My Fault

February 29, 2012
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I looked down at her bloody body. couldn't’t think couldn't’t move. Her breathing was getting rougher and the huge gash in her chest was oozing her precious blood from her weak frail body. Her eyes were fluttering I knew her time was almost up. She didn’t deserve this I did. It was my stupid Idea to come to this city. It was my fault that we took that shortcut. It was my fault he took her from me when I wasn’t looking. It was my fault couldn't’t live without her.
I looked up at the psycho was standing across the room from me. I fought the urge to run up to him and kill him were he stood. But I knew she needed me.
The man cackled
“So touching…you risking your life to save hers,” he laughed as he waved his knife around. “To bad it won’t help…” he laughed.
I felt my anger bubble inside me.
“ Well…” he continued, “ you could always leave right now and leave her.” I snarled at the thought. What he would do to her would haunt me if I let that happen. I looked up at the overly tall skinny man.
“Never!” I snarled I looked down at her clammy face. She opened her eyes to reveal bloodshot eyes.
I almost died right there. Her eyes were always happy and full of life now they looked sad and dead.
I slowly got up from my crouching position, looking down at her twitching body.
I looked up at the man now wearing a confused expression.
“What are you…”he started but I cut him off when I located a pipe nearby. Slowly picked up not taking my eyes off him.
I heard him gasp as I ran for him. I hit his head with the pipe and he collapsed to the ground. Blood covered a cut on his head. Before I could leave, he pushed his knife deep into my leg. I cringed in pain and fell to the ground. I hit him on the head again and he moved no more.
I clutched my leg as I pulled myself over to her and pulled her into my arms I called for help but no one came
I cried silently as her body became cold and limp in my arms. I held her close like she was still there.
It was my fault she was gone

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Goddess said...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 4:10 pm
awww I love it but i wish it didnt have a sad ending
Ekf07 replied...
Mar. 6, 2012 at 6:47 pm
Yea...i wish it didn't eather 
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