2012
By , Vancouver, Canada
" I truly think I'm in love " she says dreamily, for probably the fifth time that day. "he's just so... Amazing"

Its always the same. Every morning, math class, the pretty Asian girl behind me chatters on to the boy next to her about her latest crush.

"I just wanted to lean over and... Kiss him!" she explains giddily, the boy next to her nodding and smiling.

I glance back, thoughtful. I study the boys face as the girl talks and laughs and cant help wonder what he's feeling. Is he truly happy for her, like he lets on? Or... Is there a hidden secret hidden behind his smile?

Could he possibly... Have feelings for this girl? My heart drops. If this was true... Then I pity the poor boy. It would be such a tragedy!

He isn't quite her type.

"and he had this little scruff of a beard..." she continues

Yep. She likes older guys. I notice the boy scratch at his chin surreptitiously, and again I feel pity. He isn't tall, extremely good looking, or very masculine. And this girl definitely has a type.

Suddenly as I realize what I'm doing I shake my head and smother a giggle. What a romantic I am! He is probably just a friend who is happy for the girl.

I turn back to my equations, but not long after I turn my attention back to them.

He doesn't talk much. He encourages her, and laughs along with her. I listen in, and then I notice. The way his laugh cut off at the end. The way he can't look her in the eyes for fear of blushing. I try meet his eye, but he is imprisoned by her words, nodding and smiling... Nodding and smiling.

"but remember the other guy I told you about? He broke my heart! He said he didn't want to be committed!" the girl laughs a little sadly. "but I'm over it... Now that I've met my dream man!" and just thinking of him, her face lights up.

I shake my head in disbelief. She was so naive! I felt my heart go out to her. I was pretty sure no man wanted to get serious with a 14 year old girl. There were only to be more and more heart breaks.

I doodle a heart on the corner of my graph paper. Would she realize that the boy who would treat her well... Was sitting right next to her?

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