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February 23, 2012
By AbbyChynnae BRONZE, Wyndham Vale, Other
AbbyChynnae BRONZE, Wyndham Vale, Other
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Vas Happenin'

Harry picked up the last suitcase from the front hall and rolled it out the door.
“Yes mum! We haven’t forgotten anything… I swear! Okay. I love you too.” I spoke through the phone. Harry turned, blowing a kiss to me. I smiled.
“Harry loves you too. I’ll call you when we get there okay?” I hung up the phone, grabbing the car keys.
“Are we all packed up?” Harry asked, looking in the trunk.
“Yes, now can we please go?” I laughed impatiently. He kissed me quickly, taking the keys from my hand.
“Alright, get in the car.” I tried not to run to the other side of the car, climbing inside quickly. Harry and I had been together for nearly two years. He had just got back from his world tour and he had promised we’d go to our cottage when he returned.
“You have no idea how excited I am.” I said, buckling my seatbelt. Finally it would be just Harry and I. No fans, just us. He intertwined his fingers with mine, pulling out of the drive.
“I think I’m more excited than you!” He joked, stroking my hand with his thumb. We laughed and talked for hours, only pulling over for gas. The sun was starting to set and we made our way around the bend of the countryside. The trees were like giants looming over us, the sun peeking through the branches. I was beginning to doze off, leaning on Harry’s arm.
“Hey! Don’t fall asleep and leave me to talk to myself for the rest of the way!” He laughed, playing with my hair. I sat up smiling, turning so my back was to the car door.
“Keep me awake! Sing for me.” I raised my eyebrows, biting my lip. Harry smiled, eyes on the road.
“Okay. Just one song because I love you.” He said, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. He hummed to get the beat.
“If you ever leave me baby! Leave some morphine at my door! Cause it would take a whole lotta medication, to realize what we had we don’t have it anymore!” He sang, his deep voice captivating me. I watched his curls sway when he looked at me, smiling. He turned, his face going white. I looked out the windshield as Harry swerved, dodging a deer. I screamed as we slid off the road down the steep hill. Harry let go of the steering wheel, grabbing me into his arms. The car flipped, tremendous sounds of glass and metal shattering, echoed off the trees.
I opened my eyes, everything white. The trees came into focus, the orange sky above me. I cried out as I moved my arm. Sitting up I looked around violently.
“HARRY! HARRY WHERE ARE YOU?!” I screamed, standing up. Chunks of metal were scattered, smoke billowing from the car. I ran around it, tears running down my face. I saw his foot, then his torso.
“HARRY!” I fell to the ground, putting my hands to his chest. Shards of glass were poked into his pale skin, blood soaking his clothes.
“Please don’t cry.” Harry whispered, his voice hoarse and full of pain. I sucked in ragged breaths, sobbing.
“Sh, be quiet, help will come soon baby.” I choked, knowing it wasn’t true. The birds called out to each other, the only noise in the forest. Harry shook his head, smiling weakly.
“Nobody is coming. You need to go get help. You’re bleeding.” He raised his shaky arm to wipe the cut on my forehead.
“No, I can’t leave you.” I cried, taking his face in my hands. A tear slid down his face but he smiled.
“Baby you need to go. You need to get help.” I shook my head fiercely, taking his hand in mine.
“I’m not leaving you, somebody will help us-”
“I have to go now.” Harry whispered, squeezing my hand. His pulse was slow, sweat gleamed on his face. His breath was short and raspy but he was trying to hide it. My eyes widened, realizing what he meant.
“Harry please. Please don’t leave me. You can’t, I love you so much, you can’t leave. Stay with me please!” I screamed, running my fingers through his tangled curls. Harry was white, the blood covering him looked foreign. He pulled me towards his face in agony, pressing his lips against mine.
“I love you so much.” He choked, the tears streaming down his face. I nodded, taking his hand in mine. I knew he was leaving me. I cried, watching his chest rise slowly and fall. He closed his eyes, still holding my hand.
“Harry?” His chest didn’t rise. His grip loosened in my hand.
“HARRY?” I yelled, shaking him. I sat still. He was gone. I laid beside him, wrapping my arms around him. The birds voices faded. The color of the trees darkened. There was no sound of cars up on the road. I laid there for a long time. Hours.
“I’ll see you soon baby.” I whispered in Harry’s ear then kissing his soft lips. I stood up. My clothes were wet with blood. There were cuts all over my arms and legs. I couldn’t feel them.
“I’ll see you soon baby.” I whispered again, walking towards the edge of the cliff. The wind blew through my hair as I walked slowly towards the edge, looking up at the trees. I looked down, watching the water speed around jagged rocks. I turned looking at Harry. I crossed my hands over my chest, smiling.
“I’ll see you soon baby.” I closed my eyes, falling towards the water.

The author's comments:
Yes, it's Harry Styles.

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