My Love

February 23, 2012
My name is Rose. I'm a 17 year old highschool student who loves history and drinking hot chocolate more than coffee. I've fallen in love. His name is Dillan and I don't know when I fell for him. He is in my morning biology and english classes...I guess it was his smile that caught my attention first. He is a quiet guy in class and seldom never smiles, but i saw it one day when i sat behind him...he was writing in his journal for english class and it broke through. I swear it brightened up the whole room like the sun was in it. Then later I paid attention to him more closely...his eyes...his mouth...his hands...his body...the eyes were next. A sky blue that were shocking they were such an intense color. it surprised me how i never noticed them before, they were practically neon...but I knew I had been engrossed in my own life and had never noticed anyone elses, which I now knew was my mistake. Then came his vioce...

I had dropped my pencil under his desk, and I tapped him on his shoulder. It startled me when he stiffened and whipped around, his eyes wide with surprise and I stared at them, their intensity. His expression softened and he nodded his head at me, a raised eyebrow indicating his question of what I wanted. I pointed to my pecil under his feet and he bent to pick it up. Just then I unconsciously crossed my legs and I knocked him in the nose a little. He scooted back and put the pencil on my desk through the flurry of sorries i threw at him and he said,

"It's fine. Don't worry about it."

before he turned back to his journal. His voice stopped me from saying another sorry in my sounded like water, the way it flowed from his plump lips. It was the kind of voice someone would never get tired of listening to it was so hypnotizing and calming. It wasn't even 7 words, but they were the turning point that made me realize i was in love with him...that and i was beet red and my heart was thumping 200 miles per minute.

I never knew what that love would bring me into, both with Dillan, myself, and other outside forces...I never imagined that right then I would gradually start to change my perspective on life around me.

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